Rishis, what or who are they?


I have always wanted to write about Rishis but have never gotten down to. Friends close to me knew I have always been a enthusiast collector for Rishi amulets and buchas. The following sharings are mainly from Ven. LP Seua’s teachings and a recorded conversation and experientials teachings between a disciple and his teacher, a saint, in India. Some wrote it as Reusee or reusi but it is basically referring to the same being. Rishi literally means Seer. A seer who sees with the divine eye of perception, who hear with the divine ears, everything that has happened in the past. Anything that a Rishi sees or perceives becomes a reality.

rishi3Rishis are very different from ordinary humans like you and me. They are immortal beings who lives for spans of time which are almost inconceivable to us humans. Rishi is an ethereal being of the highest class, one who is almost totally unlimited, who can travel anywhere in the cosmos and do anything at all. They can even play about with genes and chromosomes.

In the Vedic ages, each Rishi will have their own Gotra or in our current term, lineage. Their members in the gotra share the same genes and chromosomes which enables them to easily succeed at a particular variety of sadhana (mode of practise). As civilizations sets in and people have gotten more materialistic and as time passes by it has become more difficult to transmit one’s spiritual lineage to one’s child via the gotra system. So the kula system is now preferred. Kula means family of the like minded shadakas or practitioner whom follows a similar path toward reality.

A Rishi image inside the cave where Ven. LP Thong practised for more than a decade. It’s a complete forest then with no electricity, water not to even mention people. But according to Ven. LP Seua, Ven. LP Thong has informed him that in this cave lives a very ancient being that is not to be disturb. Ven. LP Thong lives in harmony with this ethereal being for decades. Until now, this cave is unhabited.

Waikhru rituals with Ven. LP Seua of Wat DonYaiPeuan, Singhburi is similar with the kula systems, where we establish a connection with all the Rishis in the universe and our ancestral teachers on a regular basis for those whom are sharing a common mode of practice. I still remember last year waikhru in 2015, a new young man was brought in to be initiated too because some being was very adamant into taking his as his disciple. The young man refused to but was given a hell lots of problems. Ven. LP Seua invited the ethereal being to come into the young man to straighten things up. A Rishi came into the young man’s body. He thanked Ven. LP Seua for the waikhru rituals for the teachers and said he was very happy to participate  and spoken with Ven. LP what he wanted of  the boy. Maybe because we are in the urban livings now or there could be a karmic linked between this boy and the Rishi but Rishi can create a body for himself whenever he pleases and whenever he is through with that body, he can dissolve it. In this way a Rishi can know every particle of every dimension because he knows every characteristic of and has experienced every possible womb. That is also why a Rishi is an embodiment of motherliness and why there is so much to learn from a Rishi, if you can ever locate one.

There was a craze many years ago about this strange monk named LuangPu Suang in Sakaew, if I have not mistaken. Nobody knew where he came from but almost 4 generations of people in the village have seen him. He lives in a hut in the middle of a padi field. If the rumuors are true he could be at least 300 years of age, died 3 times but cameback alive again 3 times. LuangPu have passed away and  has not cameback since decades ago though. People referred him as Thevada Lern Din Pu Rishi Dabot. He has been rumoured to be another Rishi. Archan Suthorn, a famous amulet magazine writer told me last year thathe met LuangPu Suang couple of times and he isn’t a normal being but a psyhic.

Rishis are great scientist. Many of their findings are documented in the Vedas, without sophisticated telescopes and space rockets. Rishis have mentioned the nature of the planets and their influences on all beings on Earth and Earth herself. Below is an image of a Rishi that was in India and his achievements on the medical field.



Though we do not know why, but Rishis upon coming to Earth, they have somehow chose to reside in India, especially the Himalayan areas. I believe some are still on Earth, especially in places far from human’s community. One of my close associates in Thailand have been to Cambodia with Archan Dam (previously Ven. LP Dam of Wat SanThitTham) to the Phnom Kulen mountain. Initially when Archan Dam was starting to built his temple in Sak Kaew more than a decade ago, we SaengThai was the first to sponsor him. In his initial years, Archan Dam never dabble into human bones mixing them into amulets. The initial powders he used was given by this Rishi Khao Kulen, a powerful and strong powders . He called it Pong MahaPuth.

