What is a Duang?


This is what we call “Duang” in Thai, it actually means astrological chart. I will keep it simple so you will know how a little chart placed under a Buddha statue can help in what way.

All the 9 planets namely ;

  1. 7 real planets : Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Venus and
  2. 2 shadow planets : Rahu and Kethu

All the 9 planets define who we are and what Karmic forces will shape our destiny. Now only scientist accepts that this planetary movements or placements affects people’s lives on Earth but our Vedic Masters…the Master Rishis have long been advocating this since 5,000 years ago. So the planets represented by numbers are placed inside the chart that contains 12 boxes (except the middle 10′) or what we call bhavas.

Generally the 12 boxes or Bhavas represents…

1st Bhava represents SELF, general welfare & happiness, health, vitality, longevity,…etc

2nd Bhava represents accumulated MONEY MATTERS,  fortunes, ambition…etc

3rd Bhava represents SIBLINGS, courage, intellect, your communications…etc

4th Bhava represents your MOTHER, education, your mind and your immovable properties…etc

5th Bhava represents your CHILDREN, love life, luck with gambles..etc

6th Bhava represents ILLNESSES, emnities, financial misfortunes , litigations…etc

7th Bhava represents your SPOUSE or business partners…etc

8th Bhava represents DANGERS & misfortunes…etc

9th Bhava represents your FATHER, spirituality, wisdom…etc

10th Bhava represents your PROFESSION, recognition in society…etc

11th Bhava represents REGULAR INCOME, gains in life…etc

12th Bhava represents LOSSES & EXPENDITURES…etc

Therefore having the small chart with your astrological details, protected with blessing verses, meditated and blessed upon by a good Gaeji Acharn and places under an auspicious Buddha and very importantly the barami/merits/virtues of the sponsorship under an auspicious occasion for a deserving Venerated Monk. It can help to keep dangers or misfortunes at bay or reducing the magnitude of your losses or help improve on weak areas of your life by 2 factors:

  1. Ittirit factor or power factor.  The power of blessings, yants, mantras, meditation and rituals
  2. Boonyarit factor or meritorious factor . The power of the Buddha, His metta, His compassion, the meritorious effect from our sincere dana, the meritorious effect from donating to help built Ubosot, the meritorious effect from helping a deserving Venerated Monk whom is financially challenged doing his duty to propagate the Dhamma.

That is why I mentioned in my earlier posting, it is a rare opportunity to become one of the 108 Nak Setthi.

IMPORTANT : Please take note, there will be some people whom will tell me their birth particulars are  important secrets and cannot be simply revealed. Therefore for such people I will advise not to book the Special Phim, give the opportunity to others. If you don’t want to reveal your birth details but yet want to book the Special Phim, we will then put the astrological chart of the auspicious day or Buddha’s astrological chart but then again all that I have mentioned above is irrelevant then. Thank you.

I was just Whatsaaping with my dear friend Mr. Chan from Australia and he wants me to share what I shared with him to all readers on this platform…

It is not difficult to pay a good Archan or Venerable LP to make a takrut yant serm duang for us, it is just money. But as you all know if money can buy our way out of life’s difficulties then there will be no poor people or unlucky ones. The important difference is you are donating to Ven. LP Seua not buying this bucha. It is because you donate to Ven. LP Seua, Ven. LP gives you a souvenir in return to bless you and your family.

We can have the money to buy any takrut serm duang but not the barami of this opportunity to donate for Ubosot. Donating for Ubosot purposes is one of the highest in barami and virtues. According to Ven. LPu Sukh Kovito of Wat Pa’ PhromNimit in Sisaket, LPu said such barami last many lifetimes.

Don’t miss out this gem of opportunity!