PhraPuthakSuwannaSetthi bucha decorated with gold leaves


Some had enquired how much it will cost if the bucha is decorated with gold leaves (100% gold) (pit thong) on the standard phim. The mastercraftman Pi Bpong quoted us THB20,000 per bucha but we asked for further discount, so they quoted us THB15,000. We had done for 1 bucha standard phim and show you how it will look after decorated with gold leaves. The cost for pit thong of THB15,000 is entirely paid to the workers, we SaengThai do not charge on top of the price they quote us .

Those whom are interested, kindly call me, Derrick at 012 692 1233 or Whatsapp ID Pu Reusi Porgae or Wechat ID Porgae or LINE ID Porgae. Thank you.


Phra Pidta Bangsek (Ivory)

ppidtabk ppidtaft

This Phra Pidta is from Bangsek area. But no evidence it is from which temple exactly in Bangsek. From the kom (yants) writing analysis, it is not of current times, The previous owner was a monk whom has claimed that he has requested many Gaeji Archan eg Ven. LP Dam Wat Mai Naparam to ploksek whenever opportunity arises. The Phra Pidta does has good strong energy in terms of protection and luck.

Those whom are interested, kindly call me, Derrick at 012 692 1233 or Whatsapp ID Pu Reusi Porgae or Wechat ID Porgae or LINE ID Porgae. Thank you.

Phraphatarn Yai Ubosot Wat Pa’ Phromnimit, Sisaket (Updates)

This is an update from the earlier posting . Early this week, temple has informed that the making of Phraphatarn Yai will be postpone to March next year. This is because the master-craftsman is  not able to make it due to his tight schedule. The temple already has their committee handling the temple affairs, SaengThai merely collect our own contributions and personally hand to LPu. Those whom have remitted their donations to us, we will keep till next year or further updates from the temple.

Thank you very much

Phra Pidta Ven. LP Muak Wat Phairod Pracharam




This Phra Pidta Phet Taksin belongs to Ven. LP Muak of Wat Phairod Pracharam, cousin of Ven. LP Kron Wat Bangsek. It is believed to have been made around the year 2520. This last few years, Ven. LP Muak’s Phra Pidta value has increased much, we believed it is because his uncle, Pothan Kron’s Phra Pidta has also very much increased.  This piece of Phra Pidta is made of Pong Saksit and also Pothan Kron’s Pong Angkhan (bone ashes).

I have ever studied kathas from my Teacher of Narathiwat area and also being a follower of Khao Or lineage, I can understand why Phra Pidta of those times (trouble times) are endowed with

  1. power of weapon impenetrability (Khungaphan),
  2. power of withstanding pain ( Khongton),
  3. power of stoning/freezing opponent (Maha ChangNgang),
  4. power of evading misfortunes/opponents (Klaewklard),
  5. power of superiority or instilling fear upon opponent (MahaAmnat)
  6. power to break/disarm a gun (pern taek)
  7. power of invisibility from opponent (hai dtua)

as compared with Phra Pidta of current times. Because those days, there were fights involving gangsters, robbers or mafias. Ven. LPs of those times were learned with such kathas to bless amulets to protect their devotees of such harm.


The Phra Pidta above is actually cased in gold casing, therefore the photos above are taken through the plastic casing.

This Phra Pidta has won 1st prize recently in an amulet competition in Surat but the certificate will only be available in about one months time. I will show the certificate online if this piece of immaculate collection is still with us.

I am sure when you can see the real thing, you be able to see the body of the Phra Pidta is really amazing in terms of their texture and components. The back is also written with yants. Nowadays, in KL there’s increasing cases of fatal shootings by hired killers or in this world, mass killing by shootings or bombings, wearing a Phra Pidta of such great Gaeji Archans will always protect the bearer.

Those whom are interested, kindly call me, Derrick at 012 692 1233 or Whatsapp ID Pu Reusi Porgae or Wechat ID Porgae or LINE ID Porgae. Thank you.

Monks seats for ordination use for Ubosot Wat DonYaipeuan


I had written in my earlier postings on special seats for ordination use . It is all done up. It’s not the usual chair that we see but rather platform that reserves only for Reverend monks to be seated for whatever functions it may be in the Ubosot eg ordinations or puthaphisek.

Ven. LP Seua has made 6 units placed  altogether (removable). It is made from solid wood, each would required at least 10 person manpower to carry it in and out of the Ubosot.