Phra Ruesi Khao Kulen Loi Ongk Statuette with original temple boxIt was believed that Archan Dam used to spent several months in the Phnom Kulen mountain region in Siem Reap Province, Cambodia. The Phnom Kulen mountain range has special historical significance to Cambodians, because this is the place where King Jayavarman II (c. 770-835) founded the ancient Khmer Empire (802-1431) to declare independency from the Sailindra dynasty (c. 750-850) from Java, Indonesia. To this day Phnom Kulen is an important pilgrimage site for the people of Cambodia. Likewise, the holy mountain is considered an auspicious place for Buddhist monks and Brahmin ascetics to practice austerities and renunciation. During his stay in Phnom Kulen, Archan Dam dedicated his time to intense meditation practice in the cave of the sacred mountain. In the dark nights of his solitary retreat, Luang Por Dam was reportedly visited by Rishi Khao Kulen; i.e., the mystical guardian of Phnom Kulen.  Though in later years, Archan Dam focussed more into human bones mixtures of amulets ( after being poisoned his mind by irresponsible amulet traders in Kuala Lumpur. ) but I have to admit that his Waikhru is very extensive and delibrate, usually 3 days and 3 nights. I believe Archan Dam did received knowledge from this Rishi because his amulet energies are very different.


Rishis are in charge of the universe.  In the beginning of times, very ancient Vedic times, Lord Brahma (The 4 faced Brahma God also popularly known as  ???), the Lord of Creation, created several divine beings to assist Him in Creation of the world we now know today. Among these divine beings, are the Sapta Rishis, seven of them namely;
1. Rishi Mareesi
2. Rishi Atthiri
3. Rishi Aangiras
4. Rishi Brighu
5. Rishi Pulasthiyar
6. Rishi Siruthu and
7. Rishi Vashistar
The Navagrahas (the 7 planets;Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus, Saturn, Mercury,Jupiter and 2 shadow planets; Ragu and Kethu), 9 planets are descendants of these Sapta Rishis, they are blood relatives.  These Navagrahas were created by Lord Brahma to exercise control over all beings, mortals or immortals on Earth. The Chinese were known to be strong believers of Bazi (the mysterious destiny codes of date and time of birth of an individual), it all stems from these Navagrahas.

Rishis are very advanced in spirituality. Rishis sees the truth. This perception of truth spontaneously manifests in the form of mantras.For those who loves to learn and practise mantras, we have the Rishis to thank.I still remember in my early years with Ven. LP Seua, I used to place figurines of Rishis in my centre as decors. Ven. LP discouraged me from such practise. Ven. LP advised that I should either revere it properly on the altar or seal it away. Ven. LP said Rishis are our teachers, whenever Ven. LP himself runs into Rishis images, he too has to raise his palms to venerate Rishis.
On Earth, Rishis has a strict code of conduct in their spiritual life. They will begin before dawn by practising samadhi, perfect equilibrium of consciousness in which is utterly still and inactive for 3 hours. At dawn 3 hours of meditation, concentration and the withrawal of senses. And for 3 hours until noon, pranayanam (yoga breathing) and asana (yoga postural practise). 3 hours after noon are reserved for food, for conversation and interaction with other beings. At evening twilight, Rishis will perform certain rituals. And after night fell, he will enjoy another meal or have intimacy with his wife and sleep. Almost all of the ancient Rishis on Earth are householders and that is why Rishis will always understand and have compassion for us humans and our plights.

Natural potential for spiritual development becomes valuable only by careful cultivation, nothing happens by mere prayers or wearing amulets. It comes with serious and regular practise.  Therefore Rishis understood our problems and challenges in life and in their great magnanimity, they have created sadhanas (methods of practises) by which we can extricate ourselves from our limitations and make progress. They have created many types of sadhanas because there are so many types of people. I will not share on sadhana as this could be lenghty.

