Phra Pidta Phim Mi Hoo, Pothan Kron Wat BangSek

This Phra Pidta Phim Mi Hoo, is one of the most sought after Phra Pidta among amulet collectors. This phim is definitely not for an average collector due to its high value. Pothan’s Pidtas have earned His reputation well over the years because of the unique wicha/ knowledge and level of attainment of Pothan when consrecating them. To me, there can be many good Phra Pidtas but to find one that is lively and responsive (we call it saksit.) are very few.

There are many enquiries from my web regarding the authenticity of our collections. My only answer is, if from such clear photos I have uploaded for your screening but yet you can ask about the authenticity, it proves that this amulet is not for you because you don’t know anything about it or don’t even know how to tell a genuine from a duplicate. Most Malaysian and Singaporeans amulet collectors are very behind in terms of knowledge and experiences in identifying amulets. Mostly collecting based on hearsay. But when they are told that their genuine collections are doubtful, they lost their head!

I always say, don’t blame people. Blame yourself for being stupid and ignorant to learn for yourself if you are really keen with this hobby. Some even tell me, I ask Thai people but yet they couldn’t confirm if it is real! This is as good as saying” If all mothers are women then all women are mothers!” People with such mentality is a pity cos they have no ‘panya’ or wisdom. Shouldn’t collect amulets as a hobby, collect inexpensive ones are fine but if want to follow others collect high-end amulets but with low-end mentality then please save the trouble.

Do you all know, in recent year in Thailand, there was a SianPhra (amulet specialist), famous for Phra Somdej Wat Rakang collection sold a piece of proclaimed genuine Phra Somdej Wat Rakang for THB3,000,000 turns out to be a fake! So even those whom are real Thais that speaks real Thai falls for an old trick. Then who are you, whom don’t speak Thai asking for a Thai whom you have never met worst still don’t know him to verify a good amulet. Nowadays information is at ones’ fingertip, just google it and your answers are there. But how many of you have asked yourself the reliability of the information you obtained.

I can only sum up the amulets circle in a few words…” In the Kingdom of the Blinds, the One-Eyed is the King!”

Below photos are zoomed closer to reveal the body, substance and particles of this phim


Please call to enquire only if you are a serious and knows this phim well! Katha and instruction will only be given later.