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Phra Pidta Phim Mi Hoo, Pothan Kron Wat BangSek

This Phra Pidta Phim Mi Hoo, is one of the most sought after Phra Pidta among amulet collectors. This phim is definitely not for an average collector due to its high value. Pothan’s Pidtas have earned His reputation well over the years because of the unique wicha/ knowledge and level of attainment of Pothan when consrecating them. To me, there can be many good Phra Pidtas but to find one that is lively and responsive (we call it saksit.) are very few.

There are many enquiries from my web regarding the authenticity of our collections. My only answer is, if from such clear photos I have uploaded for your screening but yet you can ask about the authenticity, it proves that this amulet is not for you because you don’t know anything about it or don’t even know how to tell a genuine from a duplicate. Most Malaysian and Singaporeans amulet collectors are very behind in terms of knowledge and experiences in identifying amulets. Mostly collecting based on hearsay. But when they are told that their genuine collections are doubtful, they lost their head!

I always say, don’t blame people. Blame yourself for being stupid and ignorant to learn for yourself if you are really keen with this hobby. Some even tell me, I ask Thai people but yet they couldn’t confirm if it is real! This is as good as saying” If all mothers are women then all women are mothers!” People with such mentality is a pity cos they have no ‘panya’ or wisdom. Shouldn’t collect amulets as a hobby, collect inexpensive ones are fine but if want to follow others collect high-end amulets but with low-end mentality then please save the trouble.

Do you all know, in recent year in Thailand, there was a SianPhra (amulet specialist), famous for Phra Somdej Wat Rakang collection sold a piece of proclaimed genuine Phra Somdej Wat Rakang for THB3,000,000 turns out to be a fake! So even those whom are real Thais that speaks real Thai falls for an old trick. Then who are you, whom don’t speak Thai asking for a Thai whom you have never met worst still don’t know him to verify a good amulet. Nowadays information is at ones’ fingertip, just google it and your answers are there. But how many of you have asked yourself the reliability of the information you obtained.

I can only sum up the amulets circle in a few words…” In the Kingdom of the Blinds, the One-Eyed is the King!”

Below photos are zoomed closer to reveal the body, substance and particles of this phim


Please call to enquire only if you are a serious and knows this phim well! Katha and instruction will only be given later.

Locket Phra Chao Ha (5) Phra Ong, Ven. LP Ser Wat DonYaiPeuan

A set of Phra Chao Ha(5) Phra Ong

NA – PhraBuddha KuKukSanTho

MO – PhraBuddha KhoNaKhom

BUDH – PhraBuddha Kassapa

DHA – PhraBuddha Sakyamuni Khodomboromakru

YA – PhraBuddha SiAriyaMaeTrai

Phra Chao Ha Phra Ong or commonly called as Na Mo Budh Dha Ya. It is actually short mantra of the 5 Grand Buddhas, namely: PhraBuddha KuKukSantho, PhraBuddha KhoNaKom, PhraBuddha Kassapa, PhraBuddha Sakyamuni KhoDomBoRoMaKru (Buddha Siddartha Gautama, in our current lifetime) and Phra SiAriyaMaeTrai (the future Buddha). Maybe many may not be able to associate with this depiction image of Phra SiAriyaMaeTrai (especially the Chinese) but many will be familiar with this image of The Laughing Buddha or also commonly called as Mi Le Fo. They are the same (see Below).

It was mentioned before in some text regarding the PhraChao Ha Phra Ong, it is believed that those whom wears a image of this 5 Grand Buddhas or chant Na Mo Budh Dha Ya regularly will often be bestowed with much blessings and protections. In the earlier days of my learning kathas, I was told that Na Mo Budh Dha Ya ,itself can be used in many ways from protection against misfortunes or black magic to bringing business luck or Metta.