To wrap up my write-up on Rishis. Rishis are the puppeteers, and all other beings in the universe, mortals and immortals, are their puppets. The Rishis go around creating karmic debts for people to work off, to bind people down or help them progress. If you want to quit being a puppet, you must perform sadhana. And for those whom have always been curious of my fascination of Rishis, this is just a tip of the iceberg. Om Nama Shivaya

Phra Chao Sua, Ven. LP Boon, Wat Klang Bang Kaew





This phim is a phim niyom made of Thong Daeng, copper. It is not cleaned or unwashed, so it’s surfaced is practically untouched. The plastic casing has a crack, so it is not so perfect but it’s a small issue. Other than that, this piece is an immaculet collectible. I tried to take a few more close caption of the amulet’s surface because of the amulet’s casing, it’s difficult to take a sharp photo.

http://saengthai.org/?p=1941 , I have also featured a solid gold Phra Chao Sua before, click here to view.

http://saengthai.org/?p=127, this link is about Phra Chao Sua Maha Setthi Ha Plang which I have shared earlier.

Those whom are interested, kindly call me, Derrick at 012 692 1233 or Whatsapp ID Pu Reusi Porgae or Wechat ID Porgae or LINE ID Porgae. Thank you.

Phra Somdej Lai Seua with 2 gold takruts by Ven. LP Seua Wat DonYaiPeuan



This batch of Phra Somdejs with 2 gold takruts are only available for SaengThai Malaysia, 25 pieces altogether. Lai Seua means tiger stripes. Tamboon or sponsor THB10,000  per piece. This is for the next coming papha on the 13th March 2016, where Ven. LP will be laying foundation for ‘Hor Rakang’ or bell tower. And every piece we have Ven. LP personally hand write yant on each of them.


It says, ” Announcement on Laying of Foundation of Bell Tower on the 13th March 2016. We are pleased to invite all benefactors and fellow devotees to come together to become sponsors for this meritorious dana.”


This is an artist impression of the Bell Tower at  Wat DonYaiPeuan in future.


This is one of the pages in  the architecture and construction plan.




List of Sponsors

  1. Derrick Cheong————————————1 unit————————THB10,000
  2. Lee Wai Hong————————————–1 unit————————THB10,000
  3. Tan Seng Ghee————————————-1 unit———————–THB10,000
  4. Teoh Kar Hoe—————————————1 unit———————–THB10,000
  5. Stephen Foo—————————————-2 units———————THB20,000


Those whom are interest to sponsor the bell tower, kindly call me, Derrick at 012 692 1233 or Whatsapp ID Pu Reusi Porgae or Wechat ID Porgae or LINE ID Porgae.


10 Chandeliers (Light) of Perfections



This is the interior of Ubosot (Bot)  Wat DonYaiPeuan. Few years ago we advised our members and friends to offer dana of RM1,000 to have their names of family members and their birth details to be written on a ‘paen duang’ or birth chart. So here it is, all filled up underneath the main Buddha image of the Ubosot.

Can you all see the chandeliers on the ceilings? There are 10 of them, we call it the 10 Chandeliers (Light) of Buddha’s Perfection. What is it?

The Ten Perfections of Lord Buddha

  1. Generosity (Dana)
  2. Morality (Sila)
  3. Renunciation (Nekkhamma)
  4. Wisdom (Panna)
  5. Effort (Viriya)
  6. Patience (Khanti)
  7. Truthfulness (Sacca)
  8. Determination (Adhitthana)
  9. Loving-Kindness (Metta)
  10. Equanimity (Upekha)

These are the 10 qualities of Perfection that Gautama The Buddha has to achieve over countless lifetimes before emerging victoriously as The Buddha of Supreme Enlightenment. The Goddess of Earth said that the barami of cultivating such great perfections over many lifetimes by Boddhisattva Gautama was likened to the water she wrung out of her long hair which drowned Mara and his armies like a mighty ocean.

