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Life size bucha Ven. LPu Sukh Kovito at Wat Pa’ Phromnimit

Ven. LPu Sukh ploksek and metta attithan jit (conscrecating and bringing the image to life) the bucha we offered to Reverend.

Letting the villagers whom came for the occasion to metta attithan jit, make offerings and apply gold leaves on the image.

Ven. LPu transferring metta to all.

Ven. LPu concluding the occasion by blessings all whom attended.

Liberating Cows Ceremony at Wat Pa’Phromnimit, Ven. LPu Sukh

It has been easily 5 years ago we have started to liberate cows from the slaugterhouse in conjuction with Ven. LPu Sukh Kovito birthday, 2nd October. It started with just a few cows but for the last 2 years, it has been nine cows consistently but this year with more Malaysian participating, it will exceed 9 cows. Like Ven. LP Seua Wat DonPhaiYai said to me before, this act of liberating cow is boon yai (very meritorious act). It all started because Ven. LPu has been ill, getting in and out of hospital almost every month, if not every week.

A recent photo of Ven. LPu.

Though Ven. LPu built many temples but Reverend never assumed the role of Abbot, Reverend usually give  the temple to be ran by other monks. That’s why we don’t offer money to temple to be given to Ven. LPu, to prevent money politics and avoid breach of trust. All our sincere donations from day one (about a decade ago) was handed to Ven. LPu himself.

Many years back and when I was more handsome back then :DDD lol. Ven. LPu came to Malaysia for a visit for the 1st time at age of 76. Ven. LPu came to visit Malaysia and see how come our group went all the way to Pichit and Sisaket to support Ven. LPu with no conditions whatsoever.

This is a life size bucha of Ven. LPu Sukh, one of Reverend’s last wish, was to have his image properly casted and put in the hall of Wat Pa’ Phromnimit in Sisaket  for the benefits of the villagers. This project was RM20,000. In fact it will be delivered to temple today to Ven. LPu.

Ubosot of Wat Pa’Phromnimit is almost done. Its slow because economy is bad too in Thailand…more so in the outskirts like Sisaket.

One of  Ven. LPu’s wish to built toilets and kutis. But response has been poor due to the economy . Ven. LPu ‘s sick in hospital often therefore less visitors frequent to Wat Pa’ to support ( it’s a forest tradition temple…in a jungle …really). We still managed to secure some sponsors fr kutis but not many.

Birthday Ceremony for Ven. LPu Sukh Kovito Wat Pa’ Phromnimit, Sisaket

This year Liberating Cows Ceremony will be conduct together with prayers , inviting 9 Reverends. Buying a female cow from the slaughterhouse is at RM4,000 and male will be at RM7,000. All collections will go to liberating cows, we buffered up just for the currency exchange risk but not much, in the event there is some left will be donated to Ven. LPu. The cows, at the end of the ceremony, will be offered to the farmers in Sisaket village. Ven. LPu will draws lots as there are many villagers wanting them. Strictly not for consumption, the villagers knew already that such cows will have to be cared for till it reaches its end of life naturally.

On Malaysia side,

  1. Mr. C.K Ng ——————————-1 cow
  2. Mr. Stephen Foo ———————–1 cow
  3. Mr. Joseph Lee ————————-1 cow


Kathina 2017, Ven. LP Seua Wat DonPhaiYai(DonYaiPeuan)

Best wishes to all my readers. Thank you for those of you whom always call or send me their regards. Many have asked when will I feature my next amulet  or next topic. I have been busy of late (anyways I have always been busy). Though of recent years I seldom write about donation drive for Ven. LP Seua of Wat DonPhaiYai (DonYaiPeuan) that doesn’t mean we stopped supporting Ven. LP Seua. In Kuala Lumpur, it is challenging financially and economically so me and my teacher would like to give our participating members a break.

However we were pleased and surprised though when one of our fellow member invited Ven. LP Seua down recently on his own capacity. Over a period of 9 days, everyone helped to raise almost RM100,000 . Ven. LP Seua has been getting very popular in KL these days, many flocked over to visit Ven. LP .

