Raising Building Refurbishment Funds for Wat PhiKulThong Buddhist Temple, Tumpat Kelantan


Phra Buddhalila Maha Mongkhol, one of the 3 Famous Luang Phor Yai(s) of Tumpat, Kelantan

When you are visiting Kelantan next, you mustn’t miss the three Luang Phor Yais ( Big Buddhas ) of Tumpat, Kelantan:

The Sleeping Buddha of Wat Pothiviharn, the name ‘Pothiviharn’ comes from the name of Bodhi (Tree). It is believe that the tree sapling comes from the original Bodhi Tree where Buddha achieved His Enlightment.


The Sitting Buddha of Wat Machimaram, the name ‘Machima’ means middle


and The Walking Buddha of Wat Phikulthong.

About Wat Phikulthong Vararam,

This temple is located at Kg. Terbok, 16200 Tumpat. It is one of the main temples in Kelantan and it is usually throngs with many visitors both tourist and local Siamese during major celebrations like, Wesak Day, Kathina or Loykratong. Last year the Thailand Network DhammaTv visited the Wat with monks and fellow devotees. This year in 2008, the Wat is conducting Kathina DiRaja on the 13th November. 1st time in Kelantan Thai Wat history, His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand chose to conduct Kathina Celebration in Kelantan Thai Wat. 

The present Chief Abbot is Ven. Than Chao Khun Eak present age 78 years old at year 2551(2008). He is the present 3rd Chief Monk of Wat Phikulthong Vararam, Tumpat, Kelantan and he is also the 4th Chief Monk of Kelantan to replaced late “Than Chao Khun Mit” Wat Uttamaram, Bangsek, Kelantan in year 2005. In the same year he was bestowed the title of “Datuk Diraja Ke-Empat” by the Sultan Of  Kelantan, a tradition  that denotes  respect in Buddhism. Ven. Than Chao Khun supervises 25 temples in Kelantan.
Ven. Than Chao Khun Eak’s  Buddhist name is Phra Vichanvuthikun. He enters novicehood at age of 17 and subsequently at the age of 20 enters monkhood. He has been practising since then till present. Ven. is a person of  perseverance, humbleness, discipline and patience. He learned under many great Teachers like L.Pho Sao and Luang Pho Daeng of Wat Phikulthong Vararam.
Luang Phor Sotorn, Wat Sotorn in Chachoengsao, Thailand and Luang Phor Yod in Wat Bupparam, Penang, Malaysia  are some of the famous Buddha ‘saksit’ that were revered by the masses. These Buddha ‘saksit’ and their effectiveness in granting wishes and blessings were known throughout the decades.

Little do people know that in the heart of Kelantan at Wat Phikulthong, there lies a Buddha ‘saksit’ too. Amazing and powerful it is, sincerely revered by the local Siamese villagers and those form afar.


About Buddha ‘saksit’ Luang Phor Na Dam

There isn’t much records on the origins of Luang Pho Na Dam but it is estimated at least a century years old.

As we heard: It was believed to be in the temple all this while but kept aside unnoticed. One day, the previous Chief Abbot, Phrakru Vithes Thammaphitaks, commonly known as Pothan Daeng has a dream. Luang Phor Na Dam appeared in Pothan Daeng’s dream telling Pothan Daeng to enshrine His Wooden Bucha properly.

After Pothan Daeng woken from his dream, he meditated upon it and realised it wasn’t a dream but rather an instruction from a divine being within the temple. Searching from his memory of his dream the location where Luang Phor Na Dam was sitting and true enough Pothan discovered a wooden statue, a  very old statue. Sensing His divinity and power, Pothan arranged a proper ceremony to invite Luang Phor Na Dam to occupy the temple’s main shrine.

Ever since then, Luang Phor Na Dam has always been revered by the lay disciples till now. The temple’s popularity grew with LP Na Dam’s presence.

There has been many amazing encounters villagers and others experience with LP Na Dam. This year it self, Luang Phor Na Dam exhibits his amazing power. Earlier this year, during night time when everything was peaceful and quiet suddenly a divine being woke Ven. Than Chao Khun Eak abruptly alarming Ven. that something is amiss. Ven. was surprised that he discovered thiefs stealing the Bucha of LP Na Dam. He raised his voice, alarming the other disciples and monks, the thiefs escaped upon the alarm without the Bucha. Now if you are visiting Luang Phor Na Dam at Wat Phikulthong, you will understand why it is caged up. 

Raising Building Restoration and Refurbishment Fund

This project have been on for about 6 months for now but the response haven’t been very encouraging. Therefore a lay disciple of Ven.Than Chao Khun Eak, Mr. Anthony Han have requested Luang Phor Na Dam to give permission to make rooplor (mini statue) of LP Na Dam Himself to masses to invite for His blessings and protection. Mr. Anthony Han of Kuala Lumpur will donate all this rooplor to Ven. Than Chao Khun Eak, therefore 100% of the rooplor proceeds will go to the charity funds above.

Rooplor Luang Phor Na Dam Roon Rak ( 1st Batch ) Wat Phikulthong.


Rooplor Special Batch. Nawa Lohak material.  Limited 99 pieces only. Every piece will have hand-written yant by Ven. Than Chao Khun Eak. Special batch fully booked.


Rooplor Common Batch. Make 999 pieces. Donations of RM 50 per rooplor. This batch is still available, donations of this batch will be direct to temple in Kelantan. For our Singaporeans counterpart, kindly proceed to PhraKru Udom DhammaVithet ( PhraKru Pian ) of Wat Uttamayanmuni Singapore.

This batch took quite some time to collect hand written yants and blessings from Ven. LPs all over Thailand and Kelantan, Malaysia. In addition, materials and amulets from ‘Chao Sua Tanabodhi Maha Setthi Ha Plang’ was also included to make this rooplor to enhance its energy and blessings.

View the Ven. LP(s) write yants for this rooplor. Click here!