Ven. LPu Sukh Kovito, a rare gem!

Ven. LPu Sukh Kovito though getting in and out of hospital much over this past two years but it doesn’t deter Reverend from his meditation. Ven. LPu has been through numerous surgeries big and small to date, his body is frail.  This is a photo of Reverend meditating towards the Ubosot. If Reverend’s body can muster all his might to walk to this spot, you will see him there every morning. If you observe on the left hand corner, you will observe that Reverend uses a walking aid. I have seen and have also assisted Reverend, it can be a great task for him .


Sometimes it’s hard to tell if one is really kind or just making use of Ven. LPu Sukh, actually the site where Wat  Pa’ is has been an abandon land for sometime. The “ChaoTi” or earth guardian spirits there are so strong that even for agricultural use, nothing planted was a success. Land there was worth nothing.  So one owners whom had lands there came out with a brilliant idea, donate a piece of land there to Ven. LPu to built temple. Its not a sizeable piece of land and of odd shape. News reached the ears of the villagers, knowing Ven. LPu would need to acquire the land there to built temple. Price escalated. Not many people or monks dare to practise there because the land is filled with many angry spirits.

Photo : Ven. LPu was very active during the building of temple from land tilling to construction. Ven. LPu will supervise under hot sun.

Photo : Ven. LPu will spend as much time as with the monks that contributes their labor for the construction. The Sanghas which refrains themselves partaking meals after noon, such hard labor isn’t easy. Ven. LPu will stay with them as much as possible under the sun even eating with them in the open.

Ven. LPu is filled with compassion, knowing that it’s an uphill task but yet Reverend accepted it . To cut the long story short, today Wat Pa’ with Ven. LPu’s compassion and earnest practise has turned out to be a beautiful temple with greens and herbal plants. It is all possible because Reverend kept dedicating merits and metta to the angry spirits and the strong earth guardian.

Here I want to share with all of you here, Ven. LPu takes at heart the project he has. Reverend will meditate on your efforts to help him achieve such and dedicate metta to you. Let’s come together to help Ven. LPu to built kutis and toilets. Good Gaeji or Sanghas that are attained are getting few…lesser and lesser, take this opportunity to make merit with Ven. LPs Sukh.