Warnings! Beware!!!

There has been numerous websites or weblogs that have hijacked our amulet photos and claim that it’s theirs. It has been for quite awhile already. I thanked all our Singaporeans and fellow Malaysians readers for bringing this up earlier.

But just to clear the air, we, SaengThai has never been affiliated with anybody nor have we authorised anybody to do any trading on our behalf or represent us!

I always believe in Karma and I came across this car sticker one day that says…” If you do not believe in God, you better be RIGHT!”.

This is just one thing that I never really liked about the amulets’ circle…much bickering and dishonesty.

We have always warn readers and potential collectors to never make empty promises on amulets but yet from time to time we have such people running into us. It is not about us, we share about things that we like. We enjoy meeting good people.  We profile collectors during our first few meetings, so we know what to expect from you. We have met and dealt with all sorts of people. But we don’t like the idea that collectors run into trouble…spiritually. One of such collector that we knew passed away due to such just this year itself. When one ran into such problems, it is as bad as hurting oneself with black magic. Whatever you do, isn’t good, problems here and there. Pain here and there. Restless sleep. So please, beware. We believe in the sacredness of all our collections, so please handle with care.

Earlier posting on this subject , http://saengthai.org/?p=1523

Phra Somdej Wat Rakang Phim GaetBuaThum

This is Phim Neur Num ( soft looking )

This is Neur Kreng ( hard looking )

LP Sotorn 2497 5-7, 5-7 Phim Niyom

It’s difficult to get a sharp photo when it has been cased but this is the best I have for you. This this a popular LP Sotorn collection, in year 2497. But there’s many phim, so one must look carefully. This phim is called “Wong Waen” because the front image, the LP Sotorn image have a round circle on His chest, some are half circle. And this important distinction 5,7-5,7, some are 6,7-6,7. The 5,7-5,7 is phim niyom. We will not disclose the indicative reason of 5,7-5,7.

Maha Karunika Citta Dharani, Mantra of The Great Compassion

As my friend, Ian, travels to Nepal and Bodhagaya much. Last year I asked him if he came across The Compassionate Mantra in Sanskrit. In fact he said that one his Teacher, Reverend Guan Cheng, Abbot of International Buddhist Temple in Canada have printed them in CDs and prints for English reading people. It’s specially prepared for those whom cannot read Chinese but very keen to learn The Compassionate Mantra. I clarified with him if this version is accurate (because I bumped into 2 different Sanskrit versions in the past).  Ian shared with me earlier that I have misinterpreted his message. Ian said that Rev. Guan Cheng actually went for the Sanskrit  course in university for this mantra and got it checked by 3 Sanskrit scholars for the correct romantised version (not 3 temples as mentioned earlier. My apologies). In fact Ian shared that Rev. recommends it to be memorized by heart for the best results? ( Thank you, Ian for the proof reading and correcting my mistake.)

I though it was only me, because I learnt TCM before I chanted Phrakatha Jinnabanchon but in Chinese but somehow it didn’t feel right (not that I know Chinese). After various attempt, I didn’t pursue but I started with Jinnabanchon instead. Until when I was sharing with Ian, he too had similar problems in the past and it prompted him to search for the Sanskrit version. When he chanted it, it felt right  but was sick subsequently then recovered in weeks. TCM  ,like Jinnabanchon when chanted correctly will help churn out and expiate bad karmas but one must have the patience and determination to chant it through.

So those whom are interested in the audio file, kindly sent me an email. The explanation or introduction are available in both English and Cantonese. The chanting is in Sanskrit (clear reading pace).

May the merits accrued be dedicated to Rev. Guan Cheng of International Buddhist Temple, Canada and Ian Fay for providing this mantra for all whom are interested.

LP Na Dam bucha project of Wat Phikulthong Vararam, Tumpat, Kelantan

Wat Phikulthong Vararam, Tumpat, Kelantan is coming up with 2 projects to raise funds for their upcoming 9″ and 5″ LP Na Dam bucha in 2015. Please come together to help book these limited edition Phra Pidta and mini bucha LP Na Dam.

