“Ai Khai” Dek Wat Chedi Rian Roon Raek 2526

If you ask any Thai if they know of Guman Thong, they will tell you yes they know. But if you ask them if they heard of “Ai Khai” the famous Guman, not every Thai would heard of him (but that was at least till the recent past few years). GumanThep Ai Khai Dek Wat Chedi is now famous all over Thailand because of social media . Dek Wat Chedi means the temple boy of Wat Chedi. If you want to know more about Ai Khai google for him, he is the most famous Guman Thep of the Southern region. His sacredness and responsiveness rings the bell of the Southern Thais for many decades already. No need to gauge if he is as good as what the TV or social media says. I always tell people to observe the amount of images of rooster before entering temple and inside temple, the amount of it tells that it is no joke. Ai Khai qualifies himself as the most saksit or sacred Guman Thep that answers your wishes, not since recent days…not recent years…not even decades but his history goes as long way back centuries.

Katha Gumanthep Ai Khai Dek Wat Chedi

Namo tassa…x3

Ik Thik Ik Thik Gumarn Khai Chedi Jak Maha Thero Laphak Lapha Bhawantumae