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Stars Do Tell !!! Are there free-will or are there such thing as destiny?

It was very saddening when I was informed that someone whom came for reading earlier this year indeed passed away in a car accident as predicted. Below are a summary of his birth chart and time chart.Sa

On the left chart is a birth chart and on the right is a time chart on the point of accident recently. I have removed all birth details and accident date and time details.

Looking from the birth chart, Kethu is residing his Lagna (1st house), the 1st indication that the person will have a short life. Jupiter is aspecting the Lagna  from IX house with special aspect, unfortunately Jupiter (a good star)  was retrograding (R) at birth meaning it is weak and being the Lord of III and XII. Lord of XII indicates among many other things also indicates DEATH.

At birth it was decided that such a person, his  Maraka Lord (Lord of Death) are turn Saturn and Moon. Badaka Lord (Lord of obstacles and misfortunes) is Mars and Lord of Misfortune is Sun.

I always say one has to be careful about Rahu period, though not necessarily bad but if the other planets placements are not good then it could spell trouble. This person when visited me was already going through Dasa period of Rahu and I have always warned and reminded my visitors when Dasa and Bhukti period is the same, one has to be very careful. At birth his chart (see chart above) has already indicated that Rahu (indicated with blue) will have 7 (Lord of VII is Moon, a messenger of death) fallen upon him. Saturn (starlord) and Moon (sublord) are both messenger of death (Maraka). If we break down the sublord Moon (in blue) further, it indicates both 7 (repetition of messenger of death) and 8 (Lord of obstacles and misfortunes). The make matters worst Rahu resides in within Moon as her sublord. It can only mean death is certain.

Now look at the right chart, current day time chart. I have indicated the boxes in yellow. If you compare both charts: Lagna now became VIII and Kethu is still in it. Kethu in the house of VIII can only spell trouble/ disaster. Can you still remember House of VIII represents?

Moon is located on VIII house, with Kethu in Lagna, it means this person is usually troubled, depressed, worrisome, lack of goal (because Kethu lost his head) and suicidal. However on current time chart VIII became the III house. III house is also where his current luck will be. III indicates short journeys. Now look at III House, it has Mars, Mercury (R) and Sun. Both Mars is Badaka Lord and Sun is Misfortune Lord, these are very bad combinations for a start of a day. Now left Mercury, Lagna on current time chart sits on House of Mercury (I & IV), Lagna is I and IV represents vehicle. You must be wondering what the (R) means?!. R means retrograde, it indicates problem with Mercury.  Can you all see the picture?

Lagna(I) sit on Mercury(R).  Lagna it self has already indicated problem.

House of III (short journey) has Mars (death), Sun (death) and Mercury ( short journey, self and vehicle)

From the time chart you may see that both Saturn and Moon (both are Maraka Lord) are aspecting the XII house (the house of death).

It is ok if you dont follow me here. It is difficult but astonishing to see how the stars really plays a big part in our life (ignore me if you don’t believe). And I really thank the people whom updated me and got me the relevant details for my further research and study.

I will help to perform Sanghatan for the deceased at the place he died and help make merits for him this Kathina. May he rest in peace and go forth to better realms.

Here again, I would like to make reference and offer my thanks and gratitude to my teachers for their guidance and teachings that illuminates my world with divinities no words could describe.

Lastly, please chant this katha, it is very good to help overcome matters as above. And please do dana such as Kathina or temple building, before it is too late.

Katha Bucha Duang Chada ( verses to overcome malicious effects in our lives)

Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Sammasambuddhassa (x3)

Namo Me Sabba Devanang Sabba Garaha Cak Devanang

Suriyang Cak Pamun Catha Sasi Bhummo Cak Devanang

Vudho Labhang Bhavissatik Jivo Sukaro Cak Maha Labhang

Soro Rahu Ketu Cak Maha Labhang

Sabba Bhayang Vinassantik

Sabba Dukkhang Vinassantik

Sabba Rokhang Vinassantik

Lakkhana Ahang Wantamik Sabbada Sabbe Devanang Palayantuk

Sabbada Etena Mangala Tejena Sabba Sotthi Bhavantumae.

“TadWaen YudKamm” or Cut-off your Karmic Debtors, Stop your Karmas!