Above is the mould of this new coming 9″ LP Na Dam bucha. Made to look like the original LP Na Dam in temple.
Phra Pidta Phim Chalong Ayu 82, 2014

This Phra Pidta is made from an auspicious wood, 99 pieces only. This Phra Pidta was made 2 years ago and has gone through several consecration ceremonies and blessings over this 2 years. It participated in a mass consecration ceremony in Wat Ban Pen, Ayuthaya, last year during the auspicious Wan Saoha in 2012. Famous Venerable Gaeji Archan like :

1. Ven.  LP ThongPun ( Wat Ban Pen, Ayutthaya),

2. Ven. LP Nuam (Wat Po Sijaren, Suphanburi),

3. Ven.  LP Maha Surasak (Wat Prado, Ambhawa),

4. Ven. LP Chom (Wat Thamnak, PathumThani),

5. Ven. LP Nam (Wat Noi ChomPu, Suphanburi)

6. Ven. LP Sanoe (Wat Pongtakham, Amphur Prae),

7. Ven. LP In (Wat Kaklong Si, PathumThani),

8. Ven. LP Saat (Wat Khaokaew, Nakorn Sawan) and

9. Ven. LP Huan (Wat Puthaisawan, Ayutthaya) was invited for this occasion . Every piece of Phra Pidta will have Yant Mongkhun handwritten by Ven. CK Eak himself. Holy powder of LP Na Dam, bits of Ven.’s chivon and hair will be inserted into the base of every Phra Pidta. It is now ready for booking but will only be made available to collectors on the 14th April 2014, Ven. CK Eak’s 82nd birthday. This Phra Pidta is available at RM399, temple price. All funds generated from this Phra Pidta will be use for the upcoming LP Na Dam bucha project.

Famous Venerable monks from Ayutthaya.

Venerable Chao Khun Eak writing every Phra Pidta himself.

Mini LP Na Dam bucha 2013

This mini size LP Na Dam bucha is suitable for both to keep in the house or in the car. It comes with a plastic dome with the mini bucha firmly secured in it. LP Na Dam is a famous Buddha image in Kelantan known for its sacredness both in protection and blessings to individuals whom had great faith in LP. LP Na Dam’s bucha is very much sought after as the Buddhist in Kelantan especially, believed that LP Na Dam sacredness can help prevent calamities and secure home from burglary.

This mini bucha made only 999 pieces. It has undergone for consecration meditation and blessings by Ven. CK  Eak during the entire pansa period of 3 months in 2013. Old LP Na Dam holy powder was inserted into the body and sealed with a hand write yant at it’s bottom. It is available at RM119, temple price.

LP Na Dam holy powder

Holy powder of old LP Na Dam being put inside the mini bucha.

Handwrite yants being inserted inside the mini bucha.

Mini buchas are being sealed with plaster to keep the powder and yants inside.

Stuck firmly into the plastic dome provided by temple. The plastic dome has additional yants too!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity because the last round was also all taken up. Funds generated from this batch of mini buchas will also be contributed into making of LP Na Dam’s 9″ bucha, out next year. We Buddhist believe that helping to offer Buddha images for people to revere is a very noble and meritorious act. So please come together to raise funds to make this 9″ LP Na Dam project a success.

The contents was written by Phra Kru Vithes Thammaphithak, also known as Ven. LP Daeng, the previous Abbot of Wat Phikulthong.

The Katha for LP Na Dam:

Namo Tassa Bhagawato Arahato Sammasambuddhassa x3

Puddhang Klaewkhlad

Thammang Klaewkhlad

Sangkhang Klaewkhlad

PhraPuddhakchao, PhraThammakchao, PhraSangkhakchao

Jang Baht Itipiso Bhagawa

Puddhang Khum

Thammang Khum

Sangkhang Khum

Please sms or call for booking at 012-692 1233.

Phra Pidta Phim Mi Hoo, Pothan Kron Wat BangSek

This Phra Pidta Phim Mi Hoo, is one of the most sought after Phra Pidta among amulet collectors. This phim is definitely not for an average collector due to its high value. Pothan’s Pidtas have earned His reputation well over the years because of the unique wicha/ knowledge and level of attainment of Pothan when consrecating them. To me, there can be many good Phra Pidtas but to find one that is lively and responsive (we call it saksit.) are very few.

There are many enquiries from my web regarding the authenticity of our collections. My only answer is, if from such clear photos I have uploaded for your screening but yet you can ask about the authenticity, it proves that this amulet is not for you because you don’t know anything about it or don’t even know how to tell a genuine from a duplicate. Most Malaysian and Singaporeans amulet collectors are very behind in terms of knowledge and experiences in identifying amulets. Mostly collecting based on hearsay. But when they are told that their genuine collections are doubtful, they lost their head!

