The making of Phraputhaksuwannasetthi

Ven. LP Seua talking to Pi Pbong, the mastercraftman for this project.

Altar to invite Phraputhaksuwannasetthi and Ven. LP Thong of Wat DonYaiPeuan to preside the ceremony to officiate making of the buchas.

Ceremony starts on the 20th July 2016 at n13.00  with Chairman, Mr. S.G. Tan together with Ven.  LP Seua lighting the candles and joss-sticks upon the arrival of Jayanto monks (auspicious chantings Reverend Monks).

The auspicious chantings begins.

The workers are melting the necessary materials into the fire pot. This fire pot has to be heated up to high temperature for at least 15 hours in order to make the metals liquefy evenly.

Workers are taking the moulds prepared earlier from the hot furnace. The moulds, all 108 of them have been heated all along.

The moulds lying inside the hot furnace.

The moulds have been lined up to be fill up with metal liquids.


Metal liquids are being pour into the mould.


Lavaneous metals!!!

The mould can be broken about 20 minutes after being filled up to reveal the condition of the bucha. But it’s best to wait for at least 2 hours for a complete hardening of the metals. This is a brass bucha.


This is a samrit bucha.



We take the trouble and also the extra cost to separate the hands. So the body of the bucha come out perfectly together with the hands with clearly defined fingers too. It is moulded separately to be attach later.


Wallah!!! Perfecto!!! Thong Daeng Samrit and Thong Lerng.

It’s a good ceremony and more importantly, we get the blessings are many thevadas. This is a photo taken during the ceremony. Did you see the circle of lights…big n small? These are thevadas. Many reports by cameramen of similar experiences showing the same phenomenons.

There will me many critics and skeptics but it takes one to feel the vibrations. I have already advised the cameramen to observe his own sensations before the ceremony and during. He said he felt the difference and he kept tearing eyedrops for no reasons (same experiences of some devotees whom visits Bodhagaya and other Buddha’s holy places.)


Ven. LP Thong has ever mentioned to us that we should pay our respect to Ven. LP Seua. We will be foolish not too because many sacred beings, guardians and thevadas respects and follows Ven. LP Seua. That is why Ven. is called Dta Thep…the Teacher with celestial eyes.

Those whom are interested, kindly call me, Derrick at 012 692 1233 or Whatsapp ID Pu Reusi Porgae or Wechat ID Porgae or LINE ID Porgae. Thank you.


The pre-cast image of bucha 9.9 PhraPuthakSuwannaSetthi, Wat DonYaiPeuan










Beautiful! This is the finished pre-cast image of PhraPuthakSuwannaSetthi. From this pre-cast image, it will proceed to making the mould. Some asked why the image looked plump as compared to the original in the Ubosot. The plump look is called “Na Im Boon” or it means a prosperous outlook. Just like us, when we are still struggling or striving for success, we are more slim and lean physically but when we attained success, we tend to be rounded, plumpy or even pot-bellied physically. That’s the symbolical meaning behind the enhancement.

Bucha 9.9″ PhraPuthakSuwannaSethi, Wat DonYaiPeuan Roon Namsakhoon (earlier posting)

Don’t be left out…you have missed the opportunity to collect the Special Phim, now left with only the Standard Phim. It will be all taken once Kathina arrived.

Those whom are interested, kindly call me, Derrick at 012 692 1233 or Whatsapp ID Pu Reusi Porgae or Wechat ID Porgae or LINE ID Porgae. Thank you.

Rian Trimas 2559 Phim Charoenporn, Ven. LP Seua Wat DonYaiPeuan (Updated)

goldTo make things simple, we suggest 3 kind of packages for the rians Charoenporn.

1. Individual phim bookings ;

  1.  Gold : THB60,000 or RM7,200
  2.  Silver : THB2,000 or RM240
  3.  Navak : THB500 or RM60
  4.  Apaka : THB300 or RM40
  5.  Thong Daeng : THB150 or RM20

2.  Charoenporn Set

A complete full set with all the 7 phims. Price per set is THB63,400 or RM7,500

3.  SaengThai Set

A set of 3 phims, 1 piece of silver, 1 piece of navak and 1 piece of ThongDaeng. Price per set is THB2,650 or RM300

Those whom are interested, kindly call me, Derrick at 012 692 1233 or Whatsapp ID Pu Reusi Porgae or Wechat ID Porgae or LINE ID Porgae. Thank you.