This is a set of 9 small Phra Nagphrok (solid gold, solid silver…etc), only make 100 sets. It is to commemorate the officiating of Ubosot Wat DonPhai Yai at year end but can collect after this Kathina already. One set is THB7,000, those whom are keen to collect can contact me. As at last Friday, 70% booked.

Just in case you are wondering what is written there ” khor chern ruam tamboon sang jong phra nag phrok roon neung ti la reuk ngan pid thong fang luk ni mit!” It says, all are welcome to participate to make merits by booking Phra Nagphrok 1st batch to commemorate the occasion of officiating opening of Ubosot by laying the sacred “luk nimit” stone spheres.


Coming back to Phra Nagphrok, it represents Saturday and it is rule by the Lord Saturn which is also called Sanischara in India. Both in Vedic astrology and in Western Lord Saturn is much feared of. Because He is a karaka, or indicator, of  misery, sorrow, death, discipline, restriction,  delays and disappointments.  Lord Saturn is also the Lord of Karmas, He will test us and push us to our limits, he will either break you or make you. If all of you can remember the chapter where Mara was trying to oust Bodhisattva Guatama from his meditative seat refraining Him from attaining Supreme Enlightenment. The Lord of Naga/Snake came to coil up and protect Bodhisattva Gautama and shield Him from averse condition. If only Bodhisattva Gautama lacked determination and discipline, Lord Saturn in the form of Mara would have ruled and Buddha would have never been born. When we are under the astrological influence of Lord Saturn, it is a time we must practise great restraint and discipline otherwise the punishment can be hefty.

That is the symbolical meaning on why we should make reverence to Phra Nagphrok or wear them. So by the barami of the Buddha, we may weather through our toughest challenge in life. It is believed that offering prayers to Phra Nagphrok especially on Saturdays, is said to mitigate the hardships one will have to face during these periods. and Lord Saturn will bestows all benefits to the devotees who pray sincerely to him.

I love intelligent questions. Amulet collectors asked me what to do with small amulets as such. Let me share with you and give you some ideas. Some can keep it to put in into your favorite amulet, usually at  the back be it locket amulet or traditional powdered amulet form or make them into a chain. All the 9 pieces of Phra Nagphrok symbolize different things for example the 9 planets namely Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Mars, Moon, Venus, Sun, Rahu and Ketu. Or it can also repressent Ak Sang Vik Su Lo Bhu Sak Puk Phak ( The 9 qualities of Lord Buddha). In fact, like the chain of Phra Nagphroks here, if u specially made them into necklace with gold/silver, its fantastic. Or for some whom loves to wear them on the outside, see below.

With such designs, it doesn’t too small but just the right size suitable for both men and women. In fact some will add diamonds or precious gems of their choice with it. Such designs upon the look of it , it elevates a person’s status because it has style…and of course much gold…therefore status. Hope you like the sharings.

At this point in time, Ven. LP Seua needs funds for year end Ubosot officiating ceremony, rebuilding of Kuti (LP Seua) and rebuilding of toilets (currently).

These photos were taken today at 2pm Malaysian time, Ven. LP Seua is always supervising this building activities. As I can remember, this toilets cost temple THB500,000 to built.

So do perform your Kathina dana, anywhere you wish to participate but important we do. Afterall the best way to eliminate sufferings is by doing wholesome danas at the right channels.

Participants for 30 sets of Phra Nagphrok (THB7000/RM1,000 per set)

  1. Alex & Ivy————————-10sets—————–RM10,000
  2. Mr. William————————3 sets—————–RM3,000
  3. Mr. Shun Cheng——————3 sets—————–RM3,000
  4. Mr. Fan C.S.————————1 set——————RM1,000
  5. Ms. Tee P.L.————————1 set——————RM1,000
  6. Ah Lee Maluri———————1 set——————RM1,000
  7. Ah Tan——————————1 set——————RM1,000
  8. Lim Ma Lian & Lee Ang ( In memory of)—-1set–RM1,000
  9. Robby Chandra & Family (Indonesia)—6sets—-RM6,000
  10. Chan W.L & family (Australia)—-1set—————RM1,000
  11.  C.K. Ng & family———1 set————————–RM1,000
  12.  Derrich Tian & family—-1set————————-RM1,000

Sadhu to all the participants whom supports Ven. LP Seua, Wat DonPhaiYai (DonYaiPeuan) building projects or Kathina 2017. May All be healthy and wealthy always.