We managed to 6 sponsors for the platforms :

  1.  SaengThai Malaysia——–1 unit————————————————THB30,000
  2. Maha Barami Somdej Rakhang Thong amulet center–2 units———-THB60,000
  3. William Chew—————1 unit————————————————–THB30,000
  4. Law Yaw Guan————–1 unit————————————————–THB30,000
  5. Hooi & Ng——————–1 unit————————————————–THB30,000

Sadhu to all sponsors or donors. May all of you be well and happy free from enmity and danger always.


Phraputhaksuwannasetthi Roon Namsakhoon, Ven. LP Seua Wat DonYaiPeuan


This is Special Phim Samrit. We have decided not to decorate with red and blue paint as the Standard Phim below to maintain the exclusive look.


Standard Phim


Ven. LP Seua working on your paen duangs.

We are glad that ever since my previous post, some have decided to participate to collect the Standard Phim. I will update the list soon. Please be advised that the LAST booking date for Standard Phim is 15th October 2016. Don’t miss out!

Let me share with you my personal opinion and experience. Before I join SaengThai, I am just like any of you, like collecting amulets and buchas from traders. I love to spend my times with these traders and listen to theirs stories. But eversince being part of SaengThai, ST has opened my eyes to this amulet circles.  The sacredness and virtuous of such holy items was shattered when I learned that who and whose amulets was manufactured just like any other commercial product and then despatched out to their distribution channels.  And the rest are just marketing and promotion to create awareness and the desire to purchase. No ceremonies was needed. Some of such unscrupulous traders ARE KIND enough to just sprinkle holy water on the manufactured amulets to substitute proper consecration or puthaphisek ceremonies. BUT IS THAT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU? Why do I insist on sharing with all of you readers the process of making this batch of bucha because I believe you and me and all the Thai amulet or bucha enthusiast deserve better. Deserve the sacredness, virtuous  traditions of Triple Gem’s blessings and the good practise of a Gaeji Archan.

Participants List:

Special Phim Neor Samrit:

  1. Stephen Foo—————————————————————-RM5,000
  2. SaengThai———————- ——————————————–RM5,000
  3. Derrich Thian—————————————————————RM5,000
  4. Derrick Cheong————————————————————RM5,000
  5. Tan Chee Boon————————————————————-RM5,000
  6. Lau Geok Hwa————————————————————–RM5,000
  7. Mok Si Khiong————————————————————–RM5,000
  8. Stephen Foo—————————————————————-RM5,000
  9. Stephen Foo—————————————————————-RM5,000
  10. Stephen Foo—————————————————————-RM5,000
  11. Stephen Foo—————————————————————-RM5,000
  12. Tan Seng Ghee————————————————————-RM5,000
  13. Teoh Kar Hoe—————————————————————RM5,000
  14. Stephen Foo—————————————————————-RM5,000
  15. SaengThai——————————————————————-RM5,000
  16. Mr. Chan (Australia)——————————————————RM5,000
  17. Mr. Danny Lim————————————————————–RM5,000
  18. Mr. William Leong———————————————————RM5,000
  19. Mr. Zac Lee (Australia)—————————————————RM5,000

Standard Phim Neor Thong Lerng:

  1. Lee Chuan Seng—————————————————————-RM2,000
  2. Stephen Foo Chek Meng—————————————————–RM2,000
  3. Lau Geok Hwa——————————————————————RM2,000
  4. Tan Seng Ghee——————————————————————RM2,000
  5. Mr. Paul—————————————————————————RM1,500
  6. Darren Hor Khee Wah———————————————————RM2,000
  7. Alex Kwan Chee Weng———————————————————RM2,000
  8. Kwan Chee Yan——————————————————————RM2,000
  9. Tan Kay Huat———————————————————————RM1,500
  10. Mr. William (555)—————————————————————-RM1,500

Kindly be advised that we only indicate bookings from Malaysia side while Ven. LP Seua will conduct his disciple and devotees at Thailand side. So please do not assume that there is still plenty. It is only 108 units only and as at now 25% take up rate.

I just had a discussion with Ven. LP Seua last week and Venerable commented that usually during Fang Luk Nimit and  we put  spend a little more for a puthaphisek ceremony inside the Ubosot. Inviting 4 other famous Gaeji Archan to join in the ceremony, it will all be taken up the balance of 80 units. Our Thais counterpart love such ceremonies and they will be very motivated to book…afterall it roon 1, first batch. Eversince featuring the videos and photos of the moulding process, we received many request for samrit bookings but we had to decline because it has been taken up. Eventually the balance of Standard Phims will be taken too. So don’t miss out this beautiful opportunity to invite this sacred Phraputhaksuwannasetthi and all His prosperity back to your home! Call us now!

