Meed Mor Ven. LP Ser Wat DonYaiPeuan

I have been wanting to write and share much on Ven. LP Ser’s recent visit but time really isn’t on my side as there’s much to share, informations, photos and videos. My sincere apologies to all my regular readers for failing to update my web recently. But let me feature, our meed moh project first because just like Ven. LP Sakorn’s project, funds are due for temple’s building project.

During Ven.’s recent visit, Ven. expressed his gratitude of our unconditional financial support and Ven. hope that we will continue to support him and temple’s project over the next 3 years. Ven admitted that he is getting weary and tired getting funds for building the Bot. Why do we say unconditional financial support? Take for instance our recent lockets of Ven. LP Ser and Ven. LP Thong project 29 pieces, not only do we sponsor Ven. the entire cost of making the lockets including the puthaphisek expenses. All 29 sets are given out at RM500 per set, the total RM14,500 again are donated to Ven. . Unlike others, they usually contra or they request LP to do this or do that but if the amulets are not taken up , everything is given back to LP. We in SaengThai make sure that we keep to our promise when we request any Ven. to make special amulets for our members. In Thai, this is what we call “sacca” , true to our words. In that way, all our collections when used by our members will always be filled with good merits and intention. Such amulets are worthy of collection because they are not made out of greed or profit. To be honest, we too are tired to always strive for funds to support temple but then again if we don’t help, how many people would. But we are glad that over the years our SaengThai members, new and old, have stood by us, helping us to complete many projects of wholesome intentions.

So coming back to our meed moh project, Ven. said many people have requested Ven. to make meed moh. Ven. has made some many many years ago. Ven. asked if we would like to also have meed moh. We brainstormed with Ven. and agreed to sponsor the whole cost. We have decided to offer only 20 sets to donors of 20 Ong Kathin at RM1,000 each this coming Kathina Ceremony at Wat DonYaiPeuan this 30th October 2011.

Venerable discussing about his new meed moh at his kuti.

Only the 1st and the last piece is our new meed moh project. The piece in the middle is Venerable’s early batches of meed moh. Keep reading over the next few days on this meed moh project. More information on the ingredients to make the blade and detailed photos of each meed moh.