GumanThong of Ven. LP Yaem Wat SamNgam (early batch)

This is one of the early batches of Guman Thong that my teacher invited from Ven. LP Yaem Wat SamNgam decades ago. Guman Thong of Ven. LP Yaem are considered Thep (those early batches that I came across). People’s saying about how effective Ven. LP Yaem’s Guman Thong when it comes to preventing house robbery, I believe is true from my own experience. The 1st house break-in I had many years ago was a good example. The robbers, 2 of them, took great trouble to saw off my front gate and maindoor steel gate, would have easily kicked down my wooden door but my neighbor alerted me by calling me saying that someone dashed out from my house. He asked if I kept anything in the house because the robbers freaked! I just smiled and said nothing.