Phraphatarn Yai Ubosot (Ubosot’s main Buddha image), Wat Pa’ Phromnimit, Sisaket


Above is the design for Phraphatarn Yai Ubosot, Wat Pa’ Phromnimit, Sisaket. It resembles Buddha images commonly found in Cambodia or Laos. It was done according to the instruction from Ven. LPu Sukh Kovito the current Abbot. Ven. LPu has been weak for years and been getting in and out of hospital lately. It was his wish to see the Ubosot completing and all to gather for a wholesome purpose for donating to the Ubosot building or the casting of the big Buddha image (featured above). Below are some photos of the Ubosot currently rushing to be completed.sukbot1


Below is an image of the mould in the making for the PhraPhatarn Yai Ubosot.


Below is one of the image of Ven. LPu in the hospital. Very recently discharged and Ven. LPu wants to head back to Sisaket to prepare for his vassa this coming 20th July 2016.


Actually we do not need to worry much for this Ubosot and the Phraphatarn Yai because Ven. LPu has the support of some wealthy and influential people. But according to Ven. LPu, he wish to let this barami of Ubosot building and Buddha image casting be shared will Buddhist all over. Ven. LPu always make sure that the villages gets to participate in the barami of such wholesome danas and it mustn’t belong to only one sponsor.

So this year we would like to open up this opportunity to all whom are interested to sponsor brass nuggets from a minimum of RM100 for casting the main Buddha image plus you can submit your paen duang in a brass foil to be melted together with the metals to cast the Buddha image this coming 12th November 2016. All are welcome to participate at temple in Sisaket.


We do not like to impose any monetary value eg minimum RM100 but we do not want people to abuse this opportunity either. This opportunity involves much work and money too on us. We will let you dedicate this merits to your loved ones too, other than you own names and particulars, you may also include your parent or wife or children together with your donation. We will arrange these paen duang with your particulars to be melted to make the Buddha. The merits are discussed in the earlier post.

Let’s come together, all devout Buddhist all over, to make Ven. LPu wishes come true this coming 12th November 2016.

Participants list.

  1. Derrick Cheong & family——————————————RM100
  2. Darren Hor Khee Wah family & friends————————RM100
  3. Peck Poh Chow & family——————————————RM100
  4. Zac Lee & Family—————————————————-RM100
  5. Chew Mei Syn & family——————————————–RM100
  6. Chan Wai Leong & family (Australia)—————————RM100
  7. Ng Chee Keong——————————————————RM100
  8. Yong Yoke Fong—————————————————–RM100
  9. Ng Shey Min———————————————————RM100
  10. Ng Ryu Thean——————————————————-RM100
  11. Ng King Song——————————————————–RM100
  12. Lim Peit Wah——————————————————–RM100
  13. Ng Chee Guan——————————————————RM100
  14. Ng Mee Fong——————————————————–RM100


Roon Raek Rian KhuanThoong MahaSeththi (Millionare’s Bag of Prosperity) of Wat Pa’PhromNImit Sisaket, Ven. LuangPu Sukh Kovito. It will be chromed silver and gold.

The rian above was sponsored by Mr. C.K. Ng, 10,000 pieces in total. All will be offered to Ven. LPu, it will be up to LPu’s discretion, what LPu wants to do with it. This rian was made with Ven. LPu’s permission, it will be the last from Reverend. This has been the 2nd or 3rd time Mr. Ng offered rians to Ven. LP or being given permission to make them.

Ven. LP Sukh Kovito seldom make amulets and has denied many request to make especially from the committees. I am sure many amulet enthusiasts have heard of how committees uses famous Reverends popularity to make money. Permission are always granted to Mr. C.K. Ng for a simple reason, he paid for everything and done as accordance to Ven. LPu’s wishes and instruction. All proceeds from amulets are donated to Ven. LPu. Sadhu again to Mr. Ng and his family for his efforts to propagate the right Buddhism teachings and lead by example the right way to do dana.

