“TadWaen YudKamm” or Cut-off your Karmic Debtors, Stop your Karmas!


I have been wanting to introduce this Archan to all whom are interested in Dhamma, especially in the subject of Kamma. Her name is Archan Jen Yantip. She has been popular and much sought after in recent years in Thailand. What is she famous for? “TRUAD KAMM!” Truad Kamm means checking your kammas. ¬†Those whom have been to visit Ven. LP Seua Wat DonPhaiYai (DonYaiPeuan) would probaly knew that Reverend has celestial eye. Ven. LP Seua can see many things (if Reverend chooses to)and one of them is your residence from afar. This Archan Jen too is gifted with the ability to see your immediate, past and future Kammas. Her ability and its authenticity has been debated and proven over the years.

Why do I highlight this Archan? It is because I want to share some of her Dhamma she shared or have taught to all of you, my dear readers. She reminds me very much of my teacher Archan Phrachuap Khongler Samnak KhaoOr in Pattalung, though they are gifted and popular, they practise and uphold the Dhamma . They are humble and polite. She doesn’t belief in propagating kathas, wichas or amulets. Archan Jen guide people whom are suffering especially from illness that couldn’t be cured easily by dissecting their Kammas. While some cured but many aren’t because Archan Jen can only guide you and tell you what she sees in her vision but only you can decide if you want to put in the effort. Just like the old saying goes, “If you are hungry but I eat, you are not going to be full.”

Unfortunately, all her videos and books don’t have in English but for the benefit of those whom can understand Thai language. Do listen to her.

One of the thing she mentioned about us still suffering despite doing good was because we are not addressing the right Karmic Debtor. In one of her videos, this Thai lady study and working in Australia as a chef, suddenly fell sick. Her leg just got swollen…for no reason. So she did like any logical person would do, see a doctor. She has done all sort of test, doctors couldn’t find any wrong with her. Till she had to stop work and go back to Thailand. Even when she was in Thailand, she visited all the relevant doctors she could reach. As you all know, if we are to purposely find fault with our body, it could really be anything. And in her case despite whatever the diagnosis, whatever the drugs she had to take, she isn’t being cured. To cut the long story short, when Archan Jen saw her, Archan Jen asked if she lived in a home where pigs were reared? She said yes, when she was young, her family sell pigs to be slaughtered and that was how she was raised through the years. Archan Jen said she was troubled with 2 kammas, one was the above called Kamm Phao Phan, though she didn’t participate in the rearing and selling but she benefited indirectly. So her pain can be addressed directly by performing danas and transfer merits directly to the pigs. However her second kamma was abit too heavy, Archan Jen asked if she is single still and have many broken hearts, some even very bad experience. She acknowledged. Apparently in her last life, she poisoned the wife of his lover. The wife died of slow death, so in this life she is destined to suffer pain and have to take drugs regularly and she too has to suffer in loneliness because of her sin in breaking the 3rd precept…kamesumichacara¬†… Archan Jen’s suggestion is that she has to acknowledge her kamma that she has done (if she believes) and transfer merit to this woman she killed and ask for forgiveness. It is her own responsibility to perform such regularly. Please take note, while she could have liberate lives of animals of many kinds but yet it could not have solved her problem because her heavy kamma in killing the woman.

I dont mean to ask you to go see her and get yourself diagnosed but I mean to stress that Archan Jen always suggest us to practise our chantings and meditation regularly to solve such problems and over the years she has been appearing on TV programs, there are those whom have seek her out and practised as per her suggestion and some have healed. I will translate important messages from her books , some of her method and approach in meditation and chantings. In my opinion, what she has to share and teach is very relevant for the betterment of our lives. Too many people make too many assumptions about Thai amulets and wichas. Too many amulet traders teaches the wrong principles only to bind and to blind their collectors. If we can practise like how she suggest, I am sure it will complement our hobby of amulet collection and appreciation.

Archan Jen Yantip dedicates her life to the Dhamma, she doesn’t take payment for her consultation. She has a large base of followers where she does dana eg temple buildings or helping the needy.