Phra Sam Mae by Ven. LPu Sukh, Wat Pa’ Phromnimit , Sisaket

This amulet is what we call ” Phra Sam Mae (The 3 Goddesses)”, In front is the image of Ven. LPu Sukh. It has 3 colors, Reddish Brown, White and Yellow. Every piece is a mixture of Pong Buddhakhoon, kesa (Ven. LPu Sukh’s hair) and raw precious stones and semi-precious stone. It has undergone more than 3 times puthaphisek.

At the back is the image of the 3 Goddesses; Mae PhoSop or the Mother of Grain/Seed , Mae Toranee or the Mother of Earth/Land and Mae Khungka or the Mother of Water.

  • Mae PhoSop, the Mother of Grains/Seeds applicable to both harvest in agricultural and progeny in animals or humans. She promotes healthy growth, fertility and ability to prosper in the enviroment.
  • Mae Toranee, the Mother of Earth/Land. She bestows and gives blessing with regards to land , earth or solid matters.
  • Mae Khungka, the Mother of Water. She bestows and gives blessing with regards to water, earth, river, sea or fluid/liquid matters.

I am sure all my readers can relate how important the contribution of the three Mothers in agricultural sense. It is as important as it is for all that we do because;

  • whatever we aim to do, we want to get the highest achievements or success. Ideas/efforts/thoughts/plans are seeds of success.
  • unless we alone live in in space, we will definitely meet people, buildings, walk on roads. We are matters, solid matters.
  • Even in very high technologies, communication (programming) is vital. What more are we humans living in a fast pace society, living life among people. Communication is vital, effective communications defines success. Communication is fluid.


Phra Sam Mae optimizes our luck factors, Metta, progressive blessings in our life and career and also protection in every sense.

Recently a Reverend Abbot from Pichit gave back few hundreds pieces of Phra Sam Mae to Wat Pa’ Phromnimit to help raise building funds for Ven. LPu Sukh Kovito. Those whom are interested to collect can contact me at 012 692 1233. We are giving them out at THB1,000 per piece, all proceeds will be given to Ven. LP Sukh.

Katha for Phra Sam Mae will be provided upon collection.