Barami of Kruba Archans

Let me start this year 2017’s 1st pos by wishing all my readers, “HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017! May all of you be well and happy. May all of you be free from enmities and dangers. May all attains success and their wishes.”

I also like to say thank you all all my Teachers, Kru Yai Petchalukan, Ven. LP Thong LP Seua Thep Akson Phor Kap Wat DonYaiPeuan, Ven. LPu Sukh Kovito Wat Pa’ Phromnimit, Founder of SaengThai, the Owner of the following Pothan Kron scriptures and formulas, Pothan ChaoKhun Wat Bangsek, Kru Mo Siput, Porgae Pleuan, Porgae NoraThong, Archan Phrachuap Samnak KhaoOr, Archan Manit Sg Golok and many more that has taught me, for the Iife I had to this day in 2017 and giving another lease of life to confront the challenges in 2017.

I also want to be thankful to all my Teachers abovementioned and by their baramis, I was able to learn from scriptures of one of Pothan Kron’s close disciple (the Archan had passed away years ago). However this family wants to remain anonymous, so I will not mention any names. These formula books were very strange, attempts to show you all the bigger photo failed, without apparent reasons. No matter how I load ┬áit, doesn’t show (other photos was uploaded without problems) . I wanted to highlight a bigger photo because one may see the texture and conditions of how old the books were. It only allow a portion to be shown.


Look at the age of this formulas or in Thai, tamras.


I have been following this family for 3 years now, until when the Archan appeared in my dream again lately that I have decided to contact them again. It was the barami of SaengThai Founder that I knew them.

I have known many amulet traders but never one like SaengThai founder whom have close relations with Bangsek villagers, every piece to him, he can remember the history, the background and the miracles that accompanies with it (Just like the piece on the left, posted earlier.) We are not affiliated with others, please never believe when you hear people say they are with us. While some claim they are affiliated with us, some will outright despise us saying that we deal with fakes (only to come and collect from us from the back, such traders don’t want you to know where they get their amulets from.). I have met many hypocrites along the years in this circle. Anyway, let’s forget such and comeback to the topic.

I am indeed very lucky because other than being given the opportunity to study the scriptures and formulas. I was also given Pothan Kron’s kesa (hair) to be revered, to always receive Pothan’s blessings. The Archan has written a note saying that he has kept the kesa since 2500 (1957), he has informed all his descendants to keep it well together with Pothan Kron’s belonging (Pothan Kron’s kesa photo below). I have always kept bits and pieces of Pothan’s chivon with me, I now keep them together for veneration.