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SaengThai too would like to be there to send off The Great King to Heaven

Stars Do Tell !!! Are there free-will or are there such thing as destiny?

It was very saddening when I was informed that someone whom came for reading earlier this year indeed passed away in a car accident as predicted. Below are a summary of his birth chart and time chart.Sa

On the left chart is a birth chart and on the right is a time chart on the point of accident recently. I have removed all birth details and accident date and time details.

Looking from the birth chart, Kethu is residing his Lagna (1st house), the 1st indication that the person will have a short life. Jupiter is aspecting the Lagna  from IX house with special aspect, unfortunately Jupiter (a good star)  was retrograding (R) at birth meaning it is weak and being the Lord of III and XII. Lord of XII indicates among many other things also indicates DEATH.

At birth it was decided that such a person, his  Maraka Lord (Lord of Death) are turn Saturn and Moon. Badaka Lord (Lord of obstacles and misfortunes) is Mars and Lord of Misfortune is Sun.

I always say one has to be careful about Rahu period, though not necessarily bad but if the other planets placements are not good then it could spell trouble. This person when visited me was already going through Dasa period of Rahu and I have always warned and reminded my visitors when Dasa and Bhukti period is the same, one has to be very careful. At birth his chart (see chart above) has already indicated that Rahu (indicated with blue) will have 7 (Lord of VII is Moon, a messenger of death) fallen upon him. Saturn (starlord) and Moon (sublord) are both messenger of death (Maraka). If we break down the sublord Moon (in blue) further, it indicates both 7 (repetition of messenger of death) and 8 (Lord of obstacles and misfortunes). The make matters worst Rahu resides in within Moon as her sublord. It can only mean death is certain.

Now look at the right chart, current day time chart. I have indicated the boxes in yellow. If you compare both charts: Lagna now became VIII and Kethu is still in it. Kethu in the house of VIII can only spell trouble/ disaster. Can you still remember House of VIII represents?

Moon is located on VIII house, with Kethu in Lagna, it means this person is usually troubled, depressed, worrisome, lack of goal (because Kethu lost his head) and suicidal. However on current time chart VIII became the III house. III house is also where his current luck will be. III indicates short journeys. Now look at III House, it has Mars, Mercury (R) and Sun. Both Mars is Badaka Lord and Sun is Misfortune Lord, these are very bad combinations for a start of a day. Now left Mercury, Lagna on current time chart sits on House of Mercury (I & IV), Lagna is I and IV represents vehicle. You must be wondering what the (R) means?!. R means retrograde, it indicates problem with Mercury.  Can you all see the picture?

Lagna(I) sit on Mercury(R).  Lagna it self has already indicated problem.

House of III (short journey) has Mars (death), Sun (death) and Mercury ( short journey, self and vehicle)

From the time chart you may see that both Saturn and Moon (both are Maraka Lord) are aspecting the XII house (the house of death).

It is ok if you dont follow me here. It is difficult but astonishing to see how the stars really plays a big part in our life (ignore me if you don’t believe). And I really thank the people whom updated me and got me the relevant details for my further research and study.

I will help to perform Sanghatan for the deceased at the place he died and help make merits for him this Kathina. May he rest in peace and go forth to better realms.

Here again, I would like to make reference and offer my thanks and gratitude to my teachers for their guidance and teachings that illuminates my world with divinities no words could describe.

Lastly, please chant this katha, it is very good to help overcome matters as above. And please do dana such as Kathina or temple building, before it is too late.

Katha Bucha Duang Chada ( verses to overcome malicious effects in our lives)

Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Sammasambuddhassa (x3)

Namo Me Sabba Devanang Sabba Garaha Cak Devanang

Suriyang Cak Pamun Catha Sasi Bhummo Cak Devanang

Vudho Labhang Bhavissatik Jivo Sukaro Cak Maha Labhang

Soro Rahu Ketu Cak Maha Labhang

Sabba Bhayang Vinassantik

Sabba Dukkhang Vinassantik

Sabba Rokhang Vinassantik

Lakkhana Ahang Wantamik Sabbada Sabbe Devanang Palayantuk

Sabbada Etena Mangala Tejena Sabba Sotthi Bhavantumae.

