Papha Samakkhi for (robes donations) at Wat DonYaiPeuan 30th October 2011

Time flies and one year has gone, now we are busy with Kathina at Wat DonYaiPeuan on the 30th October 2011. Our earlier meedmoh project has managed to get RM20,000.

Last 2 years funds from this papha was channeled in to building of the Bot. Bot is the most important building structure in any temple. Because only in a Bot  holy ceremonies can be conducted. Like Ven. LP Ser of Wat DonYaiPeuan, men whom wishes to enter monkhood must be witnessed by Venerable first via an inducting holy ceremony together with their families and friends (photo below)

But because Wat DonYaiPeuan doesn’t have a Bot, Venerable has got to conduct the ceremony at a nearby temple. Puthaphisek of amulets should be done inside Bot too.

Therefore, we would like to encourage all Brothers and Sisters of Dhamma to support our Papha at Wat DonYaiPeuan. Because helping to build Bot earns very good Karma and merits.

This photo above was taken in March 2011 when Venerable was conducting a ceremony to officiate the site and lay foundation.

This photo was taken last August 2011 where the base was built.

This is PhraPakThan Buddha that was built and moulded in Wat DonYaiPeuan. The Bot will house this Buddha called PhraBuddhaSuwannaSetthi.

This is a photo from last year’s Papha Samakkhi and the photo below is when I was offering the Kathina money you all have donated to Venerable.

List of Donors:-

1. Tan Chin Hao———————————————————-RM150

2. Madam Yap————————————————————RM500

3. Kee Tek Hee———————————————————–RM150

4. Chan Wai Leong (Australia)——————————————-RM250

5. Tan Jet Koon & family—————————————————RM50

6. Wong Kok Wai & family————————————————-RM50

7. Billy Cheok Wei Ren—————————————————–RM50

8. Tan Ah Hoon————————————————————-RM50

9. Joseph Lee—————————————————————RM50

10. William Leong———————————————————-RM100

11. Mdm. Lau Shu Foo—————————————————–RM100

12. Mr. Chong Kim Loong————————————————–RM100

13. Mr. Ng Ah Chai——————————————————–RM300


15. MR TAN CHUAN KIAT & FAMILY—————————————-RM500

16. MS FAN YU YAN & FAMILY——————————————– RM100

17. MR PANG KENT YAN & FAMILY————————————— RM100

18.MR MICHAEL FOO KAH CHUAN—————————————- RM100

19. MR LIM CHIN CHEONG & MS MAY SOH——————————– RM100

20. MS TAY HON NAN & FAMILY—————————————— RM100

21. MR TAN SENG CHAI & FAMILY—————————————– RM100

22. MS TAN AI AI———————————————————- RM100

23. MR LEE WAI HONG & FAMILY——————————————— RM50

24. MS NICO TEH CHIN CHING & FAMILY———————————— RM50

25. MS WONG SOO PENG & FAMILY—————————————– RM50

26. MR LAI AH FON & FAMILY———————————————- RM50

27. MR NG HOCK CHUAN & FAMILY—————————————– RM50

28. MR LIM SOON LEE & FAMILY——————————————- RM50

29. MR NG KAI HOCK & FAMILY——————————————– RM50

30. MR TIEO GEE LEONG & FAMILY ——————————————RM50

31. MR ONG CHEW——————————————————– RM50


33. MR LYE WENG FATT & FAMILY—————————————— RM20

34. MS LEE BEE KHENG & FAMILY——————————————- RM20

35. MR RICKY POH BOON CHONG——————————————- RM20

36. MR LEE WEI MING—————————————————— RM20

37. Mr. Danny Lim———————————————————-RM100