BiaGae Ven. LP Boon Wat Klang Bang Kaew (Updated)


Ven. LP Boon of Wat Klang Bang Kaew

What is BiaGae? Bia means money and Gae means to solve. I am sure many would know that in ancient times they don’t trade with currency notes like now but with gold, silver and etc. Shell too is used as some form of monetary exchange. But in my opinion, Ven. LP Boon of Wat Klang Bang Kaew refers biagae as something of great value that will help solve problems rather than just money. Though it is commony known as an amulet that helps avert danger, black magic or soccery or bad spirit. Little does one knew that biagae of Ven. LP Boon offers a very wide range of protections and blessings. From enhancing a persons luck to making holy water to cure illnesses. For someone to own a piece of Ven.’s LP Boon’s biagae is indeed a very meritorous person because Ven. LP Boon doesn’t make it for any other people but his deserving disciple monks whom disrobe to return to laity’s life. It was one way of Ven.’s great blessings to him by offerring him a sacred amulet that will help solve his problems pertaining to life.

Those days it isn’t easy to make one piece of biagae, let’s simply summarize…

  1. A good shell is picked.
  2. Enter into deep forest to lure or attract mercury. Those days mercury weren’t bought like now but are collected personally.
  3. Shell is filled up with treated mercury and sealed within by a kind of tree thick resin.
  4. Lead is prepared to wrapped up the shell. And when done, the Teacher will write yants all over it.
  5. Covered with another layer of Teacher’s chivon or robes.
  6. Then it will be knitted with fine ropes.
  7. When all is done, the Teacher will consrecate it and empower it with energy and inchantations until it rattles frantically by itself. Then only will the Teacher offer it to his disciple. 

Let me share a video clip on my recent amulet exhibition in Bangkok. Click here!

As you can see, there were many biagaes. I bet for those of you whom lack experience in examining one, you will be convinced that those were made by Ven. LP Boon Wat Klang Bang Kaew. Many so called monks that came to Klang Valley to look for suitable and greedy targets to sell those to them often get their biagaes in such avenue. They may get them for a couple of tens to hundred Ringgit Malaysia. The next article shows how much at current day does one piece of Ven. LP Boon’s biagae!

That’s about RM25,000. Therefore why is he giving it to you cheap when he could bring it back to Bangkok and get better value!


A suitable shell is chosen and filled with live mercury. Nowadays Teachers hardly collect the mercury themselves but are bought. That is why in my opinion, if you shake the new biagae as compare to those of good old ones like Ven. LP Boon’s it feels different. Maybe using live mercury as compared with commercial mercury is different and has effect on the effectiveness on the biagae.

Once filled up with mercury, it will be sealed at mouth by a kind of tree resin to prevent leakage. As you all know mercury can be toxic.





Did you see the chivon/robes? But not every piece contains them though. You must know every piece of biagae is different because it is hand made and only very few at one time. Well those days, deserving monks don’t robe and disrobe as they like. Anyway, Ven. LP Boon only give to those whom sincerely served the Buddha, Dhamma and Sanghas.

If we are ambigous, we will cut open the exterior to investigate like the photo (left). The age of string, chivon and lead or aloy. But most of our members don’t mind as long as they get 100% Ven. LP Boon’s biagae.

Ven. LP Boon doesn’t knit the ropes on the biagae, it was done by a man that is always in temple. When it is done, some will paint wood like tree resin or dip into thick black tree resin. That expalins why some are so smooth and shiny.




The biagae then will be wrapped with alloy/lead as shown above and Ven. LP Boon will hand write all the yants all over it. Lead/ alloy over many years should turn to be such color. For the benefit of all we will show the sample of yants commonly use by Ven. LP Boon when writing on biagae (shown below).

Below is an article from a biagae collection book. This page shows a few of our featured biagae phim. Biagae with thick rak/resin made by Ven. LP Boon like the one we had featured above. The one we had featured above is made in year 2470s, one of his earlier makings.

SaengThai is considered lucky because we know Ven. LP Boons’ descendants. 20 over years, we only managed to collect a few. This featured biagae was planted at the base of bucha together with this phayant, handwritten by Ven. LP Boon with pencil (see below) and Phra Chao Sua.


But then again, never believe all that I have written just like the chinese saying goes ” A florist always claim his/her flower’s the best and fragrant! “. Please use your panya.

Katha BiaGae Ven. LP Boon Wat Klang Bang Kaew

Namo tassa bhagawato arahato sammasambudhdhassa (x3)

Samadhi awhile to rest your mind and recollection them to one-pointedness. Then bring Ven. LP Boon to mind and chant,

Na Ma Bha Tha (x3)

Cha Bha Ka Sa (x3)

Ak Sik Sak Tik

Dha Nu Chay Wak

Sapphay Tay

A Wut Tha Ni Chak

Bhak Gak Bhak Kha

Wi Chun Na Ni

So Mang Ma May

Na Bhu Sa Bhu Ti.

Prepare nam mon (holy water) with this katha and BiaGae Ven. LP Boon. Place biagae and white lotus or any other flowers into the nam mon pot. Chant his katha over and over again or follow by the power of the day. The nam mon now is energize to heal or exorcise or for bath rituals. It has been mentioned before, for someone whom owns a real Ven. LP Boon’s biagae has one of the most important requisite to become mo or spiritual healer.

Other collection by Ven. LP Boon Wat Klang Bang Kaew.


Phra Saduklap BiaGae ( The Buddha of Inversion with BiaGae ) very rare.

This amulet is a rarity and valueable because not only it contains Ven. LP Boon’s BiaGae but also wrapped with Pong Cindamanee Jassawana. Ven. LP Boon is a master of not only BiaGae but Pong Cindamanee Jassawana and Phra Chao Sua. At its back was imprinted Phra Saduklap ( The Buddha of Inversion ), it was known to inverse negative energy especially directed purposely to harm the bearer. But Pong Cindamanee has many great positive influences, it was known as a celestial gift that encompasses the entire universe.

Reusi Porgae Ven. LP Boon Wat Klang Bang Kaew



This Master Reusi is made from Pong Cindamanee Jassawana with Pong Athan ( earth elements with guardians ).