Katha Tawai Porn Phra 8 Bot (The Magical 8 Verses Incantation of The Buddha’s Blessing)

I am sure those whom knew me well, would agree that I usually advocate one to chant Pahung much. They always ask why. In my opinion it is because the contents of the chant is very suited to laities or household people. It is very suitable to the current society, competitive and selfish. This is a very effective and important katha, so important that many LPs that I knew and white Archan uses this katha for many purposes. That is how important and efficacious this verses are. For example Ven. LP Seua has the ability to bathe away your enemies, winning them over by the power of Metta, subduing their arrogance and defensiveness. Ven. LP too uses this katha for such. I have personal experiences using this katha for different applications and it has proven to be very effective. My karawat Archan in Sg. Golok, Archan Manit would chant the abbreviation; Pa Ma Nak Uk Ka Sa Nan Duk repeatedly in a single breath then swallow saliva at end of breath. Archan Manit does it 3 times before he retires for the evening. He taught me to do the same, he said it is for good health.

Personally I like to wear Phra KhunPaen from Wat YaiChaiMongkhun or Wat BangKrang because it is made by King Naret the Great and also blessed by his Teacher Phra Somdej Panaret. Just as Phrakatha Jinnabanchon was important to making of Phra Somdej Wat Rakhang by Somdej Phrabuddhacharn Toh Phrommarangsi, Phrakatha Tawai Porn Phra 8 Bot a.k.a Pahung was important to the making of Phra KhunPaen of those days by King Naret and Somdej Panaret. The Phra KhunPaen above was discovered in recent years at Wat Ambhawan.

I know there are many information about this katha on the internet but mostly are general translation from the Pali and its meaning. What I am about to share with you is personal teachings from Phra Archan Somjit from Wat NoyNangHong, a famous Gaeji Archan that has passed away since 2537. Phra Archan was also very famous in Singapore those days. One of Thailand’s famous male actor name Soraphong Chatree (photo below) was his disciple. I will reveal the formula here as I believe this is beneficial to everyone whom can practise this Katha.

Mr. Soraphong receiving a Hoon Kru Yai Petchalukan from his Teacher, Phra Archan Somjit

Katha Tawai Porn Phra 8 Bot a.k.a Pahung (The Magical Incantations¬†of the 8 Verses Of Buddha’s Blessing) and its potential.

  1. Pahungsahassak…meditate upon this verse for protection against enemies, braves oneself to struggle against adversity or adversary, make holy water to relieve black magic or exorcism or chase bad spirits away.
  2. Maratirae… meditate upon this verse to bless herbs (oral intake) to enhance its healing properties, to bless healing oil (external applications) of any kind, to make holy water for speedy recovery.
  3. Nalakiring… meditate upon this verse for protection against beast or ferocious animals or to protect against bad spirit harming us/causing illness/inflicting pain when we enter the jungle.
  4. Ukkhittakghak…meditate upon this verse for auspiciousness or to make holy water to wash face in the morning and to protect black magic of sorts.
  5. Katavana…meditate upon this verse to make holy water to relieve love potion kind of black magic.
  6. SakcangViha…meditate upon this verse to enhance winning attributes in legal suits/lawsuits.
  7. ¬†Nando…meditate upon this verse to ward off venomous animals or reptiles and to dispel or cure of its venom. A good example that I came to hear from Archan Phrachuab Samnak KhaoOr himself was that his Jathukram amulet made from herbs had once prevented death of the bearer when he was bitten by a poisonous snake in deep jungle. The bearer broke its the amulet casing, chewed upon the amulet and applied onto his wound. He survived and made it out the jungle 2 days later. Usually a person will die in less than an hour after bitten by that kind of snake.
  8. Dukkahatitthik…meditate upon this verse to dispel bad spirits or prevent illnesses from spreading.