Katha Tawai Porn Phra 8 Bot (The Magical 8 Verses Incantation of The Buddha’s Blessing)

I am sure those whom knew me well, would agree that I usually advocate one to chant Pahung much. They always ask why. In my opinion it is because the contents of the chant is very suited to laities or household people. It is very suitable to the current society, competitive and selfish. This is a very effective and important katha, so important that many LPs that I knew and white Archan uses this katha for many purposes. That is how important and efficacious this verses are. For example Ven. LP Seua has the ability to bathe away your enemies, winning them over by the power of Metta, subduing their arrogance and defensiveness. Ven. LP too uses this katha for such. I have personal experiences using this katha for different applications and it has proven to be very effective. My karawat Archan in Sg. Golok, Archan Manit would chant the abbreviation; Pa Ma Nak Uk Ka Sa Nan Duk repeatedly in a single breath then swallow saliva at end of breath. Archan Manit does it 3 times before he retires for the evening. He taught me to do the same, he said it is for good health.

Personally I like to wear Phra KhunPaen from Wat YaiChaiMongkhun or Wat BangKrang because it is made by King Naret the Great and also blessed by his Teacher Phra Somdej Panaret. Just as Phrakatha Jinnabanchon was important to making of Phra Somdej Wat Rakhang by Somdej Phrabuddhacharn Toh Phrommarangsi, Phrakatha Tawai Porn Phra 8 Bot a.k.a Pahung was important to the making of Phra KhunPaen of those days by King Naret and Somdej Panaret. The Phra KhunPaen above was discovered in recent years at Wat Ambhawan.

I know there are many information about this katha on the internet but mostly are general translation from the Pali and its meaning. What I am about to share with you is personal teachings from Phra Archan Somjit from Wat NoyNangHong, a famous Gaeji Archan that has passed away since 2537. Phra Archan was also very famous in Singapore those days. One of Thailand’s famous male actor name Soraphong Chatree (photo below) was his disciple. I will reveal the formula here as I believe this is beneficial to everyone whom can practise this Katha.

Mr. Soraphong receiving a Hoon Kru Yai Petchalukan from his Teacher, Phra Archan Somjit

Katha Tawai Porn Phra 8 Bot a.k.a Pahung (The Magical Incantations of the 8 Verses Of Buddha’s Blessing) and its potential.

  1. Pahungsahassak…meditate upon this verse for protection against enemies, braves oneself to struggle against adversity or adversary, make holy water to relieve black magic or exorcism or chase bad spirits away.
  2. Maratirae… meditate upon this verse to bless herbs (oral intake) to enhance its healing properties, to bless healing oil (external applications) of any kind, to make holy water for speedy recovery.
  3. Nalakiring… meditate upon this verse for protection against beast or ferocious animals or to protect against bad spirit harming us/causing illness/inflicting pain when we enter the jungle.
  4. Ukkhittakghak…meditate upon this verse for auspiciousness or to make holy water to wash face in the morning and to protect black magic of sorts.
  5. Katavana…meditate upon this verse to make holy water to relieve love potion kind of black magic.
  6. SakcangViha…meditate upon this verse to enhance winning attributes in legal suits/lawsuits.
  7.  Nando…meditate upon this verse to ward off venomous animals or reptiles and to dispel or cure of its venom. A good example that I came to hear from Archan Phrachuab Samnak KhaoOr himself was that his Jathukram amulet made from herbs had once prevented death of the bearer when he was bitten by a poisonous snake in deep jungle. The bearer broke its the amulet casing, chewed upon the amulet and applied onto his wound. He survived and made it out the jungle 2 days later. Usually a person will die in less than an hour after bitten by that kind of snake.
  8. Dukkahatitthik…meditate upon this verse to dispel bad spirits or prevent illnesses from spreading.

Cannot save money! If money comes in, suddenly…


Does the statement above sounds familiar? Does it happen to you too?

