10 Chandeliers (Light) of Perfections



This is the interior of Ubosot (Bot) ¬†Wat DonYaiPeuan. Few years ago we advised our members and friends to offer dana of RM1,000 to have their names of family members and their birth details to be written on a ‘paen duang’ or birth chart. So here it is, all filled up underneath the main Buddha image of the Ubosot.

Can you all see the chandeliers on the ceilings? There are 10 of them, we call it the 10 Chandeliers (Light) of Buddha’s Perfection. What is it?

The Ten Perfections of Lord Buddha

  1. Generosity (Dana)
  2. Morality (Sila)
  3. Renunciation (Nekkhamma)
  4. Wisdom (Panna)
  5. Effort (Viriya)
  6. Patience (Khanti)
  7. Truthfulness (Sacca)
  8. Determination (Adhitthana)
  9. Loving-Kindness (Metta)
  10. Equanimity (Upekha)

These are the 10 qualities of Perfection that Gautama The Buddha has to achieve over countless lifetimes before emerging victoriously as The Buddha of Supreme Enlightenment. The Goddess of Earth said that the barami of cultivating such great perfections over many lifetimes by Boddhisattva Gautama was likened to the water she wrung out of her long hair which drowned Mara and his armies like a mighty ocean.

This is also the same set of disciplines or qualitites that Lord Buddha professed that Buddhist practises in our everyday lives.

3 of this chandeliers have been booked and paid for, left with 7 still waiting for sponsors. It is THB50,000 per chandelier. Ven. LP shared with me that such dana can help to brighten up one’s prospect in life and also increases one’s Metta in attracting good benefactors that could help in time of need.

Those whom are interest to sponsor the remaining chandeliers, kindly call me, Derrick at 012 692 1233 or Whatsapp ID Pu Reusi Porgae or Wechat ID Porgae or LINE ID Porgae.

List of Sponsors

  1. Chan Wai Leong & Family ( Australia)————————————THB50,000
  2. Ding Feng Jay ( Departed) & Family————————————–RM1,000
  3. Taiwanese ( Ian Fay)———————————————————-THB50,000
  4. Maha Barami Somdej Rakang Thong Amulet Centre————–THB100,000
  5. Zac Lee Hun Phing & Family, Lee Tai Ooi & Chew Mei Syn——-THB500,000