Takrut Bucha Duang Ven. LP Sukh Kovito Wat Pa’Phromnimit

This above is an exact Takrut Bucha Duang but I erased the birth details and put a dummy’s name. Let me explain the components of yants in this takrut;

This is your astrological birth chart, written in accordance to ancient Vedic ways but in a Thai context.

Below your birth chart is Yant Maha Somphratana (Yantra of Ultimate Achievement of Aspirations). It basically means gathering positive energies and blessings to help you attain as you wish.

This is very important in Takrut Bucha Duang, this Yant is called Yant Nuun Duang (Yantra of Pushing Up/Supporting your Destiny/Luck). It acts like a spring that bounces up whenever it falls down, never let your destiny or luck slips down continuously.

And all the other koms (ancient writings), are the famous Kathas; Katha ChimPaLee and Katha Bucha Duang Chada. Made famous by Madam Mae Chee Boon Reun. It is very similar with Katha Phra Sivali, in its Luck element. Its a katha about maximizing one barami, when one’s barami increases so does his luck, money, happiness…etc. Potent with good luck factor, strong metta, auspicious in every matter..etc.

The other Katha, Katha Bucha Duang Chada is commonly used to be chanted to evade negative influences when our luck is down, to help one overcome dangerous period (generally) especially when our age is crossing over from 39 to 40 or 49 to 50, to promote auspiciousness in our destiny. Actually this katha was made famous by King Naret/ Somdej Phra Naresuan, given to him by his Teacher Phra Somdej Panaret of Wat Pha Kaew. As we all knew how Somdej Phra Naresuan was always victorious in his guerrilla battles. This Katha was also called Katha Pichai Songkram or Chant of Victorious Battle .

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