Ven. LP Thuad arrived to Wat Buddha Jayanti



We were very happy that Ven. LP Thuad chose to arrive yesterday, Wan Kru (Teacher’s day). And today is Wan Phra (Holy Buddhist Day). We never expect to received it so early but of course when all is paid in due faith. I told my teacher, Founder of SaengThai that he chose a beautiful image of Ven. Thuad . Now we all awaits the image of Pothan Kron. There are many devotees that called up to sponsor some but we are still very short. Usually we would have just offered the image to temple but to be honest, this weak economic climate is affecting everybody including us but we still determine to help temples here and back in Thailand.

A big applause to the Commitee of Wat Buddha Jayanti and their advisor, this temple has much upgrades in recent year. Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!