This is one of the most frequently asked question posed to me when it comes to astrology. Those whom have been following my site since the beginning would have knew how to improve on this problem in terms of boonyarit ways. Let me now share with you one of the ittirit ways to help overcome and improve  money problems.


This is an image of Phra Rahu crafted from Kala Mai Mi Tha ( my personal, not for sale ). Kala Mai Mi Tha means no-eyed coconut. In Vedic astrology, generally a person with his Second Bhava (House of Income) being afflicted by Phra Rahu will have the above problem. Therefore we collect a pair of coconut, singled-eye and no-eyed coconut, then request a Gaeji Archan or Karawat whom is specialized in consecrating Phra Rahu (not every Gaeji can) to craft the image of Phra Rahu and then inscribe or engrave the necessary yants on it. After ploksek, then invite both the Phra Rahu and revere at your altar.

rahu3 rahu1

Those friends whom I have brought up with me on my trips to collect the coconuts were the lucky ones because its still attached to the husk. They have seen it the actual thing. these days everything can be made to look real, even such coconuts.

yantrahu2 yantrahu

Place your yant duangs into the holder and some auspicious yants on top of your yant duangs, then place the Phra Rahu coconut on it. There are a set of kathas to be chanted, these rahu kathas aren’t the usual ones you can get on the internet. If you can regularly perform the prayers with great devotion, you can see for yourself.

My Sincere Apologies

“Those whom are interested, kindly call me, Derrick at 012 692 1233 or Whatsapp ID Pu Reusi Porgae or Wechat ID Porgae or LINE ID Porgae. Thank you”

Honestly it didn’t strike my mind that setting up these social media on another phone will create another ID (it was obvious, now that I thought about it). My tab crashed and my current Samsung went into Safe Mode (tried many ways, still cldn’t get rid of it!). Even though I reinstall Whatsapp and didnt appear…only LINE did.

Thank you to Jason from Singapore and Lau Hui Leong from Oman. Time passed very fast for me here..though it happened in October last year…but life kept rolling by.

So please at the moment only sms or call 6012 692 1233 0r Whatsapp ID Derryck.KnightFrank. Thank you very much.

Rian Trimas 2559 Phim Charoenporn, Ven. LP Seua Wat DonYaiPeuan (Updated)

goldTo make things simple, we suggest 3 kind of packages for the rians Charoenporn.

1. Individual phim bookings ;

  1.  Gold : THB60,000 or RM7,200
  2.  Silver : THB2,000 or RM240
  3.  Navak : THB500 or RM60
  4.  Apaka : THB300 or RM40
  5.  Thong Daeng : THB150 or RM20

2.  Charoenporn Set

A complete full set with all the 7 phims. Price per set is THB63,400 or RM7,500

3.  SaengThai Set

A set of 3 phims, 1 piece of silver, 1 piece of navak and 1 piece of ThongDaeng. Price per set is THB2,650 or RM300

Those whom are interested, kindly call me, Derrick at 012 692 1233 or Whatsapp ID Pu Reusi Porgae or Wechat ID Porgae or LINE ID Porgae. Thank you.

My Apologies!!!

My apologies on my misunderstanding on the booking list. 4 units Special Phim still available.

Thank you

Kathina Offerings at Wat DonYaiPeuan 2015



Anumodhana Boon! To all our SaengThai members, friends and supporters from all over. Despite economic gloom, we were able to raise a total of THB630,000 to Ven. LP Seua, Wat DonYaiPeuan, Singhburi. This amount is inclusive of the Special Phim KhunPaen of 9 gold takruts. Please remember to ‘krot nam’ or pour water to transference merits on your side. We have wished for all our members, friends and supporters upon handing the donations but it is still better to mention again if you want.

Below a photo of KhunPaen



I have requested Ven. LP to hand write yant on every piece for all of you!