I have been wanting to introduce this Archan to all whom are interested in Dhamma, especially in the subject of Kamma. Her name is Archan Jen Yantip. She has been popular and much sought after in recent years in Thailand. What is she famous for? “TRUAD KAMM!” Truad Kamm means checking your kammas.  Those whom have been to visit Ven. LP Seua Wat DonPhaiYai (DonYaiPeuan) would probaly knew that Reverend has celestial eye. Ven. LP Seua can see many things (if Reverend chooses to)and one of them is your residence from afar. This Archan Jen too is gifted with the ability to see your immediate, past and future Kammas. Her ability and its authenticity has been debated and proven over the years.

Why do I highlight this Archan? It is because I want to share some of her Dhamma she shared or have taught to all of you, my dear readers. She reminds me very much of my teacher Archan Phrachuap Khongler Samnak KhaoOr in Pattalung, though they are gifted and popular, they practise and uphold the Dhamma . They are humble and polite. She doesn’t belief in propagating kathas, wichas or amulets. Archan Jen guide people whom are suffering especially from illness that couldn’t be cured easily by dissecting their Kammas. While some cured but many aren’t because Archan Jen can only guide you and tell you what she sees in her vision but only you can decide if you want to put in the effort. Just like the old saying goes, “If you are hungry but I eat, you are not going to be full.”

Unfortunately, all her videos and books don’t have in English but for the benefit of those whom can understand Thai language. Do listen to her.

One of the thing she mentioned about us still suffering despite doing good was because we are not addressing the right Karmic Debtor. In one of her videos, this Thai lady study and working in Australia as a chef, suddenly fell sick. Her leg just got swollen…for no reason. So she did like any logical person would do, see a doctor. She has done all sort of test, doctors couldn’t find any wrong with her. Till she had to stop work and go back to Thailand. Even when she was in Thailand, she visited all the relevant doctors she could reach. As you all know, if we are to purposely find fault with our body, it could really be anything. And in her case despite whatever the diagnosis, whatever the drugs she had to take, she isn’t being cured. To cut the long story short, when Archan Jen saw her, Archan Jen asked if she lived in a home where pigs were reared? She said yes, when she was young, her family sell pigs to be slaughtered and that was how she was raised through the years. Archan Jen said she was troubled with 2 kammas, one was the above called Kamm Phao Phan, though she didn’t participate in the rearing and selling but she benefited indirectly. So her pain can be addressed directly by performing danas and transfer merits directly to the pigs. However her second kamma was abit too heavy, Archan Jen asked if she is single still and have many broken hearts, some even very bad experience. She acknowledged. Apparently in her last life, she poisoned the wife of his lover. The wife died of slow death, so in this life she is destined to suffer pain and have to take drugs regularly and she too has to suffer in loneliness because of her sin in breaking the 3rd precept…kamesumichacara … Archan Jen’s suggestion is that she has to acknowledge her kamma that she has done (if she believes) and transfer merit to this woman she killed and ask for forgiveness. It is her own responsibility to perform such regularly. Please take note, while she could have liberate lives of animals of many kinds but yet it could not have solved her problem because her heavy kamma in killing the woman.

I dont mean to ask you to go see her and get yourself diagnosed but I mean to stress that Archan Jen always suggest us to practise our chantings and meditation regularly to solve such problems and over the years she has been appearing on TV programs, there are those whom have seek her out and practised as per her suggestion and some have healed. I will translate important messages from her books , some of her method and approach in meditation and chantings. In my opinion, what she has to share and teach is very relevant for the betterment of our lives. Too many people make too many assumptions about Thai amulets and wichas. Too many amulet traders teaches the wrong principles only to bind and to blind their collectors. If we can practise like how she suggest, I am sure it will complement our hobby of amulet collection and appreciation.

Archan Jen Yantip dedicates her life to the Dhamma, she doesn’t take payment for her consultation. She has a large base of followers where she does dana eg temple buildings or helping the needy.


Ven. LPu Sukh Kovito, a rare gem!

Ven. LPu Sukh Kovito though getting in and out of hospital much over this past two years but it doesn’t deter Reverend from his meditation. Ven. LPu has been through numerous surgeries big and small to date, his body is frail.  This is a photo of Reverend meditating towards the Ubosot. If Reverend’s body can muster all his might to walk to this spot, you will see him there every morning. If you observe on the left hand corner, you will observe that Reverend uses a walking aid. I have seen and have also assisted Reverend, it can be a great task for him .


