Out Of The Physical Body Into the Astral Realm

This is a very interesting sharing recently over this TV talk show “Mai Cher Ya Lop Loo” (it means you need not believe but do not disrespect)

I post it here for the benefit of those whom can understand Thai but to summarize, this person above name Mr. Sukwat HongThong. Just an average Buddhist and had a professional career. Every night before he sleep, he will meditate before he retires to bed. He started in his early 20s. After meditating for some time he started to experience out of the body experience. However it is not the issue of such mysterious experiences that I would like to highlight here but in the interview, Khun Sukwat mentioned some interesting things…

  1. In this realm, other than humans and animal, please believe that there are also thevadas and spirits.
  2. A ghost spirit named Derm knew him of his ability, befriended him and lived with him for 2 years., Derm brought him to the realms of spirits, he then experienced that the merits earned from meditation practise, can be transferred to spirits whom are suffering by “krot nam”/ pouring water to dedicate.
  3. “Kamm mi jing”, karma exists do good begets good, doing bad begets bad.
  4. Sometimes we may struggle in our meditation practise but if we always invite our teachers barami and also dedicate metta to our teachers from time to time. We eventually will overcome the obstacles we face in our meditation and progress. He realized this in the trips he travelled to celestial levels, he always reach only a certain level but when he invite his barami from the Triple Gem and his teachers. He eventually was able to go further.
  5. Precepts are important, if we can observe our precepts. Our meditation will progress faster.

In my opinion, Khun Sukwat is telling the truth and neither did he exaggerated. Observation from my own practises and learning from Ven. LP Seua (because I believe Than has astral connections though Reverend will deny), the experiences that Khun Sukwat was sharing is very real. Khun Sukwat did say, his experiences was a result of regular and constant meditation. The right kind of meditation that stressed on mindfullness, awareness and concentration. It was also because he had sow the seed in past lives (which he was able to recall) and in this life he picked up where he left off the last life.