Sincere Enquiries from a Doctor…Is It Real (amulets)…Is It Necessary?

My problem is believing. Putting expectation that things will be good if u got this or that amulet. 

One doesn’t need to believe in Thai amulets even if you are a Buddhist. It is a very personal thing. But we need to believe in the Buddha and the Dhamma. Buddha has never said that wearing an amulet can make things better.

Putting expectation that things will be good if you got this or that amulet, in my opinion it is human nature. We human always hope for the better isn’t it, irregardless if its about amulets or not.  Imagine if all Doctors said we will not live past midnite and we have nothing else on earth to ever hope for, we will die for sure. Whether it is Thai amulet or not, we will always have expectations.

I only have one neck. How do I know which is better than the other. So many types, so many functions.

This too is very personal. Some people mistaken hobbies or likings for necessities. But it is their neck, they can hang all they want. But I have always said,

Ittirit…loses to Boonyarit…..loses to Kammarit…

One can wear many amulets but will lose to one whom practises virtues and meritorious danas. But even good Buddhist whom practises virtues and meritorious danas is at the mercy of bad karmas coming to fruition.

How do I know which is better than the other?  I seldom will say, “Is this amulet good for me?” . It should be am I good enough for this amulet. Because most of you will look at amulet as an end product or thing (you are not wrong) but it is an extension of Buddha’s barami or Reverend Luang Phor’s barami. Such barami combined with a person’s conduct can actually help soften one’s unwholesome karmic retribution from current or the past. The higher or better the Reverend’s practise is the better his barami.

There are many approach to this answer because it can get very technical many don’t know. One may,

  1. Collect by preference in terms of kind of amulets eg. Phra Somdej,,Phra KhunPaen…etc
  2. Collect by preference of the Gaeji Archan or LuangPhor
  3. Collect by objective eg. general auspicious purposes or specific protection from arms or other dangers
  4. Collect by preference of temple eg Wat Rakhang or Wat Sotorn
  5. Collect by specific occasion or puthaphisek eg. Saoha collections or large puthaphisek that has 2,500 Gaeji Archan from allover Thailand participating example 2500 Sattawat
  6. Collect in accordance to Astroamulet.

Is is real? Is it necessary? 

I believe the question is referring to the miracles or so-called powers of the amulets. Yes and No!

Yes, if you believe in it and No if you don’t.

But can it do the impossible? Just look at Thailand’ ex-PM, Thaksin. If amulets have such power to grant the impossible like the genie in the sacred lamp/bottle. He would have still remained the PM and living comfortably in Thailand. The question isn’t about whether it can deliver miracles. The question is about your definition of a miracle, don’t listen to amulet traders’ impossible stories and their miracles. To me even waking up tomorrow, is a miracle. We take too much things for granted.

Is it necessary? No, amulets are not necessary for us to practise to be a good Buddhist. We need only Sila (morality), Samadhi (concentration) and Panna (wisdom). This is the amulet you should wear or adopt as a Buddhist…in yr heart. Then again life should be learn theoretically but lived practically…put your right hand over your chest and ask yourself sincerely, do you have the right Sila, Samadhi and Panna now in your practise as a Buddhist or has it always only been an aspiration (to practise) only to be renewed again the as next New Year Resolution. So that is why some of us like amulets, we hang them over our neck and say a little prayer. It makes us feel that we are closer to the Triple Gem and reminds of of our practise.

Take a look at the trees around us. The bark of a tree is likened to an amulet that helps to protect and strengthen the core (the aspiring Buddhist) in its growth cycle.

What is Astroamulet?

If you believe that planets namely; Sun, Mercury, Venus, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the two shadow planets Rahu and Kethu, shapes our destiny and influence our daily lives. We can derive from the chart, our potential, problems and see what is suitable from there. Let me give you an example,

In the above chart, Mr. Amulet Thai is born a Taurus (Lagna) with Mars (Ma) and Moon (Mo) in conjuction. That means though he is down to earth, he is short tempered or impulsive (due to Mars influence) and emotional or fickle-minded (due to Moon’s influence). I would advise him to wear an amulet made from earth or can be powder or herbs (due to Taurus belonging to earth) too. And preferably an image of Buddha in samadhi position or even Saturday Buddha (Phra Nagphrok) because a person’s mental being impulsive, short-tempered, emotional and fickle-minded can only be overcome with strong samadhi (concentration) and mindfulness energies/qualities emanating from such amulets. If for an image of Reverend Luang Phor, will preferably a Gaeji Archan from the past especially from the meditation lineage eg Ven. Chao Khun Nor, Ven. LPu Kasem, Ven. Ac Mun…etc because such Teachers’ barami has a strong influence in anchoring a person defilements. His 2nd house is occupied by Saturn (Sa), that would mean he is a person whom is worrisome or lacked happiness. He could be troubled with family issues (own family). As 2nd house is the House of Income, it shows that he is regularly affected by his own financial issues. Earnings are unstable and if he runs a business on credit, chances are that he will have difficulty even collecting money. So if this person comes for advise, I will recommend that he wears a Phra Nagphrok (a representation of Saturn) which also has image of Buddha in deep meditation plus a guardian Naga protecting Him in challenging times.

We all want to know about our karmas, if you know how to read the chart above. Saturn is The Karmic Reaper, he will indicate to you in this life you got to watch out for what. In the example chart above. He will face karmic retribution in areas of;

  1. family or real estate/immovable properties
  2. accidents, deaths, bankruptcy, black magic or spiritual problems
  3. failure, accomplishing work but no reward, friends that will give problems

Such will indicate that an amulet with Buddha’s image made by a good Gaeji Archan, known for their high barami would help to soften such impact in the event it materializes.

The Astroamulets example above in a mock up, it doesn’t indicate a real person. The findings are generalized just to show u how to identify which amulet is important to you. In actual practise we study the entire chart all the effective significators and how it affect you and decides from there.

This chart above will illustrate to you why some of you experienced that once a upon a time, that particular amulet you are wearing seem so efficacy but now when you need it most. It was like it is broken or became irresponsive.

The chart on the left is his original birth chart whereas the one on the right is the current day chart. You may see that most of the planets moved, that is why our life is always changing. So what works before , may seem to not work now ( but it has nothing to do with the amulet unless you didn’t take good care of it ). These are the effects of the planets.

This chart will show you why at a certain time in our life, we are affected mainly by the issues the planets signify. For example in year 2017, this gentleman will be affected by Jupiter (Ju) from major period 2009 until 2022 and Venus minor period from 27th Jan 2017 till 27th Sept 2019. So let’s say Jupiter signifies his business, in year 2009 till 2022. Much issues regarding his business will be of importance during these period. If Jupiter isn’t well placed in his life, chances are that it will be a period of struggle. And the minor period will show which year the problems gets more serious, indifference or better.

Because the enquiries was raised by a doctor, I believe he will be more receptacle to some kind of scientific explanations ( to me astrology is science). Hope my sharing helps.