Though Ven. LPu is seldom heard of in Thailand, not even to mention out of Thailand but Ven. LPu has a steady group of followers and supporters both in Thailand and in Malaysia for a simple reason. Ven. LPu is a rare gem and has stood steadfast to the teachings and practise of Archan Mun. One of the main reason Reverend dont make amulets is because there has been reports among followers in Pichit and Sisaket that LPu’s amulets will often dissappeared on its own especially when mishandled. Ven. LPu is very wary that laities will have bad things befall upon them if his images or amulets are misplaced. So for those whom has his amulets from us , please handle with care.

Other than normal phims of copper,  solid gold, silver and samkasat (tri-color) will also be available for collectors (update later). The objective of this batch of amulets will be to help contribute to the making or casting of Phraphatarn Yai in the Ubosot.

Those whom are interested, kindly call me, Derrick at 012 692 1233 or Whatsapp ID Pu Reusi Porgae or Wechat ID Porgae or LINE ID Porgae. Thank you.

Good news on bucha 9.9 PhraPuthakSuwannaSetthi (Standard Phim)

The sponsor have decided to reduce the standard phim bucha with duang from RM3,000 to RM2,000 only. They hope more can be able to afford to book this bucha. Spoken with Ven. LP Seua yesterday evening. Ven., LP invited me to attend the ceremony on this 20th July 2016 at the factory. An auspicious time was chosen to officiate this 108 bucha making at the factory. Ven. LP has invited 9 Venerated Jayanto monks to begin  with auspicious chantings. Ven. LP advised us to make merits and offer donations to this 9 Jayanto monks to mark the auspiciousness. I hope to take photos and videos of this occasions to show our readers and sponsors that the buchas we make are not just pumped out from the factory like any other commercial buchas in the market. The sacredness and barami of Phraputhaksuwannasetthi will be invited with the necessary rituals and offerings from Wat DonYaiPeuan into the makings of all the 108 buchas at the factory. The buchas at this point even before the puthaphisek will be inaugurated with auspiciousness and sacredness.

Some traders we knew chided us saying that we take so much unnecessary troubles to make the buchas. But we hope you all will understand that SaengThai Malaysia and Ven. LP Seua want all the sponsors to take home more than just the bucha. We want all of you to be a part of the auspiciousness and prosperity of Phraputhaksuwannasetthi  and that money can never buy. It’s all about the heart and sincerity.

So come and be a part of this 108 Nak Setthi. Sadhu!

Those whom are interested, kindly call me, Derrick at 012 692 1233 or Whatsapp ID Pu Reusi Porgae or Wechat ID Porgae or LINE ID Porgae. Thank you.

Praying to our OWN Duang??? Advisable???

I am very happy to receive sincere enquiries especially when I can help dispel some myths or misunderstandings. However whatever my point of view is or my reply, one has to use their wisdom to dicepher them. Never take my words as it is.

I repeated have this question recent 3 days, ” Praying to our own Duang/self? Is it advisable?”

Before I touch on the topic as per, let me take this golden opportunity to share my view on the word “PRAY” and “REVERE”.

Simple Definition of pray

  1. to speak to God especially in order to give thanks or to ask for something
  2. to hope or wish very much for something to happen
  3.  to seriously ask (someone) to do something

Simple Definition of revere

  1.  to have great respect for (someone or something)
  2. to show devotion and honor to (someone or something)

In my opinion the word pray has often been misused in Buddhist context. It is not that as a Buddhist I don’t pray, I do when I am performing my pujas or healing rituals. But generally I revere the Buddha more than I pray to Him. I know for a fact, Gautama Shakyamuni the Buddha didn’t want us to pray to him but Buddha wanted us to practise The Dhamma, a very profound and practical living skills (very relevant even in this new millenium). So whenever I approach a Buddha’s image, I revere Him because of the great Dhamma and His great discovery and attainment by performing the 5 point prostration ( I seldom even use joss-sticks for simple veneration such as this.)