This is also the same set of disciplines or qualitites that Lord Buddha professed that Buddhist practises in our everyday lives.

3 of this chandeliers have been booked and paid for, left with 7 still waiting for sponsors. It is THB50,000 per chandelier. Ven. LP shared with me that such dana can help to brighten up one’s prospect in life and also increases one’s Metta in attracting good benefactors that could help in time of need.

Those whom are interest to sponsor the remaining chandeliers, kindly call me, Derrick at 012 692 1233 or Whatsapp ID Pu Reusi Porgae or Wechat ID Porgae or LINE ID Porgae.

List of Sponsors

  1. Chan Wai Leong & Family ( Australia)————————————THB50,000
  2. Ding Feng Jay ( Departed) & Family————————————–RM1,000
  3. Taiwanese ( Ian Fay)———————————————————-THB50,000

Mai Tao/Kru, PoThan Kron Wat BangSek

LP Khron Tok Raja




Recently there have been requests, so I am uploading this rare collection. This entire mai tao/ mai kru is made of silver. Many ask if its Pothan Kron’s hand! I leave it to those whom are looking for Pothan’s mai tao to answer it himself. If this question pops up in your mind and you don’t have the absolute answer yourself, then it is not for you. And need not enquire from me also. This is for hardcore followers of Pothan’s collections because only they will know (if they trail Pothan’s collections over these few decades.) If any collector, keen, sincere and able to collect this collection but ask for our assurance on this piece AND AGAIN we thank you for your keen interest and sincerity but it is still not for you because it clearly shows you still have no confidence and knowledge of it’s history and to save you all your troubles and worries.

I hope to garner my website followers and collectors’ understanding on this issue because majority of our local collectors, collect base on eyes and ears only…sadly. Information are mostly from traders or websites, mostly many hands information and no verification of the so called ‘truth’. And that is why, I have always mentioned it on my site here, “Don’t believe all you read here. Go and fact find yourself!”

From socializing and observing the behavioral aspects of amulets collects, I have seen alot…nowadays I learn to laugh about it. There is this professional engineeer that I know, by profession he should be good in identifying soils and earth matters because he runs his own business. He loves to collect antique amulets from a wandering monk whom would hang his chivon robes on the same clothesline with ladies clothes and worst…lingeries. Despite my advise, he loved his Luang Phor and proud of his expensive collections!  Funny, right? But it happens and that is why I believed in Karmas. Their path could have been laid in lives before this and crossed again this life.

Those whom are interested to collect, kindly call me. Derrick at 012 692 1233 or Whatsapp ID Pu Reusi Porgae or Wechat ID Porgae or LINE ID Porgae.

Kathina Offerings at Wat DonYaiPeuan 2015



Anumodhana Boon! To all our SaengThai members, friends and supporters from all over. Despite economic gloom, we were able to raise a total of THB630,000 to Ven. LP Seua, Wat DonYaiPeuan, Singhburi. This amount is inclusive of the Special Phim KhunPaen of 9 gold takruts. Please remember to ‘krot nam’ or pour water to transference merits on your side. We have wished for all our members, friends and supporters upon handing the donations but it is still better to mention again if you want.

Below a photo of KhunPaen



I have requested Ven. LP to hand write yant on every piece for all of you!



Katha and Instruction of use for this Special KhunPaen SomPhrakThaNa

(SomPhrakTaNa means fulfilling your wish)

by Ven. LP Seua Wat DonYaiPeuan

Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Sammasambuddhasa x3

Su Nak Mo Lo ( The heart mantra for Phra KhunPaen, one may choose to chant it repeatedly in one breath, 3 or 5 breaths. It is important to chant with good concentration and mindfullness)

Then say,

By the power of barami of LP Thong LP Seua Thep Akson Wat DonYaiPeuan and the blessings endowed within this Phra KhunPaen SomPhrakTaNa….May I…(wish)

About Phrakatha Jinnabanchon

somdej toh700

I was informed by my teacher that a distance member of our group told to him recently about his miracles with this Phrakatha Jinnabanchon. He is a constant follower of my blog, few years ago when I started writing on this Phrakatha and Phra Somdej Wat Rakang, he was diagnosed of critical illness. Since he was already familiar with amulets and chanting, out of hope that he will survive this ordeal he started chanting Phrakatha Jinnabanchon. It took him a few years but he miraculously heal completely.

