Pothan Kron life size bucha at Wat Buddha Jayanti, Kuala Lumpur


All this auspicious materials were donated by a SaengThai member whom wants to remain anonymous. A fervent collector and loyal follower of Pothan Kron Wat Bangsek;

  1. Special request hand write yants from Gaeji Archans from Pichit
  2. Special request hand write yants by Ven. LP Seua Wat DonYaiPeuan, Singhburi
  3. Many 1st batch “rooplor tree” from Ven. LPu Sukh Kovito Wat Pa’Phromnimit Sisaket (big puthaphisek)

These auspicious items were added into the brass liquids to enhance the energy of the bucha and also to make it potent of blessings!



This bucha isn’t just made to order. Chiet Abbot of Wat Uttamaram ( Bangsek), Pothan Boon has given his permission for us to proceed.lpkron6




Finally, we are very happy to have Pothan Kron’s life size bucha ready. Total cost of making is THB170,000 not inclusive of transportation. From Bangkok to Hadyai is THB15,000 and Hadyai to Wat Buddha Jayanti Kuala Lumpur is RM1,200.

Some other people whom have chipped into this dana ;

  1. Stephen Foo—————————–RM2,250
  2. Tan Ghee Seng————————–THB10,000
  3. Darren Hor Khee Wah——————RM50

The earlier Singaporean whom said he wants to contribute half of the cost, disappeared. So we take it that he isn’t keen. It was a tough project but SaengThai made it, we are very happy to offer Pothan Kron life size bucha for fellow devotees in Kuala Lumpur especially to pay their respect and dedicate their offerings, as we all know Pothan Kron is saksit or sacred.


All whom are keen to visit Pothan Kron in Wat Buddha Jayanti Kuala Lumpur, may do so starting from tomorrow 22nd December 2016.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish SaengThai founder and his family best wishes. And also others whom have contributed their sincerity.  May they be blessed with good health, happiness and prosperity.