Sow Your Merits and Reap Your Baramis with the Worthy Ones

The Triple Jewel (Buddha, Dhamma & Sanghas) is the rarest and all the material wealth in this world wouldn’t even match up to them, The Triple Jewel. In recent times, great Gaejik Archans whom are  practising in accordance to the footsteps our Lord Buddha is slowly but surely diminishing. It will be our loss shall such Gaejik Archans leaves us for higher realms one after another. The loss I am referring to is the opportunity to be able to make merit with a Worthy One.

Let me share with you briefly about an incident that happened during Buddha Gautama’s era. Then lived a young man from a rich family, because of being pampered by his parent from young till adolescent. He amounts up to nothing because of laziness. Even his wife left him for good. As he swindled away his wealth and became a pauper. Living in destitute. One day a group of robbers made used of him, convinced him that he could be rich again helping them to rob one of the wealthy person’s residence. Coined by his greed, he agreed to help them rob the residence. The robbers asked him to stand as a watch guard while they ransack for wealth inside the residence. They ran of with the loot leaving him behind stupidly standing as a watchguard. At last he was caught red handed for the crime and sentenced to death. On the day of his execution, Phra Arahant Mogallana had vision of the matter during his meditation in the morning. Compassion arose in him. Phra Arahant Mogallana said that though the man deserved to be punished but death punishment was too severe for stupidity he had commited. Afterall being a hopeless man all this while, he didn’t even have any determination to be any else than being lazy. It will be time soon for Phra Arahant Mogallana to partake his meal. Out of his compassion, Phra Arahant Mogallana transported himself via astral travel to the place of execution and appeared in front of the man. A girl the poor man once acquainted in his wealthy days showed up and request to feed the man before his death execution. Upon seeing the food prepared and also the monk near him. The poor man reflected that since he will die very soon, thinking that food for a dead body will serve little use than to offer it to the monk. He then requested to offer to the monk. Phra Arahant Mogallana received the dana and the poor man was executed to his death shortly after Phra Arahant partook his meal. Immediately after the execution, in his afterlife the poor man didn’t dropped to the lower realms or Hells of Avici but instead was granted permission into higher Brahma realms. There were many questions as to why the poor man was allowed to enter the higher Brahma realms when he hasn’t done good in his life except the ONLY once before his death (this case came to light and the villagers queried Lord Buddha. Lord replied to the villagers that it is true because of offering dana to a Worthy Sangha, even though it was only once but the virtue brings immeasurable merits.

The above lesson reminds me that Ven. LPu Sukh Kovito once told me, ” Offering to help a worthy Sangha built Ubosot, its merits can extend to many lifetimes!”

Below: Ven. Luang Pu Sukh Kovito, Wat Pa’ Phromviharn Pichit. This is where I got to know Ven. Luang Pu. Wat Pa’ Phromviharn. Ven. LPu is of meditation lineage. 

First time Reverend visited Malaysia about 5 years ago, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to look after and stay with Reverend.

Here Reverend agreed to teach me his formula to make herbal oil.

I have always love rendering my massage skill to Reverend, able to offer Reverend a less painful or tiring body. Other than massaging Reverend and helping to source for funds to help Reverend. I am afraid there isn’t much I can do.

Birthday Ceremony for Ven. LPu Sukh Kovito Wat Pa’ Phromnimit, Sisaket

Ven. LPu Sukh Kovito, a rare gem!

Miracles escaping from death calls!!!

Though Ven. LPu Sukh is a monk of few words, but Tahn smiles much. One can sense much, Tahn is always keeping his mind at present with great mindfulness and awareness. I was lucky to have the  opportunity to observe Tahn partake his meal when I was staying with Tahn at Sisaket, it was filled with much meditative qualities. I was overwhelmed.

We have been supporting Tahn for almost a decade now, from Pichit, Wat Pa’ Phromviharn till now in Sisaket, firstly Wat Suthepnimit and then now Wat Pa’ Phromnimit. Whenever Tahn finished building a temple, Tahn does not resume the position of Abbot but rather a resident monk only.

Last year Ven. LP Sukh asked if we can help to built Viharn. Reverend seldom ask unless necessary. Ven. LPu hope to raise THB1,000,000 to built the structure (not inclusive of internal furnishing eg doors or windows, electrical matters..etc). Ven. LPu said the structure is important, the rest if there’s additional funds, Tahn will add as building progress along.

The below are some photos of progress from foundation.

