Supporting Buddhametta Mahajetiya Project

This is Archan Sobin Sopako Bodhi of Wat Wangplado ( Buddhamettasawangrangsri ). We met last August 2009 and after a few exchange we donated RM10,300 ( RM7,300 from SaengThai and RM3,000 from Mr. Stephen Foo Chek Meng & Mr. Khoo Chee Fah ).

The donations above was for the Phrabuddhamettamahachedi (Replica Bodhgaya) Construction Project (see below).

We will be writing more about this project that we will help raise the funds. On the 1st March 2010, we met Archan Sobin again Wat Jayanti, Kuala Lumpur to pledge our humble donations of RM10,000 to support his noble quest on this project.

We in SaengThai would like to inform everybody that this merits don’t belong to us only! Such opportunity was made possible because of the continuous support of our members whether they are in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and etc.

Many of our members and friends warned us that people may perceived that we are using this to gain mileage on our reputation or worst using this as a platform to cheat or abscond the money. Well, we couldn’t care less what or how others (whom practically does nothing or little to support Buddha’s Dhamma.) judge us because what matters are after we all died, how will we be judge that matters! In the road of righteousness, there’s always obstacles (Mara) that will try to deviate us from the right path. We in SaengThai have been doing Sanghadanas for more than a decade now, trust us, we have heard much. It is more important how our Teacher, Gautama the Buddha, judge us than others!

Thank you very much for your support. May you be blessed by the power of the Triple Gem. May you have good health, beauty, longlife, happiness and prosperity. May all of these blessings be yours and your family be well, happy, prosperous and successful in life!

Kindly visit for more information on Archan Sobin and his works.