The Silver takrut with Yant Na Mo Budh Dha Ya (visible) at the back of locket is written with (riak sut). ‘Riak Sut means while writing the yant, one must be mindful and concentrate with the formation of lines, incorporating the yant with the necessary meanings and liveliness in energy. Here our yant Na Mo Budh Dha Ya,

Na Metta Mo Karuna Budh Pran Nee Dha Yin Dee Ya Ain Du, Sarapat Satru Wiknaksantik , It means by the power of virtues of loving kindness, compassion, empathy, forgiveness and generosity, may all your enemies be subdued or people whom are not corporative or trouble brewers be won over.

My teacher taught me to chant this katha and invoke PhraChao Ha Phra Ong for protection, it goes like this,

Na Nit Moun Phra Kukuksantho Khor Chong Ma Yu Ba Sai

(by the power of Na, may I invite Buddha Kukuksantho to be on my left)

Mo Nit Moun Phra Khonakom Khor Chong Ma Yu Ba Kwa

(by the power of Mo, may I invite Buddha Khonakom to be on my right)

Budh Nit Moun Phra Kassapa Khor Chong Ma Yu Na

(by the power of Budh, may I invite Buddha Kassapa to be at my front)

Dha Nit Moun Phra Sakyamuni Khodomboromakru Khor Chong Ma Yu Lang

(by the power of Dha, may I invite Buddha Sakyamuni to be at my behind)

Ya Nit Moun Phra Si Ariyamaetrai Khor Chong Ma Yu Kramom

(by the power of Ya, may I invite Buddha Si Ariyamaetrai to be on my crown of my head)

Khor Chong Ma Prassithi Hai Gae Kaphachao, Om Chaiya Chaiya Mongkhun Prassithimae Sawaha

I hereby invite and request to help me, to be successful in all my undertakings.)

More over this batch of lockets are blessed by Ven. LP Ser himself for the purpose of blessings those whom are sponsoring for the building of Bot. 30 sets only, RM1,000 per set.

List of Sponsors:-

1. Kajang Keong—————————————–1 set 1,000

2. Madam Yap——————————————–1 set 1,000

3. Shirley—————————————————2 sets 2,000

4. Ng C. K.—————————————————1 set 1,000

5. Ah Jai——————————————————1 set 1,000

6. Po Ling—————————————————-2 sets 2,000

7. Chan W. L. & family (Australia)————————-1 set 1,000

8. Robby Chandra & family ( Indonesia)——————1 set 1,000

9. Cheras Group———————————————-8 sets 8,000

10. Stephen Foo———————————————–5 sets 5,000

11. Alex Lim—————————————————–1 set 1,000

12. Ah Long—————————————————–2 sets (1,000 standard phim and 3,000 special phim)

13. William——————————————————1 sets 1,000

Total ———————————————————-27 sets RM29,000 ( balance 3 sets only)

Another dana from SaengThai to Ven. LP Ser Wat DonYaiPeuan

SaengThai donated another THB600,000 on top of what we raised RM105,200 last July when Ven. LP Ser was in our center in Kuala Lumpur. The RM105,200 was for roof works for the Bot, however Ven. found out that materials cost and labor charges have appreciated. So SaengThai decided to donated another THB600,000 to cover for the shortage. May members of SaengThai, its Founder and his family be blessed with good health, prosperity and happiness always.

Our member, Stephen also the owner of Maha Barami Somdej Rakang Thong Thai Amulet Center (Port Dickson) helped us to bring forth our donations to Ven. LP Ser on the 24th April 2013. Stephen has been inviting Ven. to his center for 2 years now and his collection of Ven. LP Ser’s amulets are from Venerable’s hands. He can be reached at 017-3963618.

This is a photo of him going ‘waikhru’ ceremony under Ven. LP Ser .

Pothan Kron’s Wat BangSek Rare Collection

This phim above is another of Phim Jaek Mae Nak but rare. Usually Phim Jaek Mae Nak is usually half body only. At the back are Pothan’s chivon (robe), sai mongkhun (holy thread) and you may also see Pothan’s kesa (hair). This phim is rare and hard to find as compared to Phra Pidta Pothan Kron. In Kelantan, we knew at least 2 person have such similar phim.