Those whom are interested, kindly call me, Derrick at 012 692 1233 or Whatsapp ID Pu Reusi Porgae or Wechat ID Porgae or LINE ID Porgae. Thank you.


The making of Phraputhaksuwannasetthi

Ven. LP Seua talking to Pi Pbong, the mastercraftman for this project.

Altar to invite Phraputhaksuwannasetthi and Ven. LP Thong of Wat DonYaiPeuan to preside the ceremony to officiate making of the buchas.

Ceremony starts on the 20th July 2016 at 13.00  with Chairman, Mr. S.G. Tan together with Ven.  LP Seua lighting the candles and joss-sticks upon the arrival of 9 Jayanto monks (auspicious chantings Reverend Monks).

The auspicious chantings begins.

The workers are melting the necessary materials into the fire pot. This fire pot has to be heated up to high temperature for at least 15 hours in order to make the metals liquefy evenly.

Workers are taking the moulds prepared earlier from the hot furnace. The moulds, all 108 of them have been heated all along.

The moulds lying inside the hot furnace.

The moulds have been lined up to be fill up with metal liquids.


Metal liquids are being pour into the mould.


Lavaneous metals!!!

The mould can be broken about 20 minutes after being filled up to reveal the condition of the bucha. But it’s best to wait for at least 2 hours for a complete hardening of the metals. This is a brass bucha.


This is a samrit bucha.



We take the trouble and also the extra cost to separate the hands. So the body of the bucha come out perfectly together with the hands with clearly defined fingers too. It is moulded separately to be attach later.


Wallah!!! Perfecto!!! Thong Daeng Samrit and Thong Lerng.

It’s a good ceremony and more importantly, we get the blessings are many thevadas. This is a photo taken during the ceremony. Did you see the circle of lights…big n small? These are thevadas. Many reports by cameramen of similar experiences showing the same phenomenons.

There will me many critics and skeptics but it takes one to feel the vibrations. I have already advised the cameramen to observe his own sensations before the ceremony and during. He said he felt the difference and he kept tearing eyedrops for no reasons (same experiences of some devotees whom visits Bodhagaya and other Buddha’s holy places.)


Ven. LP Thong has ever mentioned to us that we should pay our respect to Ven. LP Seua. We will be foolish not too because many sacred beings, guardians and thevadas respects and follows Ven. LP Seua. That is why Ven. is called Dta Thep…the Teacher with celestial eyes.

Those whom are interested, kindly call me, Derrick at 012 692 1233 or Whatsapp ID Pu Reusi Porgae or Wechat ID Porgae or LINE ID Porgae. Thank you.


The pre-cast image of bucha 9.9 PhraPuthakSuwannaSetthi, Wat DonYaiPeuan










Beautiful! This is the finished pre-cast image of PhraPuthakSuwannaSetthi. From this pre-cast image, it will proceed to making the mould. Some asked why the image looked plump as compared to the original in the Ubosot. The plump look is called “Na Im Boon” or it means a prosperous outlook. Just like us, when we are still struggling or striving for success, we are more slim and lean physically but when we attained success, we tend to be rounded, plumpy or even pot-bellied physically. That’s the symbolical meaning behind the enhancement.

Bucha 9.9″ PhraPuthakSuwannaSethi, Wat DonYaiPeuan Roon Namsakhoon (earlier posting)

Don’t be left out…you have missed the opportunity to collect the Special Phim, now left with only the Standard Phim. It will be all taken once Kathina arrived.

Those whom are interested, kindly call me, Derrick at 012 692 1233 or Whatsapp ID Pu Reusi Porgae or Wechat ID Porgae or LINE ID Porgae. Thank you.

Rian Trimas 2559 Phim Charoenporn, Ven. LP Seua Wat DonYaiPeuan (Updated)

goldTo make things simple, we suggest 3 kind of packages for the rians Charoenporn.

1. Individual phim bookings ;

  1.  Gold : THB60,000 or RM7,200
  2.  Silver : THB2,000 or RM240
  3.  Navak : THB500 or RM60
  4.  Apaka : THB300 or RM40
  5.  Thong Daeng : THB150 or RM20

2.  Charoenporn Set

A complete full set with all the 7 phims. Price per set is THB63,400 or RM7,500

3.  SaengThai Set

A set of 3 phims, 1 piece of silver, 1 piece of navak and 1 piece of ThongDaeng. Price per set is THB2,650 or RM300

Those whom are interested, kindly call me, Derrick at 012 692 1233 or Whatsapp ID Pu Reusi Porgae or Wechat ID Porgae or LINE ID Porgae. Thank you.