In Thailand, some temples cast the main Buddha image in their Ubosot eg Phraputhaksuwannasetthi of Wat Donyaipeuan at their temple’s ground. A mass ceremony where a Main sponsor or sponsors will gather to contribute for this meritorious occasion. There will come a time when the MC or Ven. LP will make an announcement to allow laities or the sponsors or main sponsor to make an offering of their valuables, something that is very dear and precious to them. Usually they offer their jewelries to be melted in the fire chamber together with the metal liquid that forms the body of the Buddha image. This is an act of reverence because they truly believed in the Buddha. They want offer to be a part of Buddha

Now on the same note, what else is more precious than your own life, offering your own life to the Triple Gem, if you truly believe in Buddha, Dhamma and the Sanghas. That is why we chant,

Buddhang ayuwatthanang jiwitthang yavanipannang saranang gachami

Dhammang ayuwatthanang jiwitthang yavanipannang saranang gachami

Sangkhang ayuwatthanang jiwitthang yavanipannang saranang gachami

So to answer the above question directly now, we don’t pray to our own duang or ourselves but we have dedicated our self to the Buddha, being one with Buddha.

Lets use color as an analogy, we are or at least I know myself, I am full of shades of grey. As much as I am trying to practise well the Dhamma, trying to remove the back spots by adding more whites into my life. I am only human. Plus my own karmic forces, it may take along time before I am satisfied that I am not grey anymore. But I believe in the Buddha, Buddha isn’t only pure white. He is bright…very bright ( imagine opposite car driving in the opposite direction with their white halogen hi-beamlights). I believe the offering of my little puny existence to the Buddha, I can attain white or even bright faster. Can you see the logic?

So we by putting our Duang underneath the Buddha, it is symbolical to borrowing Buddha’s immeasurable merits and barami of His Perfections to help ease our sufferings and increase our barami.

But of course for those whom still of the same opinion and my point of view or explanation isn’t good enough. You may always request to just have the Buddha without attaching your Duang underneath. Sadhu!

What is a Duang?


This is what we call “Duang” in Thai, it actually means astrological chart. I will keep it simple so you will know how a little chart placed under a Buddha statue can help in what way.

All the 9 planets namely ;

  1. 7 real planets : Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Venus and
  2. 2 shadow planets : Rahu and Kethu

All the 9 planets define who we are and what Karmic forces will shape our destiny. Now only scientist accepts that this planetary movements or placements affects people’s lives on Earth but our Vedic Masters…the Master Rishis have long been advocating this since 5,000 years ago. So the planets represented by numbers are placed inside the chart that contains 12 boxes (except the middle 10′) or what we call bhavas.

Generally the 12 boxes or Bhavas represents…

1st Bhava represents SELF, general welfare & happiness, health, vitality, longevity,…etc

2nd Bhava represents accumulated MONEY MATTERS,  fortunes, ambition…etc

3rd Bhava represents SIBLINGS, courage, intellect, your communications…etc

4th Bhava represents your MOTHER, education, your mind and your immovable properties…etc

5th Bhava represents your CHILDREN, love life, luck with gambles..etc

6th Bhava represents ILLNESSES, emnities, financial misfortunes , litigations…etc

7th Bhava represents your SPOUSE or business partners…etc

8th Bhava represents DANGERS & misfortunes…etc

9th Bhava represents your FATHER, spirituality, wisdom…etc

10th Bhava represents your PROFESSION, recognition in society…etc

11th Bhava represents REGULAR INCOME, gains in life…etc

12th Bhava represents LOSSES & EXPENDITURES…etc

Therefore having the small chart with your astrological details, protected with blessing verses, meditated and blessed upon by a good Gaeji Acharn and places under an auspicious Buddha and very importantly the barami/merits/virtues of the sponsorship under an auspicious occasion for a deserving Venerated Monk. It can help to keep dangers or misfortunes at bay or reducing the magnitude of your losses or help improve on weak areas of your life by 2 factors:

  1. Ittirit factor or power factor.  The power of blessings, yants, mantras, meditation and rituals
  2. Boonyarit factor or meritorious factor . The power of the Buddha, His metta, His compassion, the meritorious effect from our sincere dana, the meritorious effect from donating to help built Ubosot, the meritorious effect from helping a deserving Venerated Monk whom is financially challenged doing his duty to propagate the Dhamma.

That is why I mentioned in my earlier posting, it is a rare opportunity to become one of the 108 Nak Setthi.

IMPORTANT : Please take note, there will be some people whom will tell me their birth particulars are  important secrets and cannot be simply revealed. Therefore for such people I will advise not to book the Special Phim, give the opportunity to others. If you don’t want to reveal your birth details but yet want to book the Special Phim, we will then put the astrological chart of the auspicious day or Buddha’s astrological chart but then again all that I have mentioned above is irrelevant then. Thank you.

