Birthday Ceremony for Ven. LPu Sukh Kovito Wat Pa’ Phromnimit, Sisaket


Ven. LPu Sukh Kovito, taken 1st Oct you can see much water retention in him. Venerable has been getting in and out hospital lately.


Ven. LPu Kreung, Wat Sak Kamphaeng Yai, Sisaket. Ven. LPu Kreung is a very famous Gaeji Archan. Ven. LPu Sukh is his direct disciple.


The wall of Kruba Archan of Ven. LPu Sukh Kovito




“7 rob” or 7 cycles of 12 years. Ven. LPu is 84 years old. Beginning the day’s event with auspicious chantings and information of activities of the day. This event isn’t announced to all, only to villagers and close devotees because temple cannot accommodate too many of them. Anyway Ven. LPu has always been low profile but it was Ven. LPu’s devotees that wants a ceremony for Ven. LPu.


Ven. LPu arriving at temporary site where they keep cows…followers are accompanying rejoicing with Ven. LPu


Liberations of cows…9 of them. We believe liberating cow is a dana of high virtue. It isn’t cheap liberating cows but good dana especially for parent, wishing them good health and for sick people. Many devotees are very concern with Ven. LPu’s health. Ven. has been in and out very often and as at now high water retention and having difficulty to pass motion.



Ven. LPu blessing the cows are are being liberated.


Ven. LPu officiating the puthaphisek ceremoney. Consrecating 2 life size buchas and also rians.




Puthaphisek ground with the mastercraftsman with his workers moulding the life-size buchas on temple site together with the rians.



The another 4 Gaeji Archan invited to help invigorate the auspicious images with auspicious blessings and energies.






This is an aero-view of Wat Pa’Phromnimit. Temple site is on the right…can you see the roof..and also the Ubosot. While on the left is a big pond and a very high ground where they are building the biggest Chedi in Sisaket. That area was given by a Army General. Ven. LPu gave him a prediction that he will rose to rank but he actually didn’t believe because it is very unlikely he will. Ven. LPu kept quite, comment not more than it was necessary. He did rose to the position of General a year later, and he came again after assuming his official role with an entourage and offered the land with a proper ceremony. Those whom are interested can see those photos in the temple.