I told Ven. LPu that I used to receive requests to do bucha duang to overcome life’s adversity or obstacles. There is always such demand from my clients every now and then. Ven. LPu agreed on the condition that not too many and those sponsors must not be involved with serious unwholesome matters or illegal matters eg taking lives of others, robbing, involved with prostitution business or drugs…etc . I suggested to Ven. LPu that I request Tahn to make takrut bucha duang for 29 sponsors only. Each sponsor will sponsor THB30,000 for the Viharn building. I make a special request though for the benefit of all my sponsors…that Ven. LPu Sukh to keep the takrut bucha duang (with the sponsor’s name and birth details) with Tahn always and requested Tahn to dedicate metta n merits to all these 29 sponsors in Tahn’s daily practise eg. meditation and chantings until Tahn leaves us for higher realms. Tahn agreed.

I suggest all readers to consider very seriously not to let go of such rare opportunity because Ven. LP Sukh is a very good practising monk, Tahn is famous and well respected both Pichit and Sisaket. LIke I have always said before, in my opinion and observation why takrut bucha duang doesn’t always work because ONE CANNOT PAY A WELL ATTAINED MONK/GAEJIK ARCHAN TO BLESS AND MAKE GOOD HIS LIFE BECAUSE IN ORDER TO OVERCOME LIFE’S OBSTACLES AND ADVERSITY, ONE NEED’S TO EARN AND CULTIVATE BARAMIS NOT JUST MONEY. If it is that easy, many rich or wealthy people could have just pay their way through for a better life. You cannot just go to a famous Gaejik Archan and tell him to write a takrut bucha duang specially for you and however much it is that Reverend ask for, you can just pay.

Some may ask, “How can donating a Viharn, earns barami? and Why is it so important for a good and qualified Gaejik Archan to make and ploksek the takrut bucha duang?”

  1. This Viharn will be used frequently for wholesome activities like group meditation, sermons and daily chantings. All this activities helps generate baramis for those whom does it and also for those whom provides the facility to them. Furthermore this Wat Pa’ (forest temple) doesn’t have a Viharn. Ubosot, kuti, toilets, sala, viharn, kitchen and etc are basic buildings in a temple.
  2. Everything evolves from energy. To be able to store all this blessings (energies), one must be learned in wicha on how to write yants, yants that can store all these blessings and protective energies around your duang. Then this Gaejik must be qualified and proven to be able to infuse energies from himself into the yants . Venerable LPu Sukh has a good records of miracles of his abilities. Ven. LPu Sukh has agreed to allow the 29 sponsors to ride on his baramis (perfection). If we as the sponsors, we do good, all of us will benefit riding on Ven. LPu Sukh’s baramis, all can be better. However if we do bad, it will affect Ven. LPu Sukh’s baramis, it will not be good for Tahn. This is why takrut duang not all teachers are willing to do, they do not want to sacrifice their baramis unnecessarily. And that is why also Ven. LPu Sukh agreed to do ONLY for those whom are not into unwholesome trades eg drugs dealing, illegal matter and etc.


This is basically how it looks like from the inside.

It is about 9 inches by 5 inches

Copper plate as the basis of takrut

Rolled up, secured with strings and decorated with gold foil to enhance the look and energy.


  1. Ng Chee Keong———————THB30,000
  2. Yong Yoke Fong——————–THB30,000
  3. Ng Mee Fong———————–THB30,000
  4. Ng Shey Min————————THB30,000
  5. Ng Ryu Thean———————-THB30,000
  6. Joseph Lee Yoong Kim———  THB30,000
  7. Hayden Chan Hei Yeong———THB30,000
  8. Ho Koon Fah——————–     THB30,000
  9. Leu Jian How————————THB30,000
  10. Lee Wei Ming————————THB30,000
  11. Lee Ming Hoe————————THB30,000
  12. Daryl Ryder Lee———————THB30,000
  13. Darren Hor Kee Wah————– THB30,000
  14. Robby Chandra & family———-THB30,000
  15. Robby Chandra & family———-THB30,000
  16. Robby Chandra & family———-THB30,000
  17. Robby Chandra & family———-THB30,000
  18. Robby Chandra & family———-THB30,000
  19. Robby Chandra & family———-THB30,000
  20. Anonymous—————————THB30,000
  21. Anonymous—————————THB30,000
  22. Anonymous—————————THB30,000
  23. Novita Padmadiredja—————THB30,000
  24. Vintony Padmadiredja—————THB30,000
  25. Vandenny Padmadiredja———–THB30,000
  26. Logan Lioe—————————–THB30,000
  27. John Padmadiredja——————-THB30,000
  28. Amina Pandu Padmadiredja——–THB30,000
  29. Herlina Pandu Padmadiredja——-THB30,000
  30. Mudhita Padmadiredja—————THB30,000
  31. Tan Boon Seong————————THB30,000
  32. Zac Lee Hun Phing——————–THB30,000