I was just Whatsaaping with my dear friend Mr. Chan from Australia and he wants me to share what I shared with him to all readers on this platform…

It is not difficult to pay a good Archan or Venerable LP to make a takrut yant serm duang for us, it is just money. But as you all know if money can buy our way out of life’s difficulties then there will be no poor people or unlucky ones. The important difference is you are donating to Ven. LP Seua not buying this bucha. It is because you donate to Ven. LP Seua, Ven. LP gives you a souvenir in return to bless you and your family.

We can have the money to buy any takrut serm duang but not the barami of this opportunity to donate for Ubosot. Donating for Ubosot purposes is one of the highest in barami and virtues. According to Ven. LPu Sukh Kovito of Wat Pa’ PhromNimit in Sisaket, LPu said such barami last many lifetimes.

Don’t miss out this gem of opportunity!


Bucha 9.9″ PhraPuthakSuwannaSethi, Wat DonYaiPeuan Roon Namsakhoon



As you all would have known Buddhist Lent Day is starting on the 20th July 2016, this year two generous sponsor, Stephen Foo , owner of Maha Barami Somdej Rakang Thong Amulet Center and Mr. S.G. Tan, God-son of Ven. LP Seua, will be sponsoring 108 units of 9.9 inches bucha of main image of Ubosot of Wat DonYaiPeuan, namely PhraPuthakSuwannaSethi. Ven. LP Seua has ordered his mastercraftman to make the mould and hopefully we can show you the photos soon of the process. This is the first time (roon raek) Ven. LP Seua is making the main Buddha image of the Ubosot. All will be ready for Ven. LP Seua to begin puthaphisek this Buddhist Lent (pansa). This batch of 108 buchas will be consrecated (puthaphisek) daily for two pansa (2016 & 2017) and also on the day of ‘FangLuknimit”.

Since early this year Ven.P Seua has expressed his concerns and worries over the completion of the Hor Rakhang (Bell tower) which will estimate at THB3,000,000 and also the funds to cover the expenses for ‘Fang Luknimit’ or ceremony for officiating of the Ubosot this next year December 2017, which will cost at least THB2,000,000. The economy in Thailand has been weak especially in the outskirts of Bangkok. Funds from recent Papha and last year’s Kathina has not been encouraging. Ven. LP Seua was glad that Taiwanese devotees during the last trip in May 2016 contributed in total about THB600,000, the funds was used to build more kutis (accomodation rooms for devotees) to accomodate the crowd during Ubosot officiating celebrations.

This will be the last dana project for Ubosot Wat Donyaipeuan and it will be the most important because after this the Ubosot we helped built over the last few years, we will offered it back to Ven. LP Seua. That is why we decide to offer 108 units of Phraputhaksuwannasetthi to Ven. LP Seua to offer it to all the MahaSetthis (wealthy people).

Why the name Phraputhaksuwannasetthi?

PhrakPuthak means Buddha image. Suwanna means gold or prosperity. Setthi in current time is referred to wealthy people eg millionaires or billionaires. However in Buddha’s time, a Setthi is referred to a philanthropist, a person who seeks to promote the welfare of others, especially by the generous donation of money for good causes.

Ven. LP Seua shared with me before, now is the times where economy is important in people’s lives. When one attains financial freedom and stability, he or she will be less troubled and will be in a better position to listen and learn Dhamma and practise Dhamma. Therefore Ven. LP Seua hope to invite Phraputhaksuwannasetthi into the new ubosot shall it be ready, which in fact this dream has now materialized. This main Buddha image in the Ubosot was donated by a successful businessman and his family and made in temple compound. There was much gold accessories from this family eg necklaces, rings, bangles which was removed voluntarily by themselves and dropped into the melting pot of the Buddha image. The whole ceremony and materials cost about RM200,000 if not more. Therefore in future Ven. LP Seua wishes that whenever amulets or auspicious items that are brought into this Ubosot to be puthaphisek upon, be invigorated with blessings and power of prosperity. May all those whom will be ordained in this Ubosot too, their family be prosperous and wealthy.