Sometimes it’s hard to tell if one is really kind or just making use of Ven. LPu Sukh, actually the site where Wat  Pa’ is has been an abandon land for sometime. The “ChaoTi” or earth guardian spirits there are so strong that even for agricultural use, nothing planted was a success. Land there was worth nothing.  So one owners whom had lands there came out with a brilliant idea, donate a piece of land there to Ven. LPu to built temple. Its not a sizeable piece of land and of odd shape. News reached the ears of the villagers, knowing Ven. LPu would need to acquire the land there to built temple. Price escalated. Not many people or monks dare to practise there because the land is filled with many angry spirits.

Photo : Ven. LPu was very active during the building of temple from land tilling to construction. Ven. LPu will supervise under hot sun.

Photo : Ven. LPu will spend as much time as with the monks that contributes their labor for the construction. The Sanghas which refrains themselves partaking meals after noon, such hard labor isn’t easy. Ven. LPu will stay with them as much as possible under the sun even eating with them in the open.

Ven. LPu is filled with compassion, knowing that it’s an uphill task but yet Reverend accepted it . To cut the long story short, today Wat Pa’ with Ven. LPu’s compassion and earnest practise has turned out to be a beautiful temple with greens and herbal plants. It is all possible because Reverend kept dedicating merits and metta to the angry spirits and the strong earth guardian.

Here I want to share with all of you here, Ven. LPu takes at heart the project he has. Reverend will meditate on your efforts to help him achieve such and dedicate metta to you. Let’s come together to help Ven. LPu to built kutis and toilets. Good Gaeji or Sanghas that are attained are getting few…lesser and lesser, take this opportunity to make merit with Ven. LPs Sukh.

10 Chandeliers (Light) of Perfections



This is the interior of Ubosot (Bot)  Wat DonYaiPeuan. Few years ago we advised our members and friends to offer dana of RM1,000 to have their names of family members and their birth details to be written on a ‘paen duang’ or birth chart. So here it is, all filled up underneath the main Buddha image of the Ubosot.

Can you all see the chandeliers on the ceilings? There are 10 of them, we call it the 10 Chandeliers (Light) of Buddha’s Perfection. What is it?

The Ten Perfections of Lord Buddha

  1. Generosity (Dana)
  2. Morality (Sila)
  3. Renunciation (Nekkhamma)
  4. Wisdom (Panna)
  5. Effort (Viriya)
  6. Patience (Khanti)
  7. Truthfulness (Sacca)
  8. Determination (Adhitthana)
  9. Loving-Kindness (Metta)
  10. Equanimity (Upekha)

These are the 10 qualities of Perfection that Gautama The Buddha has to achieve over countless lifetimes before emerging victoriously as The Buddha of Supreme Enlightenment. The Goddess of Earth said that the barami of cultivating such great perfections over many lifetimes by Boddhisattva Gautama was likened to the water she wrung out of her long hair which drowned Mara and his armies like a mighty ocean.

This is also the same set of disciplines or qualitites that Lord Buddha professed that Buddhist practises in our everyday lives.

3 of this chandeliers have been booked and paid for, left with 7 still waiting for sponsors. It is THB50,000 per chandelier. Ven. LP shared with me that such dana can help to brighten up one’s prospect in life and also increases one’s Metta in attracting good benefactors that could help in time of need.

Those whom are interest to sponsor the remaining chandeliers, kindly call me, Derrick at 012 692 1233 or Whatsapp ID Pu Reusi Porgae or Wechat ID Porgae or LINE ID Porgae.

List of Sponsors

  1. Chan Wai Leong & Family ( Australia)————————————THB50,000
  2. Ding Feng Jay ( Departed) & Family————————————–RM1,000
  3. Taiwanese ( Ian Fay)———————————————————-THB50,000
  4. Maha Barami Somdej Rakang Thong Amulet Centre————–THB100,000
  5. Zac Lee Hun Phing & Family, Lee Tai Ooi & Chew Mei Syn——-THB500,000

Kammakan (Commitee) is good or not?