Main Ubosot Buddha Image Moulding Ceremony at Wat Pa’Phromviharn, Sisaket

As promised for those of you whom have either booked the rian or donated to Ven. LPu Sukh Kovito, I have prepared both the silver plated and gold plated yant duang with your name and birth details on it.

We handed them, the collection money with yant duangs direct to Ven. LPu Sukh yesterday afternoon.

Ven. LPu said he is grateful to all of your donations. As you can see, Ven. LPu has much water retention, Reverend is struggling to stay up and have a decent communication. Let’s all wish Ven. LPu Sukh Kovito good health always.

Announcement board of the occasion today and tomorrow.

This is the Ubosot, as all of you can see, we have to buy loads of earth to fill up and level the entire area. Compare this photo with the previous Ubosot photos and you can see the difference.

The furnace was set in front of the Ubosot and started the heating process since early afternoon today.

Ven. LPu Sukh is personally putting your yant duangs into the burner.

You won’t see many but only our yant duangs actually. It was my idea to allow our donors to be a great part of the Buddha image in the Ubosot than just donating money. Please remember the value of money will depreciate but never the barami (merits) and the rasami (Buddha’s rays of light). I sincerely hope all my donors’s life will get better as days goes by.

I always believe in one’s barami. Do you know such an occasion such as moulding  a Buddha’s image for Ubosot is a very important event (not to mention the sacredness of it). It is very expensive too, this event above is nothing less than RM200,000.  So all of you whom believed in me, and sponsored Ven. LPu Sukh with your sincere donations are now a part of Buddha’s barami.



Including Ven. LPu Sukh, all together 5 Gaeji meditated and chanted during the entire moulding process.

More photos will be shared soon, the list of the participants updated and posted here. Kindly wait.

Amendments on Kuti Ven. LPu Sukh Kovito (IMPORTANT)

My apologies of making a big mistake of saying the cost of kuti was THB18,000. It is THB180,000 per kuti. 5 meter (16.4 feet) x 5 metre (16.4 feet). It is exactly the photos above you are seeing. We will just keep things simple as RM18,000 and we will bear the currency exchange differences. I am very happy to receive sincere enquiries despite economy slowdown in Malaysia. One such enquiry was, “Can all family members’ name be written ?or can all whom group their efforts together have their names spelled out?” I have checked with Ven. LPu. Reverend has agreed. Reverend invites all of you whom have the keen interest to visit the temple before you decides to support the cause to check things out for yourself. We will leave on the 9th March 2017 from Kuala Lumpur. I appreciate if those whom are keen to call me early so I can make the transport arrangements (it takes 8 hours drive from DonMeung Airport to Wat Pa’Phromviharnin in Sisaket).

May I seek your forgiveness in making the earlier mistake. Thank you.

Kuti Building Funds, Ven. LPu Suk Kovito, Sisaket

Ven. LPu Sukh Kovito, Wat Pa’ Phromnimit at Sisaket


  1. Won Gun Thai (deceased , 8/12/1940 – 14/7/2015)————————RM2,500
  2. W.A.V.E Well Wishers 2017——————————————————-RM1,300
  3. John Chan (Segamat)————————————————-RM500 (1pc of Silver Rian)
  4.  Lau Hui Leong (Oman)————————————————RM300
  5. Lim Teong Chai (Singapore)——————————————RM500
  6. Chan Wai Leong (Australia)——————————————-RM200

Ven. LPu Sukh Kovito, Wat Pa’ Phromnimit at Sisaket



Gold Plated rian sponsor RM100


Silver Plated Rian sponsor RM100


Tri-color Plated (Samkasat) rian sponsor RM200


Rian navakloha sponsor RM300


Rian Silver sponsor RM500

These were the rians posted earlier but the photos weren’t clear. Last June 2016, we were trying to raise funds for the big Buddha image inside the new Ubosot, toilets and also kutis but the date for moulding was postpone.

