Water suppply for Mae Chee meditation center in Phrachinburi village.

Mae Chee has a pleasant and compassionate personality. During my stay in the village in Prachinburi, when I have no matters on that day, I will go the Mae Chee’s center to practise the Dhamma from 8am to 6pm. Though I am a foreigner, she treated me just the same. I was moved emotionally when I emerged from my vigorous meditation practise and Mae Chee cooked a simple meal for my consumption to fuel me up so I could continue to practise through the rest of the day.

Mae Chee has been a practising nun for over 20 years now under the lineage of Ven. Luang Ta Maha Boowa, a disciple of Ven. Archan Mun. Though we have different object of meditation and practise, our objective was the same, the Realisation of the Four Foundations of Mindfullness.

After receiving a Dharma talk from Mae Chee and discussion on my meditation, I realised that Mae Chee was more than meets the eye! Mae Chee is quite attained in spiritual development and she can see through a person’s past and future. I am humbly pleased when Mae Chee praised my meditation practise and the sila I undertake.

On the last day before I leave for Bangkok, I went to pay my respect to Mae Chee to take leave and contribute a humble dana. One of the villagers informed me that the meditation center doesn’t have any clean water supply. They have been sourcing either from neighbors or the lake nearby.

When I asked of Mae Chee if that is true, she said that many years ago when she consulted a contractor the cost to install the water system. She was informed that is should cost about THB60,000 the least. She only managed to lay the ground pipes due to lack of funds. Because this center is located in Prachinburi village where the villagers live from hands to mouths. It is difficult to raise that kind of money to complete the task. When I ask how much more she needed, Mae Chee humbly said THB20,000 should be sufficient. But I have decided to raise at least THB25,000-30,000 to buffer for extras just in the event it isn’t sufficient.

Mae Chee is very capable and has very strong faith in the Dhamma because she single-handedly built this place from scratch. Now her two sisters too join her in the Order of Nunnery. This place has been the source of strenght and Dhamma aspiration for the ladies in the village. Mae Chee is always at ears to listen to the villagers and give Dhamma talks from time to time. Everyday at 5pm, some villagers will join the Orders to perform the daily evening chantings.

When she didn’t have to attend to the villagers, she will commit to her practise to realise the Dhamma or visit good meditation Teachers, even though far away. I am fortunate to have Mae Chee sharing with me the samunphrai herbs in her center compound and even offer me the seeds to grow on my own.

May Mae Chee and the patrons of this meditation center progress well in the attainment of Enlightment.

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