Above is a photo of a Look Om Venerable Tok Raja. (Not for Collection)

While I would like to thank the good response on the information I share earlier on Wat PhikulThong, Tumpat, Kelantan projects. It is important for me to set the record straight, we are merely helping to promote this good project but have no business interest in them. Like I have told some Kota Baru collectors, please go verify if it’s ChaoKhun’s temple project or it’s some kammakan striking at an opportunity. Like the English said ” hear from the horses mouth!”

Let’s get back to the argument of kammakan’s project, if it’s good enough to support. Let me quote you what Ven. LP Ser told a temple supporter in front of me at Ven.’s kuti last year April. This conversation was about a beautiful set of Rian Saema of Ven. LP Ser Wat DonYaiPeuan, this supporter will be coming out with boxes of special collection ( with Ven. permission). I can’t recall the total sets but its about THB5,000 each. Heavily promoted in magazines by well known magazines.

We happened to bumped into each other during one afternoon when I was with Ven. Knowing that SaengThai Malaysia supported the building Bot much, this gentleman was trying to persuade me to book many sets so that the target was reached. Ven. advised him against that idea and he looked puzzled. Ven. shared with this gentleman. “SaengThai Malaysia in all the projects participated had never taken a single cent from the proceed of  amulets or other souvenirs made by Ven. but instead SaengThai paid for the cost of making it altogether. All sets made were paid, none were left to Ven. to worry about who will collect them thereafter. Plus all sets were not made in the context of selling but as a token of souvenir from the dana contributed to Ven. “Jaedthana Borisut”/ pure and wholesome intention. Ven. said,” Different from you all where proceed from the amulets. Only a portion was offered to temple!” The gentleman was enlightened to hear from Ven. on this short sermon on “Jaedthana Borisut” but was surprised to hear such. We, SaengThai Malaysia are humbly glad that Ven. stood up for us, differentiating us from the rest. And that is also why, among our groups whom wore our Ven. LP Ser’s collections experienced many unexplainable results. That is because the amulets from Ven. LP Ser, though arranged to be made by SaengThai but it was a token of appreciation from Ven. for the dana performed by our followers. It was always about merits AND NOT sales and purchased.

So you can second guess the other kammakan(s) or in fact doubt them but never SaengThai because we set our bars quite high. Unfortunately Ven. LP Dam Wat Mai Naparam has left us and Ven. couldn’t tell you himself which are the buildings we helped built. But you can still ask Ven. LP Ser Wat DonYaiPeuan or even Ven. LP ThongPoon of WatBanPen, they are still around.

Anyway, if there no groups like SaengThai, perhaps you can  tell me where would temples or Ven. teachers source for their building funds. Depend on the government? We are quite proud in fact because among us. Some well to do followers also follow our foot-steps and in fact may I say they are better because just them alone they can donate up to hundreds of thousand RM and they don’t expect to get anything in return.

But such disturbing inquiries can be healthy because that would mean that collectors’ now are learning to differentiate the good from the bad. We hope when all of you have known then please help to educate others too because there’s more than just the physical amulet that you see. “Barami” or merits you cannot see but can only be felt when you are with the right group.

So if you can get a piece of our projects’ souvenirs, be glad! Cause they are not determined by it’s extrinsic value. In fact you should be lucky!

I have written a new blog, . It’s not done yet but will finish it gradually.

Happy Reading!

Kathina/Kathin Ceremony

Photo Above: Kathina offerrings of SaengThai Group to Phrakru (Archan Soon) of Wat Thap Chang, Prachinburi last year 2009.