Why 108 units only?
108 is a mystical number. I will not repeat what you may google and find out. In this bucha project it means somboon or perfection. 108 also mean completion or perfection of an ideal. Afterall, after much thick and thin with regards to financial issues and manpower that Ven. LP Seua faced initially, it has now finally completed very well. Many may not know, Ven. LP Seua actually dedicate this Ubosot to his teacher Ven. LP Thong. Ven. LP Seua wished that the barami or perfection of this merit will enable for Ven. LP Thong to ascend to higher realms (currently in 9th level of Thevada realm). This act of loyalty or gratuity will enable all devotees to benefit whenever calling upon Ven. LP Thong for his assistance.

108 also means Buddhakhoon, Dhamakhoon and Sangkhakhoon, the Triple Gem. The paritta chanting of Triple Gems ( Itipiso Bhagava Arahang Sammasambuddho Vijjacaranasampanno Sugato…) actually consist of 108 vocals.

Why is it called Roon Namsakhoon  or Surname batch?
Many people has requested Ven. LP Seua to make takrut serm duang or takrut tor chada (improving ones destiny, as many of you does know destiny cannot be changed but it can be improved if done appropriately). But Ven. LP Seua has declined many due to his weak hands, it is not easy to write such yants. We managed to persuade Ven. LP Seua to agree to do for us but Reverend may not write it himself but his disciple monk in Lopburi will.
Sponsors will give us his fullname, day-month-year-time of birth to calculate and write the yant.


A sample of Yant Duang above. It differs from one teacher to another, therefore this sample is just to give you an idea.


This is a sample of duang ( similar to Ba Zi of the Chinese). Therefore one will have to provide, name, date-month-year-time of birth. it has to be accurate though. The details will then be written inside the yants featured on the earlier image.

This yant will be secured underneath the bucha (visible). Being the head of your family, this protective and blessing elements will extends to all your immediate family members when placed in your home.
Just imagine from this coming pansa 20th July 2016 until 29th December 2017 is a total of 526 days. Ven. LP Seua will meditate and bless your destiny for 526 days!

This batch of buchas consist of two type:

  1. 19 units of special phim Neor Samrit ( mixtures of five kind of metals). Sponsor RM5,000 per bucha. Only the special phims have the duang of the person or his astrological chart . Samrit is important for two reasons
    1. it resembles the Thai word Samret, which means success.
    2. it’s a ancient formula from the past where buchas if made with at least 5 kinds of metals are known to be more sacred because other than having just the physical body structure, it now also has internal organs likened to humans.
  2. 89 units of standard phim Neor Thong Lerng (brass)
    1. with duang will be RM2,000 per bucha
    2. without duang will be RM1,500 per bucha

All the cost of makings these 108 buchas will be borned by Stephen Foo & S.G. Tan and all the funds raised from all the 108 buchas will be donated by them to Ven. LP Seua. Cost will not be deducted from the funds raised ( it has always been SaengThai’s philanthropist trademark). Please do not under estimate this project’s cost, we believe it will cost at least RM50,000. So SaengThai Malaysia would like to thank Stephen & S.G. Tan for their generous donations and offer to give this rare opportunity to 108 lucky sponsors to receive such bountiful barami from Phraputhaksuwannasetthi and Ven. LP Thong Ven. LP Seua Thep Akson of Wat DonYaiPeuan . Being a part of this is already a prosperity.

SaengThai Malaysia dare to vouch that this batch of Bucha 9.9″ PhraPuthakSuwannaSetthi, Wat DonYaiPeuan Roon Namsakhoon will definitely be an auspicious Buddha image because there isn’t an element of commercial sales or business. Even the sponsors themselves have to pay for sponsorship again if they were to book it themselves. All this are done with sincerity and virtues, people whom believes in Dhamma and practises the Dhamma!

So dont lose out, come and be one of the 108 Nak Setthi (a philanthropist)

Participants of 108 Nak Setthi (please take note that the numbering below does not constitute the number codes on the bucha but taking counts only.)

