Rooplor LP Thong LP Seua Thep Aksorn (Tri-Thep) Wat DonPhaiYai

Rooplor Thep Aksorn, Thep Haeng Kwam Samret (Deity of Success)

Rooplor LP Thong

Rooplor LP Seua

All these silver rooplors above are not the final look of the rooplor. These are Mae Phims (the 1st mould to make the rest). That is why it looked rough and unpolish. The finished images of LP Thong LP Seua Thep Aksorn will be smooth and polished.

Just to show Ven. LP Seua luksit or followers this oncoming project. Ven. LP Seua is looking forward to it because 1st time Thep Aksorn is in the making. However it may take some time because times are slow, it will take me some time to raise RM50,000 for this project (for 19 sets of silver rooplor and 299 sets of thong thip/shinny copper). This project should help raise at least THB 1million for Ven. LP Seua’s building projects eg crematorium and Ven. LP Kuti.

Those whom are keen to help to share this project’s cost can contact me directly at 012 6921233 or 012 7335303.