From Samnak Song DonYaiPeuan to Wat DonPhaiYai

GONG XI FA CAI to all my readers. This website has been treated from the earlier virus problems, now just cleaning up the the unwanted text eg Viagra…etc :DDDD

Let have a little flashback from 2011 till recent 2018 from Wat DonPhaiYai

Piti wang Silalerk 6th March 2554 (2011). Ceremony for laying foundation stone.

Astrological birth chart of Ubosot

This is taken during the recent Fang Luk Nimit (Officiating of Ubosot) ceremony 29th December 2017 to 6th January 2018

This shot was taken at night after Fang Luk Nimit ceremony. It was a beautiful starry night. No Photoshop editting.

This shot was taken by Luang Phi Chan Ananlayo during a beautiful sunset at Wat DonPhaiYai.

Alot of Thai people said Ven. LP Seua completed the Ubosot very quickly. Me and Reverend was just having a casual conversation that alot of people didn’t knew how tough it was to find the building funds as economy in Malaysia and Thailand wasn’t doing very well. I personally witnessed that Reverend had to persevere despite the tiredness and headache to attend to all the visitors seeking to consult with Reverend whether it is in Malaysia or Taiwan.

Here I would like to express my gratitude again to all our SaengThai members and regular donors/sponsors from other countries like Ian Fay, Chan WL, Robby Chandra…etc. to help built Ubosot Wat DonPhaiYai. Like Ven. LPu Sukh Kovito Wat Pa’ Phromnimit said to me, the barami that comes from helping to built an Ubosot last many lifetimes. I wish all of you the best wishes and may the Triple Gem, Ven. LP Thong LP Seua Thep Akson bless and protect you all always.