Yes, I very much believe in such. I myself have witnessed much un-explainable occurrences. Like I have always said, the Phra Somdej Wat Rakang inside you must be strong and you must have faith, great faith in The Triple Jewels, always keep Ven. Somdej Toh and Tao Maha Phrom Jinnapanjara in mind and believe that this Phrakatha will deliver to the sincere ones. This is an important requisite especially for those whom loves Phra Somdej amulets, new or antique.

“Jinnapanjara Paritthamang Rakhantu Sabbada………x9” ( Meaning is “May this Phrakatha Jinnabanchon blesses you in all your undertakings” )

Locket Phra Chao Ha Phra Ong 2013, Ven. LP Seua Wat DonYaiPeuan

I am sure all of you will remember the set of 5 lockets, Phra Chao Ha Phra Ong, this two are sample lockets. Since Ven. LP Seua had puthaphisek this batch already, we filled this two samples up with Tao Maha Phrom Jinnapanjara mixture of pong and decorate with…


This is the big locket among the five. “Yak” which represents PhraBuddhaSriAriyMetrai


This is the cracked piece of Phra Somdej Wat Rakang that we put the broken fragments into the lockets of Tao Maha Phrom Jinnapanjara. The rest of components are the same except this one also had ‘Thong Nok Gao’ or raw gold nuggets. Very good for putting into amulets.


This is ‘Budh’ also represents PhraBuddhaKassapa.


Though this have  smaller fragment of Phra Somdej Wat Rakang compared to earlier but this piece has the biggest gold nugget.

Interested to collect please call or sms Derrick at 012 692 1233.

Locket Tao Maha Phrom Jinnapanjara, Ven. LP Seua Wat DonYaiPeuan


This is an image of Tao Maha Phrom Jinnapanjara from the above website, according to ancient scriptures about the origins of Phra Katha Jinnabanchon, this miraculous and sacred chant made famous by Ven. Somdej Toh, Wat Rakang Kositaram, was given by this celestial Brahma deity.  Among the Five Grand Ancient Amulet (Phra Benjapahkee), Phra Somdej Wat Rakang is the youngest in age of the five amulets, less than 200 years old but it is the highest in collection value. Ever since Phra Somdej Wat Rakang was brought to the limelight, there was much miracles associated with and the main reason was that Ven. Somdej Toh consrecated his Phra Somdejs with this sacred Phrakatha Jinnabanchon.

somdej toh700


Above is the image on the front of Locket Tao Maha Phrom Jinnapanjara, Ven. LP Seua Wat DonYaiPeuan.

Little was known about this celestial Brahma deity. Tao Maha Phrom has a crescent Moon on his Head, just like Lord Shiva. The moon symbolizes time and wearing Moon on his head denotes that He has complete control over time and is beyond the measure of time and is eternal. Tao Maha Phrom carries a celestial staff that that emits bright light at its top. the His left hand is shown in a boon- bestowing and blessing pose. The flower mark or more commonly mark of AUM on His left palm annihilates evil, grants boons, bestows grace, destroys ignorance, and awakens wisdom in His devotees. Dressed in white a symbol of purity which also means the importance of observing wholesome precepts. Tao Maha Phrom is usually seen standing or travelling on a Giant Tortoise (Kurma Avatar of Lord Vishnu) and Giant Serpent (King of Nagas). These are the two important mystical deities in creature form whom made churning the Ocean of Milk . samudra-mandhan700

This is an illustration of Churning the Ocean but I believe the next image will ring a bell for frequent travellers to Suvarnnabhum Airport.


