My Sincere Apologies

“Those whom are interested, kindly call me, Derrick at 012 692 1233 or Whatsapp ID Pu Reusi Porgae or Wechat ID Porgae or LINE ID Porgae. Thank you”

Honestly it didn’t strike my mind that setting up these social media on another phone will create another ID (it was obvious, now that I thought about it). My tab crashed and my current Samsung went into Safe Mode (tried many ways, still cldn’t get rid of it!). Even though I reinstall Whatsapp and didnt appear…only LINE did.

Thank you to Jason from Singapore and Lau Hui Leong from Oman. Time passed very fast for me here..though it happened in October last year…but life kept rolling by.

So please at the moment only sms or call 6012 692 1233 0r Whatsapp ID Derryck.KnightFrank. Thank you very much.