BiaGae (last batch) Ven. LP Seua Wat DonPhaiYai (updated)

It is not ready yet, still in the process of making. There has been many request after the batch we sponsored few years ago ran out, after which even the 1st batch ran out subsequently. Many people came back with very good feed back on its efficacy, may it be luck, dispelling misfortunes or black magic. Some even said it was better than Phor Jatukram amulets (I begged to defer, its different and also alot of Jatukram amulets were fake or too commercial). Pi Somchai told me one day, he had his LP Seua Biagae attached to his car keys as usual, he was stopped by traffic police whom had set up a barrier to investigate all cars passing by. Though he didn’t violate any law but the friendly traffic police kept talking to him and asking about his biagae. The police said he sensed a great aura and vibration coming from it, he kept pestering Pi Somchai to give it to him and didnt allow him to leave. In fact, he kept begging to give it to him. Knowing he cannot escape his fate, he relentlessly gave in. Weeks later, a policeman came to temple to pay his respect to Ven. LP Seua (never came before) and offered Sanghadana to Reverend. He shared with Ven. LP Seua, that Than’s biagae saved his life in a open shootout. He survived the bullets despite obviously shooting at him. Anyway Ven. LP Seua’s amulets and kreung-rang (non Buddha’s image eg takrut, biagae…etc) has always received many compliments when it comes to avoiding firearm dangers.

The 1st and the 2nd batch different was mercury, because it is difficult to get it and it is also expensive. When we heard that Ven. LP has very good formula for his biagae, we encouraged Ven. LP Seua to make them again in 2011 and we agreed to sponsor for them. This posting will share with you all readers why Ven. LP Seua biagae can be so effective.

The sacred items Ven. LP Seua put inside his biagae;

Ven. LP Seua together with Pi Saem went to Cha-Am to look for the shells


MaklamDtaNuu seeds. This is from ancient practise but it seems some Gaejik is also using them now, inserting into amulets and even paladklid. It has many inert potential energies may it be metta (loving-kindness), sanie (attractiveness), kunggraphan ( impenetratability by weapons) or even dispelling bad spirits.

Natural bee’s hive a.k.a Channarong. It was used as adhesive in early days, I am sure professional amulet collectors are aware that many famous Gaejik Archan in the olden days make amulets from Channarong. It itself has very good metta and mahalap.

Hand write yants of HuaJai Biagae

Adding Kradat Yants (paper yantras)

Mercury is an important element if we want to protect the wearer from negative infliction from bad forest spirits especially.

This article summary if from Sadhaguru
If you convert or transform mud into food, we call this agriculture. If you make food into flesh and bone, you call this digestion. If you make this flesh and bone into mud again, we call this cremation. These are all different technologies. Similarly, if you can make any substance or space into a divine reverberation, this is called consecration. There is a whole science of consecration. You can energize any object.But if you energize certain forms created out of certain material, in a certain way, they will become eternal forms.

One important material like this is mercury.

When we energize a substance, we want the densest possible material that we can find. Mercury is one of the densest possible substances and it is in liquid form – it is the only liquid metal. Once you energize this, it will remain the same way for ten, fifteen thousand years. If the right kind of situation is maintained, it may remain that way for a hundred thousand years.The idea and the science and technology behind this is that you create an energy form which will do something that you want to do for a long period of time.

It is because of this that most of the lingas are mercury-based.This is Indian alchemy and this is a way to energize any space. We have seen how for people who have taken solidified mercury forms into their homes, their health situation, their mental situations, even their economic situations, have changed phenomenally.

Indian systems of medicine like Ayurveda and Siddha Vaidya use mercury on a daily basis. Siddha Vaidya cannot operate without mercury. Mercury is the most essential ingredient in Siddha Vaidya and also in some Ayurvedic products. This practice has been on for thousands of years. Consumption of mercury is very much a part of yogic practice. We know what it does to the system. In India, you will see people wearing mercury balls around their neck. There are any number of people who have come out of very serious immunological diseases just by having a piece of solidified mercury on their body.

Sadhaguru said, “Everything on this planet, if you know how to use it, it will be for your wellbeing. If you do not know how to use it, it will be your poison. Today, I am alive and healthy only because of mercury. After I finished the Dhyanalinga consecration, my body was in such a broken condition. When I went to the United States and took a few blood tests, they diagnosed me with all kinds of bizarre diseases. They said, “You are a Blue Light Emergency. You should not get onto an airplane because you could die anytime.” But here I am, I have been flying and I am much more healthy than most people can imagine. I put in much more activity than a lot of people can ever do in a day.”

This will be the special phim, limited. Covered with lead.

The back of the special phim, all covered up.

While these are the standard phims, knitted with cotton strings, to be coated with black tree resin for another layer of protection.

This is a completed biagae waiting for Ven. LP Seua to consecrate and meditate upon to endow it with energies like luck, loving kindness, avoiding misfortunes, dispelling black magic and protection …etc .

As you can see here, the efficacy of Ven. LP Seua’s biagae is due to the fact that Reverend personally looks into the makings of them himself as compare to some temples where they source the ready made ones.

Katha and instruction of use will be given to collectors.

All 19 units of special phim have been taken by Maha Barami Somdej Rakhang Thong. The standard phims are going for RM100 per unit. Those whom are keen to collect standard phim please contact me.

Readers & Collectors Please take Note!

I have been asked is the lead covering just for beautification or does it serve a purpose?

Lead has been a popular choice of metals for olders Gaejik Archans to make takrut since those days even from Ven. LP Niam Wat Noi (Suphanburi) or a great Gaejik Archan close to our home, Kelantan, Pothan Lek Wat Ariyakiri . Other than the fact that it was cheap and easily available then. But a more important fact is that, it is considered as heavy metals.

Heavy metals are generally defined as metals with relatively high densities, atomic weights, or atomic numbers. Up to 96 out of the 118 known chemical elements; only mercury, lead and bismuth meet all the criteria of heavy metals. Such heavy metals are known to keep well, if not increasing the consecrated energies of yantras and tantras over years without receeding (we have a longtime SaengThai member whom collect antique amulets of Ven. LP Niam Wat Noi. These collections are more than 80years already. For a trained person, you can feel the Buddhakoon of the amulet or takruts right to your bones in your body.)

So it isn’t just for the beautification and protection of the shell but also to enhance its energy exponentially.

Those whom are interested kindly call me, sms or whatsapp me at 012 6921233 or 012 7335303.