Can you see Kurma the Giant Tortoise below the Mount Mandara? The Demons and Asuras are holding are holding on to Vasuki The Naga King to churn the ocean!

It is an important episode in Brahmanism history but let’s come back to our topic. So to summarize the iconic representation of Tao Maha Phrom;

  1. The crescent Moon on Tao Maha Phrom’s crown, Moon symbolizes time and Mind. As Moon waxes for 15 days and wanes the next 15 days. All of us are subjected to the influence of the power of Moon, such waxes and wanes causes much ups and downs in our life. Crescent means grow. A crescent Moon waxes its positive affluence bringing stability and progress in our lives.
  2. The celestial staff that that emits bright light at its top. Means to dispel ignorance of devotees and blessings to brighten up our path which has fallen dark.
  3.  His left hand is shown in a boon- bestowing and blessing pose. The flower mark or more commonly mark of AUM on His left palm annihilates evil, grants boons, bestows grace, destroys ignorance, and awakens wisdom in His devotees.
  4. Dressed in white a symbol of purity which also means the importance of observing wholesome precepts.
  5. Kurma the Giant Tortoise (An Avatar of Lord Vishnu), a symbol of longevity and wealth.
  6. Vasuki the Giant Serpent (King of Nagas), a symbol of authority and mightiness.
  7. Radiant of Brilliance (Sanga Rasi), the bright aura or orb behind Tao Maha Phrom. Symbolizes influential, respect, authority, greatness and above all great Barami.

Below are images of the back of Locket Tao Maha Phrom. There are 99 pieces altogether but all the 99 pieces the back varies, basically the same component, just varies in composition. I have attached 5 images of it. Let me run you through the ingredients;

  1. Pong Putthakoon (combinations of holy powders from more than 600 Gaeji Archans)
  2.  Special Pong Ven. LP Seua (That LP Seua used for the earlier Phra KhunPaen that LP pressed himself in Taman Maluri)
    1. Earth from 7 termite nest
    2. Earth from 7 jetties
    3. 108 types of flowers
    4. Gems from Chantakburi (powderize)
    5. Shell fossils of millions years (powderize)
  3.  Bananas
  4. Pure Honey
  5. Pure Sesame Oil
  6. Natural Hardener


This one has Luk Bart (buried gemstones thousand years of age), raw rubies that Thais called ‘Kin Bo Siang’ means abundance of prosperity and a small fragments of Phra Somdej Wat Rakang of Ven. Somdej Toh Wat Rakang. This phim we only have 40 pieces. So first come first serve.


This is also the same as above but in addition also have relics from sacred caves at mountains.


This one is without Phra Somdej Wat Rakang fragments.


This one has Luk Bart, raw rubies and relic from a sacred mountain in Narathiwat. Now no longer accessible. Have proven miracles of preventing firearms assault.


This is just Luk Bart and raw rubies.

We cannot have them all the same because our materials are limited. Please do note that Ven. Somdej Toh also put Luk Bart in Phra Somdejs kept in Wat Phra Kaew. This batch of lockets, Ven. LP Seua will puthaphisek until LoyKraThong which is a full Moon. Firstly this is to coincide with the image of Tao Maha Phrom Jinnapanjara but also because LoyKraThong is an auspicious day and we very much want such auspiciousness to be endowed into this special locket.

This locket is RM300 per sponsor.

List of Participants :-

  1. Derrick Cheong 1 unit ——————————————————RM300
  2. Stephen Foo 10 units——————————————————-RM3,000
  3. Danny Lim 1 unit————————————————————-RM300
  4. Derrich Thian 1 unit———————————————————RM300
  5. Teoh Kar Hoe 1 unit———————————————————RM300
  6. Jason (Singapore) 1 unit————————————————–RM300

The purpose of this dana is to wrap up the Ubosot or Bot building, if there should be any leftovers. If all done up then it will be channeled to building the Hor Rakang (Bell Tower) which according to Ven. LP Seua will cost temple THB2,000,000.