The mai tao above is pen-size length. The head of maitao is made of wan Phra Pidta Pothan Kron. The above two rare collections belongs to Mo (white spiritual healers/disciples of Pothan Kron).

Phra Somdej Pae Parn 2510, Ven. LP Pae Wat PhiKhunThong

This piece belongs to the boatman who use to ferry Ven. LP Pae across the river which now Ven. had built a connecting bridge. If you were to scrutinize this phim above properly you will be able to spot gold takruts on the surface. At the base of the phim you can actually see the gold takrut. Ven. inserted 3 takruts; gold, silver and copper, at it’s base.

Bucha Ven. LP Pae, Wat PhiKhunThong 2508

The 1st , 2nd and 3 rd batch is from the same mould but only the 1st batch (roon raek) writes PhraKru Si ( LP Pae), Ven.’s  Buddhist name. Ven. was 60 years in age at that time. This is also moulded in temple. At the base are covered with earth and it was believed that Ven. inserted takruts of gold, silver and copper, just like Ven. has inserted into His Phra Somdej. But don’t take our words for it because Ven. didn’t inform us neither was it stated in the references that was made public. But we heard it from close associates when Ven. was making the bucha together with them.

Can Phra Saksit (Sacred Amulets) help me overcome my problems?

Phra Khun Paen PhraiGuman, Ven. LP Tim Wat LahangLai.

At the back is Takrut Salika and Phra Kring bell balls.

Thank you for the response over the last few days on my postings on Ven. LP Phrom collections. Well it’s either I haven’t updated my blog for sometime, so much that some of you misses me or it’s the attraction on Ven. LP Phrom collections. I guess it the latter!

I personally think it’s a very good question posed. I have answered that before in another posting but will share my opinions again here.

Let’s take for example, I have mentioned in my posting that Phra Ven. LP Phrom Wat ChongKae is saksit, one of the very sought after high-end amulet collections. Does that mean that all whom wears his images or collections will be bestowed with miracles that changes their lives for the better? No, in my opinion. It’s very simple, if it is then the world would not have poor people or disaster. It’s all about Karma and your affinities with the Teachers. That’s why in SaengThai, we always advise amulet enthusiasts not to forget the very important amulet that you must own…the amulet of Barami (merits) . To us, this is utmost important and it goes hand in hand with the amulets you wear dearly. This is one amulet that no one can take away or destroy. And its value will only appreciate with your earnest and sincere practise. If you sincerely hope that your amulets you wear will response as you wish, then earn by practising the Dhamma which the Teachers hold very dear to their lives. Strive to cultivate virtues, meditations and merits. The energies that amulets are endowed with can still be affected negatively by the interplanetary movements or improper handling of amulets but the Amulet of Barami rises above them.

Whether you can get to wear good Teachers collections is another matter. We have seen many well to do people whom can afford for eg. a genuine piece of Phra Pidta Ven. LP Kron Wat Bangsek but the pieces he hung over his neck are fakes. And he can still be proud of it. People with their own cup full ego are difficult to add anymore tea of enlightenment, it will just overflow. So we kept quiet and let him be happy. That is why I say affinity, it’s something not just money can buy.

So in our opinion, earn to help you favorite amulet to  response as your wishes by practising:

1. Accumulating merits. Perform dana regularly and sincerely.

2. Observe your precepts. Observe all 5 would be great, if not at least 2, if not 3.

3. Daily chantings. Even simple Namo Tassa… will do if one does with with great concentration and reverence.

4. Meditations. Regular practice even if it’s just a couple of minutes after your chantings.

5. Invite your amulets before wearing over you neck : Eg

Namo Tassa…3x

Puthang Arathananeng

Dhammang Arathananeng

Sangkhang Arathananeng

Khapachow Khor Arathana Khun Praputhachow, Khun PhraDhammakchow, Khun PhraSangkhakchow, Khun Bida Lek Manda, Kruba Archan Saksit Thang Lai, ( then follow with

mentioning the names of your amulets eg. Pothan ChaoKhun Wat bangsek or LP Phrom Wat ChongKae ), then just wish before wearing over your neck.