Venerable Teacher (Kru) Dr. Jivaka Komarabaccha (Mo Ji Vo)

This is my 16″ Mo Ji Vo bucha, consrecated/ploksek by Archan Prachuab Khongler, Samnak Khao Or , Pattalung, more than 3 months. Originally in black, I decorated it myself and filled up the inside with Buddhakoon both ittirit and boonyarit to enhance its energies and efficacy. In fact, the first Teacher I undergo a proper and elaborate waikru ceremony was with Mo Ji Vo. I invited Archan Prachuab to preside the ceremony for me. And ever since the waikhru, my learning in the arts of healing and the practise was amazing.

I always have this fascination to collect buchas or rians or rooplors of Mo Ji Vo, ever since my first encounter with him 8 years ago. This bucha will subsequently be install in my new treatment center.

This 3″ bucha was used in my first waikru ceremony presided by Archan Prachuab. I decorated it with 100% genuine gold leaves to enhance its energies. It was the first bucha I obtained which I spotted in an antique shop hiding in a corner but reverberating with strong energies. I have brought with me for several good puthaphisek to enhance its energies.

This 3″ bucha too, was a long wait for me. 3 times to this antique shop in Bangkok but yet couldn’t see the owner. It was a great relief that in my 4th visit after 3months that I finally able to collect it home.

This is my latest collection, specially consrecated/ploksek by Ven. LP Ser, Wat Don Yai Peuan to assist my learning under Ven. LP Ser.

It was great to know that more and more Buddhist around the world knew of Mo Ji Vo, especially in Indonesia (which I least expect) and slowly gaining his reputation in the West.

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