Kathina 2017, Ven. LP Seua Wat DonPhaiYai(DonYaiPeuan)

Best wishes to all my readers. Thank you for those of you whom always call or send me their regards. Many have asked when will I feature my next amulet  or next topic. I have been busy of late (anyways I have always been busy). Though of recent years I seldom write about donation drive for Ven. LP Seua of Wat DonPhaiYai (DonYaiPeuan) that doesn’t mean we stopped supporting Ven. LP Seua. In Kuala Lumpur, it is challenging financially and economically so me and my teacher would like to give our participating members a break.

However we were pleased and surprised though when one of our fellow member invited Ven. LP Seua down recently on his own capacity. Over a period of 9 days, everyone helped to raise almost RM100,000 . Ven. LP Seua has been getting very popular in KL these days, many flocked over to visit Ven. LP .

This is a set of 9 small Phra Nagphrok (solid gold, solid silver…etc), only make 100 sets. It is to commemorate the officiating of Ubosot Wat DonPhai Yai at year end but can collect after this Kathina already. One set is THB7,000, those whom are keen to collect can contact me. As at last Friday, 70% booked.

Just in case you are wondering what is written there ” khor chern ruam tamboon sang jong phra nag phrok roon neung ti la reuk ngan pid thong fang luk ni mit!” It says, all are welcome to participate to make merits by booking Phra Nagphrok 1st batch to commemorate the occasion of officiating opening of Ubosot by laying the sacred “luk nimit” stone spheres.


Coming back to Phra Nagphrok, it represents Saturday and it is rule by the Lord Saturn which is also called Sanischara in India. Both in Vedic astrology and in Western Lord Saturn is much feared of. Because He is a karaka, or indicator, of  misery, sorrow, death, discipline, restriction,  delays and disappointments.  Lord Saturn is also the Lord of Karmas, He will test us and push us to our limits, he will either break you or make you. If all of you can remember the chapter where Mara was trying to oust Bodhisattva Guatama from his meditative seat refraining Him from attaining Supreme Enlightenment. The Lord of Naga/Snake came to coil up and protect Bodhisattva Gautama and shield Him from averse condition. If only Bodhisattva Gautama lacked determination and discipline, Lord Saturn in the form of Mara would have ruled and Buddha would have never been born. When we are under the astrological influence of Lord Saturn, it is a time we must practise great restraint and discipline otherwise the punishment can be hefty.

That is the symbolical meaning on why we should make reverence to Phra Nagphrok or wear them. So by the barami of the Buddha, we may weather through our toughest challenge in life. It is believed that offering prayers to Phra Nagphrok especially on Saturdays, is said to mitigate the hardships one will have to face during these periods. and Lord Saturn will bestows all benefits to the devotees who pray sincerely to him.

I love intelligent questions. Amulet collectors asked me what to do with small amulets as such. Let me share with you and give you some ideas. Some can keep it to put in into your favorite amulet, usually at  the back be it locket amulet or traditional powdered amulet form or make them into a chain. All the 9 pieces of Phra Nagphrok symbolize different things for example the 9 planets namely Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Mars, Moon, Venus, Sun, Rahu and Ketu. Or it can also repressent Ak Sang Vik Su Lo Bhu Sak Puk Phak ( The 9 qualities of Lord Buddha). In fact, like the chain of Phra Nagphroks here, if u specially made them into necklace with gold/silver, its fantastic. Or for some whom loves to wear them on the outside, see below.

With such designs, it doesn’t too small but just the right size suitable for both men and women. In fact some will add diamonds or precious gems of their choice with it. Such designs upon the look of it , it elevates a person’s status because it has style…and of course much gold…therefore status. Hope you like the sharings.

At this point in time, Ven. LP Seua needs funds for year end Ubosot officiating ceremony, rebuilding of Kuti (LP Seua) and rebuilding of toilets (currently).

These photos were taken today at 2pm Malaysian time, Ven. LP Seua is always supervising this building activities. As I can remember, this toilets cost temple THB500,000 to built.

So do perform your Kathina dana, anywhere you wish to participate but important we do. Afterall the best way to eliminate sufferings is by doing wholesome danas at the right channels.

Participants for 30 sets of Phra Nagphrok (THB7000/RM1,000 per set)

  1. Alex & Ivy————————-10sets—————–RM10,000
  2. Mr. William————————3 sets—————–RM3,000
  3. Mr. Shun Cheng——————3 sets—————–RM3,000
  4. Mr. Fan C.S.————————1 set——————RM1,000
  5. Ms. Tee P.L.————————1 set——————RM1,000
  6. Ah Lee Maluri———————1 set——————RM1,000
  7. Ah Tan——————————1 set——————RM1,000
  8. Lim Ma Lian & Lee Ang ( In memory of)—-1set–RM1,000
  9. Robby Chandra & Family (Indonesia)—6sets—-RM6,000
  10. Chan W.L & family (Australia)—-1set—————RM1,000
  11.  C.K. Ng & family———1 set————————–RM1,000
  12.  Derrich Tian & family—-1set————————-RM1,000

Sadhu to all the participants whom supports Ven. LP Seua, Wat DonPhaiYai (DonYaiPeuan) building projects or Kathina 2017. May All be healthy and wealthy always.