Special Phim Neor Samrit:

  1. Stephen Foo—————————————————————-RM5,000
  2. SaengThai———————- ——————————————–RM5,000
  3. Derrich Thian—————————————————————RM5,000
  4. Derrick Cheong————————————————————RM5,000
  5. Tan Chee Boon————————————————————-RM5,000
  6. Lau Geok Hwa————————————————————–RM5,000
  7. Mok Si Khiong————————————————————–RM5,000
  8. Stephen Foo—————————————————————-RM5,000
  9. Stephen Foo—————————————————————-RM5,000
  10. Stephen Foo—————————————————————-RM5,000
  11. Stephen Foo—————————————————————-RM5,000
  12. Tan Seng Ghee————————————————————-RM5,000
  13. Teoh Kar Hoe—————————————————————RM5,000
  14. Stephen Foo—————————————————————-RM5,000
  15. SaengThai——————————————————————-RM5,000
  16. Mr. Chan (Australia)——————————————————RM5,000
  17. Mr. Danny Lim————————————————————–RM5,000
  18. Mr. William Leong———————————————————RM5,000
  19. Mr. Zac Lee (Australia)—————————————————RM5,000

Standard Phim Neor Thong Lerng:

  1. Lee Chuan Seng—————————————————————-RM2,000
  2. Stephen Foo Chek Meng—————————————————–RM2,000
  3. Lau Geok Hwa——————————————————————RM2,000
  4. Tan Seng Ghee——————————————————————RM2,000
  5. Mr. Paul—————————————————————————RM2,000
  6. Mr…………………………………………………………………….till No.89

Those whom are interested, kindly call me, Derrick at 012 692 1233 or Whatsapp ID Pu Reusi Porgae or Wechat ID Porgae or LINE ID Porgae. Thank you.




Rian Trimas 2559 Phim Charoenporn, Ven. LP Seua Wat DonYaiPeuan


There will be 2 projects this year that we will do to help raise funds for Ven. LP Seua Wat DonYaiPeuan, the first one will be this Rian Trimas. Trimas means the 3 months Buddhist Lent. This batch of rian is called Rian Charoenporn, which means “progressive blessings”. Therefore this batch of rian will me blessed for the entire pansa of 3 months. Temple dont have anymore rian Trimas made only of recent years because all sold out. There were many good feedback from devotees after wearing the rian Trimas.

This rian Charoenporn is a popular rian which many famous Gaeji Archan current or past make to commemorate a certain occasion. It is because the word “Charoenporn” is very auspicious, sometimes when we done prostrating a certain Reverend Teacher, you may here him say ””. Which means “May there be always good progress in your life, dear laity devotee! ”

Everything are sponsored by us SaengThai Malaysia, except that silver rian, Ven. LP Seua wants to pay it himself and of course gold rian which is 25mg of 99.9% gold is subjected to booking. All rians are made by Ven. LP Seua, we only help to pay for the cost . Funds raised by this batch of rian will be used for either Bell Tower Project or to finance the expenses for Ubosot opening ceremony in December 2017 which is estimated to cost at least THB2,000,000. May all readers or followers of SaengThai Malaysia website come together to join hands in this meritorious dana. The followings are details of kind of rians, total units available and their temple booking price.


Rian Neor Thong Kam (Gold), make 19 pieces only upon booking. Booking price THB60,000.

  1. SaengThai————————————————–THB60,000
  2. Thailand—————————————————-THB60,000
  3. Thailand—————————————————-THB60,000
  4. Thailand—————————————————-THB60,000
  5. Daecha——————————————————THB60,000
  6. S.G. Tan—————————————————–THB60,000
  7. Thailand—————————————————-THB60,000
  8. Thailand—————————————————-THB60,000
  9. Thailand—————————————————-THB60,000
  10. Ah Chok—————————————————–THB60,000

9 more pieces only.


Rian Neor Ngern (Silver) make 99 pieces only. Booking price THB2,000.


Rian Neor Navaklohak ( 9 precious metals) make 399 pieces only. Booking THB500.



Rian Neor Apaka (Metal like) make 499 pieces only. Booking THB300.


Rian Thong Daeng Rom Dam ( Copper made black), make 5,000 pieces only. Booking THB150.


Rian Thong Daeng Jam Ngao ( Copper polished) make only 5,000 pieces. Booking THB150.


Rian Tong Piu ( Gold plated) make 2,999 pieces only. Booking THB150.

All whom are interested are welcome to book.

Those whom are interested, kindly call me, Derrick at 012 692 1233 or Whatsapp ID Pu Reusi Porgae or Wechat ID Porgae or LINE ID Porgae. Thank you.