Origins of Kathin/Kathina

With the end of the 3-month Rains Retreat (about July to September), monks throughout the country are free to move from place to place and are eligible to receive new robes in an annual presentation ceremony called “Thot Kathin”. Besides new robes, Buddhist literature, kitchen equipment, financial contributions and building materials e.g. nails, hand-saws and hammers etc. are also presented to monks on this occasion.
In fact, the word “Thot” means “making an offering to the monk” and the word “Kathin” literary means the “embroidery frame” used in sewing the yellow robes which, in those days, were collected from rags on dead bodies in the jungle since clothes were not available in plenty as nowa¬days. Buddhist people regard the “Thot Kathin” ceremony as the most significant form of merit-making next to the ordination of their close kin. Thus, once in their lifetime everybody is looking forward to having an opportunity to be the sponsor of a Kathin ceremony as it involves a lot of time, manpower and expense. Above all, an advance booking must be made with the temple, otherwise, the chance to be a sole sponsor of the Kathin may not be possible especially with the reputable temples. Nontheless, those who fail to be the sole sponsor of Kathin can also take part in the ceremony which, in this type, is known as “Kathin Samakki” or the “United Kathin”.
Meanwhile, for the royal temples such as the Temple of Dawn or the Reclining Buddha Temple etc. The King or his representatives will be the sponsor of the ceremony, and usually His Majesty the King himself will present the royal Kathin robes to the Buddhist monks of Wat Po (The Reclining Buddha Temple) and other leading temples in Bangkok especially the famed riverside Wat Arun (The Temple of Dawn). On this special occasion, the king will take a journey on board the Royal Barge accompanied by a colourful fleet of escort barges along the Chao Phraya River from the Wasukri Royal landing stage to Wat Arun. The grand waterbone procession of the royal barges is the most beautiful event and visitors to Thailand should not miss a chance to take a glimpse which will remind them of Thailand forever.

Sometimes a Kathin group will travel for several hundred kilometers by bus, train, boat or even by plane to present the Kathin robes and other necessities to monks in remote temples or in other countries where Buddhist temples are established. People thus hold this merit-making festival not only for earning merit for themselves but also for enjoying, a fun-filled holiday free from the daily hectic life full of stress and strain in the city. During the Thot Kathin period, it is very common to see Kathin processions traveling to and fro throughout the country. In fact, anybody can take part in the event through the simple method of enclosing your sincere contributions in the white envelope given by friends or relatives.




It is to be noted that Kathin and Pha-pa (or the Forest Robe or a robe left for the monks to take as a discarded cloth) are totally different from one another, in other words, while the Kathin ceremony can be performed only once a year and only after the end of the Rains Retreat, the Pha-pa ceremony can be performed all the year round and at any time suitable. In addition, while each temple is allowed to accept the Kathin robes only one time in a year, the Pha-pa robe can be presented to monks as often as possible. Evidently, the Pha-pa ceremony is less significant than the Kathin ceremony which requires greater preparation. Thus, the Kathin is treated as one of the most significant religious events and can take part from the king to the poor people in rural areas.


Click here to view our last year Kathina Project with Wat Thap Chang

Click here to see photos of Wat Thap Chang Kathina 2009

Click here to view video on Origins & Meanings of Kathina Part 1 & Part 2

Click here to view video on Kathina Procession and Celebration at Wat Thap Chang 2009 Part 1 & Part 2

Please note : This passage on Kathin Ceremony was adpted from a book titiled “Essays on Thailand”, compiled and written by Thanapol Chachaidee.

Kathina 2010

This year in 2010, we will be participating Kathina Ceremony in Wat Don Yai Peuan, Singhburi. It was regrettably that my video camera was stolen when I came back to Malaysia recently. It contained footings of Wat Don Yai Peuan and a few incidents that Ven. LP Ser was treating laities that came from all over Thailand. The purpose was to let readers have a better understanding of the temple and Ven. LP Ser.

This year Kathina Ceremony will be held on the 31st October 2010 at Wat Don Yai Peuan, I will be there personally to hand over the donations collected and video the entire ceremony. The past weeks, me and Ven. LP Ser was travelling averagely 800-1000 kilometers a day just to deliver the kathina envelopes to his disciples all over. Only during weekends and Wan Phra will Ven. standby waiting for visitors I was surprised indeed that Ven. actually delivered it himself. As of 3days ago, Ven. was still unwell due to the hectic travelling.

Photo above: Wat Don Yai Peuan’s Kathina envelope 2010

Photo above: The Kathina 2010’s invitation letter.

This year the funds collected during this Kathina, other than fulfilling the main objective of Kathina. The funds will also be channelled into building of temple’s bot.

This is the architect’s draft of the bot, initially it cost at least THB7,000,000 now due to inflation times, it has ballooned to at least THB10,000,000. Now the works has just started.

Supporting Buddhametta Mahajetiya Project

This is Archan Sobin Sopako Bodhi of Wat Wangplado ( Buddhamettasawangrangsri ). We met last August 2009 and after a few exchange we donated RM10,300 ( RM7,300 from SaengThai and RM3,000 from Mr. Stephen Foo Chek Meng & Mr. Khoo Chee Fah ).

