Meed Mor Ven. LP Ser, Wat DonYaiPeuan (Updated 18th Aug 2011)

This 3 months pansa, Venerable will be very busy because on top of his busy schedules attending to visitors, conducting rituals, supervising the Bot building and usual everyday affairs. Ven. is making Meed Mor, Phra Somdej Phrokbo and BiaGae. This posting is only on Meed Mor.

When we talked about meed mor, Ven. LP Doem always comes to our mind first. In fact, Ven. was the very first one that made meed mor so popular. Ven. studied the arts from Ven. LP Roong. There are many great Teachers that has made meed mor famous eg. Ven. LP Thim, Ven. LP Koay, Ven. LP ThongThao and Ven. LP Mee to name a few. And now to come Ven. LP Ser of Wat DonYaiPeuan. Of course some will agree and some won’t. It doesn’t really matter because it just a matter of opinion. I said so because I believe and I have seen Ven. with his amazing feats in healing both illnesses and spiritual matters.

Yes, many may desire to collect a Ven. LP Doem meed mor, but Ven. isn’t here now for you to collect from him. To me it is always special to collect from LP’s hands. One feels more confident when using such especially when it comes to meed mor. Plus, how many are willing to invest RM10,000-RM30,000 for a Ven. LP Doem meed mor. Not so much of whether one can afford it or not but more importantly do you know how to identify when you see one. Nowadays in Thailand all the LP Doem meed mor look-alike are so real!

Below is a video showing how Venerable help a man to find-out his cause of pain. LP just used a bamboo meedmor. This is not the first time I witnessed Ven. cure people with this meedmor. I am always amazed with Ven. abilities. (to be uploaded soon)

To enhance this new meed mor’s energies, SaengThai donated a very old meed mor made of samrit to Ven. LP Ser. It has incredulous energies. Quite some time ago, our Thai counterpart have offered many thousand to us to secure this old meed mor to be blended into their meed mors too! Though heavy hearted to give it up but it was a right thing to do. From just one piece now we can have 20 pieces of meed mors that have the same incredulous energies.

So far we will be melting:

1. Sacred old samrit meed mor

2. Lek nam pi metal. A sacred metal that by itself, it has Buddhakhoon of many kinds.

3. Nails from the top of a Bot building. Bot is a building that many important and holy ceremonies are conducted in itself. Therefore every materials in the bot have Buddhakhoon energies.

4. Nails from coffin wood from 7 temples . Such nails are known to keep the spirits in the coffin wood. So it is important to use such nails to be melted into the blade as a meed mor is commonly used to exorcist bad spirits.

5. Metals from the top of a Chedi.

1 set of meed mor contains 2 sizes, 4 inches and 1 inch in lenght (lenght of blade). Therefore the whole meed mor is definitely longer than 4 or 1 inch. The 4″ meed mor’s handle is made from deer horn and sheath is made from wood. While the 1″ meed mor is made from ivory, it is also called ” Meed Mor Sarika “. Below are the samples of how the end finishing should look like (except for the blade cos metals mentioned above have yet to be melted to produce the blade).

Photos of 4″ Meed Mor

Photos of 1″ Meed Mor Sarika

What is the purpose of meed mor?

Though commonly known for it’s ability to protect against:

1. bad spirits

2. black magic

3. dangers

4. people with ill-thoughts or ill-intentions (Chinese call them ‘Xiao Ren’)

But little does people know that meed mor when enclosed in its sheath, gives Metta Mahalap (Luck and Loving Kindness). Actually the sheath represents Yoni (She) and the blade represents Paladklid (He). And when both Yin and Yang are in harmony together, all good things are possible. Meed mor will also enhance the bearer with energies of Amnat (Superiority), so if people wants to harm you or bully you or even robbers if they want to rob you. They will have to think twice!

This is a photo of Khong Kathin. This year for every sponsor RM1,000 or THB10,000 Khong Kathin will be given a set of Meed Mor. Only limited to 20 sets.

This meed mor project is indeed very wholesome because the funds from this sponsorship will go into the Bot funds and not to mention that we initiated this project without greed or profit. Just like our usual practise, not only do we sponsor the cost of it. All proceeds will go into the Bot funds. So like we have always say:

1. Jaedthana dee – good intentions

2. Puthaphisek dee – officiated in Kathina ceremony

3. Khun dee – all parties including Ven. LP Ser, the benefactors of SaengThai and all the 20 sponsors come together for one single purpose, raising funds for Bot Wat DonYaiPeuan.

4. Khong dee – an auspicious and strong meed mor

So we advise all readers and the members of SaengThai to not forgo this opportunity to get a set of meed mor from Ven. LP Ser during such an auspicious occasion like Kathina Ceremony.

Katha Meed Mor Ven. LP Ser Wat DonYaiPeuan

Namo Tassa Bhagawato Arahato Sammasambuddhassa (x3)

Put thang arathananeng

Thammang arathananeng

Sangkhang arathananeng

Satgasak wakchirawutthang

Yakmatsak Naiyanawutthang

Arawakatsak Thuksawutthang

Wessuwannasak Kathawutthang

Jatharowa Awutthanang

Aethasang Anukphawaenak

Sapphaeyakha Parayanti

Karphacao khor arathana Khun Phraputthachao Khun PhraThammakchao Khun PhraSongkhachao Khun Bida Lek Manda Kruba Archan Saksit ThangLai LP Thong LP Ser Thep Bakson.

Karphachao yak chai meed mor an nee, khor hai metta mahalap klaewklard kan pai prod pai lit antarai thang thang … (or any other wishes) gae dtua karphachao.

List of Khong Kathin Donors

1. Derrick Cheong & family 1 set———————————-RM1,000

2. Mr. Yeo & family 1 set——————————————-RM1,000

3. Ah Long (Peter)  & family 1 set——————————————RM1,000

4. Ling Chee Wah & family 1 set——————————————-RM1,000

5. Mr. Chan Wai Leong & Family (Australia) 1 set————————RM1,000

6. Mr. Stephen Foo Chek Meng 1 set————————————–RM1,000

7. Mr. William Chew 1 set—————————————————RM1,000

8. Mr. Khor 1 set————————————————————RM1,000

9. Mr. Yeo Boon Leong & Family 1 set————————————–RM1,000

10. Mr. Leslie Tan Kok Hwa & Family 1 set———————————RM1,000

11. Dr. Melvin 1 set———————————————————–RM1,000

12. Mr. Tan Seng Ghee & Mdm. Lau Geok Hwa 1 set———————–RM1,000

13. Mr. William Wong 1 set—————————————————RM1,000

14. Mr. Yap 1 set————————————————————-RM1,000

15. Ah Chok 1 set————————————————————-RM1,000

16. Ken Yap 1 set————————————————————–RM1,000

17. Mr.Danny Ding Ring Diong & Family 1 set——————————–RM1,000

18. Mr. William Chew (2nd donation) & Family 1 set————————-RM1,000

19. Mdm. Loo Chin Siew (Singapore) 1 set————————————RM1,000

20. Mavis Foo & family 1 set—————————————————RM1,000

Total                            RM20,000

We thank you all whom participated in this Kathina project of Ven. LP Ser Wat Donyaipeuan. May such bountiful merits brings you and family good health , happiness and prosperity always.