Now it is confirmed the moulding occasion for big/main Buddha image for new Ubosot will be in 12th March 2017. So we would like to offer to you to tamboon or sponsor as we will write your details onto the paen duang to be melted and be a part of “Mongkhun” or auspiciousness. It is considered a merit of the highest order to help contribute for making main Buddha image for Ubosot. Like we have said in our earlier post, just sponsor by heart of any amount. For those whom are collecting the rians above, I will automatically write them for you and offer to Ven.  LPu to be melted to mould the Buddha image. It is my courtesy to thank all of you for years of support. This is a hard to comeby opportunity, so please participate.

Phraphatarn Yai Ubosot (Ubosot’s main Buddha image), Wat Pa’ Phromnimit, Sisaket

Rian KhuanThoong MahaSetthi (Millionare’s Bag of Prosperity) of Wat Pa’PhromNimit Sisaket Ven. LPu Sukh Kovito AyuWannak 84 Pee

The earlier rians we sponsored last year in Sisaket has all been taken up and we were able to raise THB400,000 plus (same but different codings or materials). So now with this batch we were trying to help raise to building funds, Ven. LPu Sukh has decided to start with building 9 kutis first. Each kuti will cost THB180,000

If there is a kind sponsor for one kuti ( kuti will comprise of living area and toilet inside) THB180,000, we will give this set of rians (one of each above) plus a Thai banknote which Ven. LPu Sukh has blessed to be kept inside wallet, purse, cash register, money safe, shop front..etc, as you deem fit. The sponsor’s name will be placed on the kuti, so Reverend monks or the Sangha community can dedicate metta or merits to the sponsor whenever they do their chantings or meditation. A simple kindness act as such can be powerful as a millions of auspicious lamp that we light for ourselves or our loved ones for good blessings.

Thai Banknote of 20, both sides are the images of King Bhumibol, the 9th King of Thailand. When it comes to the power of banknote, one can never not mention the power of the iconic representation eg image if 9th King of Thailand and the numbers.

  • The number ‘2’ represents regular income and it is under the influence of the planet Venus, a materialistic planet that loves much earthly enjoyments. If number ‘2’ is weak in our astrological combinations at birth, that will mean this person will always face problems with income.
  • The number ‘0’ is regarded as a mysterious number but it has great influence in our daily lives eg the Internet is powered by Binary Numbers (which are digits of 1 and 0), Zero ‘0’ being added into any number increases its value and quantum.
  • King Bhumibol, the 9th King of Thailand. The fact that he was destined to be the 9th, shows the fatherly figure that he will be destined with. Number ‘9’ represents father, Dhamma, spirituality, great faith and belief..etc among many other things. I am sure many of you will have heard of commonly in Thailand the term “Charoen Gao(9)Nar” which means unending prosperity.

Thai banknote of 100, one side has the image of King Chulalongkorn, the 5th King of Thailand and the other side is King Bhumibol, the 9th King of Thailand. In this banknote, one will receive auspicious blessings from the power of number 1, 10, 5 and 9,

  • 1- the power of Self, increases your strength also receives blessings from Lord Ganesha because ‘1’ the beginning of all numbers.
  • 10-the power of Sun, though a malefic by nature but without the Sun, all crops and other possible beings will die. Sun is always bright, on the same note we hope our wealth is strong too…like the Sun.
  • 5-is under the influence of the planet Sun. Among many other things it represents, importantly it represents power, speculative gains and abundance.
  • 9-refer banknote 20

I shared with Ven. LPu that we Malaysian love auspicious banknotes as it represents prosperity and wealth. I requested  Ven. LPu to bless them to help us to raise funds for Venerable. All proceeds from these auspicious banknotes will be donated to Ven. LPu Sukh for building funds.. Ven. LPu did better than just blessing them, it was included in the rian puthaphisek recently (in conjunction of Ven. LPu’s birthday). Many good Gaeji Archan blessed them too.