The donations above was for the Phrabuddhamettamahachedi (Replica Bodhgaya) Construction Project (see below).

We will be writing more about this project that we will help raise the funds. On the 1st March 2010, we met Archan Sobin again Wat Jayanti, Kuala Lumpur to pledge our humble donations of RM10,000 to support his noble quest on this project.

We in SaengThai would like to inform everybody that this merits don’t belong to us only! Such opportunity was made possible because of the continuous support of our members whether they are in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and etc.

Many of our members and friends warned us that people may perceived that we are using this to gain mileage on our reputation or worst using this as a platform to cheat or abscond the money. Well, we couldn’t care less what or how others (whom practically does nothing or little to support Buddha’s Dhamma.) judge us because what matters are after we all died, how will we be judge that matters! In the road of righteousness, there’s always obstacles (Mara) that will try to deviate us from the right path. We in SaengThai have been doing Sanghadanas for more than a decade now, trust us, we have heard much. It is more important how our Teacher, Gautama the Buddha, judge us than others!

Thank you very much for your support. May you be blessed by the power of the Triple Gem. May you have good health, beauty, longlife, happiness and prosperity. May all of these blessings be yours and your family be well, happy, prosperous and successful in life!

Kindly visit for more information on Archan Sobin and his works.

Water suppply for Mae Chee meditation center in Phrachinburi village.

Mae Chee has a pleasant and compassionate personality. During my stay in the village in Prachinburi, when I have no matters on that day, I will go the Mae Chee’s center to practise the Dhamma from 8am to 6pm. Though I am a foreigner, she treated me just the same. I was moved emotionally when I emerged from my vigorous meditation practise and Mae Chee cooked a simple meal for my consumption to fuel me up so I could continue to practise through the rest of the day.

Mae Chee has been a practising nun for over 20 years now under the lineage of Ven. Luang Ta Maha Boowa, a disciple of Ven. Archan Mun. Though we have different object of meditation and practise, our objective was the same, the Realisation of the Four Foundations of Mindfullness.

After receiving a Dharma talk from Mae Chee and discussion on my meditation, I realised that Mae Chee was more than meets the eye! Mae Chee is quite attained in spiritual development and she can see through a person’s past and future. I am humbly pleased when Mae Chee praised my meditation practise and the sila I undertake.

On the last day before I leave for Bangkok, I went to pay my respect to Mae Chee to take leave and contribute a humble dana. One of the villagers informed me that the meditation center doesn’t have any clean water supply. They have been sourcing either from neighbors or the lake nearby.

When I asked of Mae Chee if that is true, she said that many years ago when she consulted a contractor the cost to install the water system. She was informed that is should cost about THB60,000 the least. She only managed to lay the ground pipes due to lack of funds. Because this center is located in Prachinburi village where the villagers live from hands to mouths. It is difficult to raise that kind of money to complete the task. When I ask how much more she needed, Mae Chee humbly said THB20,000 should be sufficient. But I have decided to raise at least THB25,000-30,000 to buffer for extras just in the event it isn’t sufficient.

Mae Chee is very capable and has very strong faith in the Dhamma because she single-handedly built this place from scratch. Now her two sisters too join her in the Order of Nunnery. This place has been the source of strenght and Dhamma aspiration for the ladies in the village. Mae Chee is always at ears to listen to the villagers and give Dhamma talks from time to time. Everyday at 5pm, some villagers will join the Orders to perform the daily evening chantings.

When she didn’t have to attend to the villagers, she will commit to her practise to realise the Dhamma or visit good meditation Teachers, even though far away. I am fortunate to have Mae Chee sharing with me the samunphrai herbs in her center compound and even offer me the seeds to grow on my own.

May Mae Chee and the patrons of this meditation center progress well in the attainment of Enlightment.

Click here to view the meditation center!

SanghaDana at Wat Phikunthong of the late Ven. LP Pae.


It has been a few years now that SaengThai have been performed SanghaDana for 600 monks at Wat Phikunthong, Singhburi. The 600 monks will come from all the temples in the vicinity for Dhamma learning and practises for 14 days, it is an annual meet in Wat Phikunthong. SaengThai offered THB30,000 for lunch meals for the 600 of them.

Click here to see the video!