Katha and Instruction of use for this Special KhunPaen SomPhrakThaNa

(SomPhrakTaNa means fulfilling your wish)

by Ven. LP Seua Wat DonYaiPeuan

Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Sammasambuddhasa x3

Su Nak Mo Lo ( The heart mantra for Phra KhunPaen, one may choose to chant it repeatedly in one breath, 3 or 5 breaths. It is important to chant with good concentration and mindfullness)

Then say,

By the power of barami of LP Thong LP Seua Thep Akson Wat DonYaiPeuan and the blessings endowed within this Phra KhunPaen SomPhrakTaNa….May I…(wish)

About Phrakatha Jinnabanchon

somdej toh700

I was informed by my teacher that a distance member of our group told to him recently about his miracles with this Phrakatha Jinnabanchon. He is a constant follower of my blog, few years ago when I started writing on this Phrakatha and Phra Somdej Wat Rakang, he was diagnosed of critical illness. Since he was already familiar with amulets and chanting, out of hope that he will survive this ordeal he started chanting Phrakatha Jinnabanchon. It took him a few years but he miraculously heal completely.

Yes, I very much believe in such. I myself have witnessed much un-explainable occurrences. Like I have always said, the Phra Somdej Wat Rakang inside you must be strong and you must have faith, great faith in The Triple Jewels, always keep Ven. Somdej Toh and Tao Maha Phrom Jinnapanjara in mind and believe that this Phrakatha will deliver to the sincere ones. This is an important requisite especially for those whom loves Phra Somdej amulets, new or antique.

“Jinnapanjara Paritthamang Rakhantu Sabbada………x9” ( Meaning is “May this Phrakatha Jinnabanchon blesses you in all your undertakings” )

Phra Khun Paen Phraiguman, Phra Archan Somjit Wat NoyNangHong

This Phra KhunPaen Phraiguman was made in the year 2537, the same year Phra Archan Somjit passed away. This KhunPaen was not much in the market because we hardly give them up. Phra Archan Somjit was our very early teacher we waikhru with. We had a lot of our Phra Archan’s collections. Even those Phra Archan’ s buchas revered in his kuti is in our library. We don’t really promote because Phra Archan ploksek this batch of Phra KhunPaen for a long time before Phra Archan gave it to us. My teacher only gave them to our members.

For those who doesn’t know Phra Archan very well, a lot of his collections are very popular, eg Phra Sivali, Phra Somdej, GumanThong, Bucha Phra Narai Phra Petchalukan, Takrut Phra Petchalukan and InnThong just to name a few.

Though this amulet is called Phra KhunPaen Phraiguman, its meaning is indicated as follow, as per the manual left to us by Phra Archan;-

1. Khun means The bearer of this amulet will raise to great heights, popular, attractiveness, important, powerful, authoritative and victorious.

2. Paen means The bearer has well life planning and have great ability to formulate, strategize and execute his plans well both in personal life and in career or business.

3. Rooster means The bearer will be hardworking and productive. Good punctuality and early riser.  A person whom can execute and works his plans well until attains success and wealth. Will rise to great heights.

4. Diamond means Phokasap or wealth

5. Phraiguman riding on horse; In Thai Language, the word Phrai have double meaning it either means evillish spirit or brilliant. This KP is made with good pong Putthakoon. Especially Pong Phra Somdej Wat Rakang which Phra Archan showed us. And many other good powder. So here, Phraiguman mean the brilliant child that carries the barami of The Triple Gems and Kruba Archans. Plus the ittirit or power of the Legendary KhunPaen’s son that brings success and victories to KhunPaen himself. The back of the amulet depicts the Guman riding on a horse, it means success in all undertakings with lucky windfalls and sudden gains.

Phra Archan advised that this amulet should be carried regularly on the bearer or put in a suitable place at home or business place because it will bring the bearer or his home or business auspiciousness. This amulet is rather small about 0.75 inches by 1.5 inches.

For those whom can read Thai, it is specifically mentioned that those whom are interested can either contact Phra Archan Somjit himself or SaengThai in Malaysia.

15th Jul 2015, Thank you for my readers or followers from Singapore and their feedback. Some enquired why their KhunPaen phim pong (powder)  color is different. Phra Archan Somjit did make a normal batch where the pong color is more whitish at the same time. The only different is, according to Phra Archan Somjit, the ones he made for us consist of Pong Wat Rakang, Pong Wat Paknam and Pong Wat Plab.