Those whom are interested, kindly call me, Derrick at 012 692 1233 or Whatsapp ID derryck knightfrank. My previous Whatsapp, Line and Wechat ID cannot be used at the moment so please Whatsapp this ID.



Birthday Ceremony for Ven. LPu Sukh Kovito Wat Pa’ Phromnimit, Sisaket


Ven. LPu Sukh Kovito, taken 1st Oct you can see much water retention in him. Venerable has been getting in and out hospital lately.


Ven. LPu Kreung, Wat Sak Kamphaeng Yai, Sisaket. Ven. LPu Kreung is a very famous Gaeji Archan. Ven. LPu Sukh is his direct disciple.


The wall of Kruba Archan of Ven. LPu Sukh Kovito




“7 rob” or 7 cycles of 12 years. Ven. LPu is 84 years old. Beginning the day’s event with auspicious chantings and information of activities of the day. This event isn’t announced to all, only to villagers and close devotees because temple cannot accommodate too many of them. Anyway Ven. LPu has always been low profile but it was Ven. LPu’s devotees that wants a ceremony for Ven. LPu.


Ven. LPu arriving at temporary site where they keep cows…followers are accompanying rejoicing with Ven. LPu


Liberations of cows…9 of them. We believe liberating cow is a dana of high virtue. It isn’t cheap liberating cows but good dana especially for parent, wishing them good health and for sick people. Many devotees are very concern with Ven. LPu’s health. Ven. has been in and out very often and as at now high water retention and having difficulty to pass motion.



Ven. LPu blessing the cows are are being liberated.


Ven. LPu officiating the puthaphisek ceremoney. Consrecating 2 life size buchas and also rians.




Puthaphisek ground with the mastercraftsman with his workers moulding the life-size buchas on temple site together with the rians.



The another 4 Gaeji Archan invited to help invigorate the auspicious images with auspicious blessings and energies.






This is an aero-view of Wat Pa’Phromnimit. Temple site is on the right…can you see the roof..and also the Ubosot. While on the left is a big pond and a very high ground where they are building the biggest Chedi in Sisaket. That area was given by a Army General. Ven. LPu gave him a prediction that he will rose to rank but he actually didn’t believe because it is very unlikely he will. Ven. LPu kept quite, comment not more than it was necessary. He did rose to the position of General a year later, and he came again after assuming his official role with an entourage and offered the land with a proper ceremony. Those whom are interested can see those photos in the temple.



Ven. LP Thuad arrived to Wat Buddha Jayanti



We were very happy that Ven. LP Thuad chose to arrive yesterday, Wan Kru (Teacher’s day). And today is Wan Phra (Holy Buddhist Day). We never expect to received it so early but of course when all is paid in due faith. I told my teacher, Founder of SaengThai that he chose a beautiful image of Ven. Thuad . Now we all awaits the image of Pothan Kron. There are many devotees that called up to sponsor some but we are still very short. Usually we would have just offered the image to temple but to be honest, this weak economic climate is affecting everybody including us but we still determine to help temples here and back in Thailand.

A big applause to the Commitee of Wat Buddha Jayanti and their advisor, this temple has much upgrades in recent year. Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

Phraphatarn Yai Ubosot Wat Pa’ Phromnimit, Sisaket (Updates)

This is an update from the earlier posting . Early this week, temple has informed that the making of Phraphatarn Yai will be postpone to March next year. This is because the master-craftsman is  not able to make it due to his tight schedule. The temple already has their committee handling the temple affairs, SaengThai merely collect our own contributions and personally hand to LPu. Those whom have remitted their donations to us, we will keep till next year or further updates from the temple.

Thank you very much