I always say, don’t blame people. Blame yourself for being stupid and ignorant to learn for yourself if you are really keen with this hobby. Some even tell me, I ask Thai people but yet they couldn’t confirm if it is real! This is as good as saying” If all mothers are women then all women are mothers!” People with such mentality is a pity cos they have no ‘panya’ or wisdom. Shouldn’t collect amulets as a hobby, collect inexpensive ones are fine but if want to follow others collect high-end amulets but with low-end mentality then please save the trouble.

Do you all know, in recent year in Thailand, there was a SianPhra (amulet specialist), famous for Phra Somdej Wat Rakang collection sold a piece of proclaimed genuine Phra Somdej Wat Rakang for THB3,000,000 turns out to be a fake! So even those whom are real Thais that speaks real Thai falls for an old trick. Then who are you, whom don’t speak Thai asking for a Thai whom you have never met worst still don’t know him to verify a good amulet. Nowadays information is at ones’ fingertip, just google it and your answers are there. But how many of you have asked yourself the reliability of the information you obtained.

I can only sum up the amulets circle in a few words…” In the Kingdom of the Blinds, the One-Eyed is the King!”

Below photos are zoomed closer to reveal the body, substance and particles of this phim


Please call to enquire only if you are a serious and knows this phim well! Katha and instruction will only be given later.

Locket Phra Chao Ha (5) Phra Ong, Ven. LP Ser Wat DonYaiPeuan

A set of Phra Chao Ha(5) Phra Ong

NA – PhraBuddha KuKukSanTho

MO – PhraBuddha KhoNaKhom

BUDH – PhraBuddha Kassapa

DHA – PhraBuddha Sakyamuni Khodomboromakru

YA – PhraBuddha SiAriyaMaeTrai

Phra Chao Ha Phra Ong or commonly called as Na Mo Budh Dha Ya. It is actually short mantra of the 5 Grand Buddhas, namely: PhraBuddha KuKukSantho, PhraBuddha KhoNaKom, PhraBuddha Kassapa, PhraBuddha Sakyamuni KhoDomBoRoMaKru (Buddha Siddartha Gautama, in our current lifetime) and Phra SiAriyaMaeTrai (the future Buddha). Maybe many may not be able to associate with this depiction image of Phra SiAriyaMaeTrai (especially the Chinese) but many will be familiar with this image of The Laughing Buddha or also commonly called as Mi Le Fo. They are the same (see Below).

It was mentioned before in some text regarding the PhraChao Ha Phra Ong, it is believed that those whom wears a image of this 5 Grand Buddhas or chant Na Mo Budh Dha Ya regularly will often be bestowed with much blessings and protections. In the earlier days of my learning kathas, I was told that Na Mo Budh Dha Ya ,itself can be used in many ways from protection against misfortunes or black magic to bringing business luck or Metta.

The Silver takrut with Yant Na Mo Budh Dha Ya (visible) at the back of locket is written with (riak sut). ‘Riak Sut means while writing the yant, one must be mindful and concentrate with the formation of lines, incorporating the yant with the necessary meanings and liveliness in energy. Here our yant Na Mo Budh Dha Ya,

Na Metta Mo Karuna Budh Pran Nee Dha Yin Dee Ya Ain Du, Sarapat Satru Wiknaksantik , It means by the power of virtues of loving kindness, compassion, empathy, forgiveness and generosity, may all your enemies be subdued or people whom are not corporative or trouble brewers be won over.

My teacher taught me to chant this katha and invoke PhraChao Ha Phra Ong for protection, it goes like this,

Na Nit Moun Phra Kukuksantho Khor Chong Ma Yu Ba Sai

(by the power of Na, may I invite Buddha Kukuksantho to be on my left)

Mo Nit Moun Phra Khonakom Khor Chong Ma Yu Ba Kwa

(by the power of Mo, may I invite Buddha Khonakom to be on my right)

Budh Nit Moun Phra Kassapa Khor Chong Ma Yu Na

(by the power of Budh, may I invite Buddha Kassapa to be at my front)

Dha Nit Moun Phra Sakyamuni Khodomboromakru Khor Chong Ma Yu Lang

(by the power of Dha, may I invite Buddha Sakyamuni to be at my behind)

Ya Nit Moun Phra Si Ariyamaetrai Khor Chong Ma Yu Kramom

(by the power of Ya, may I invite Buddha Si Ariyamaetrai to be on my crown of my head)

Khor Chong Ma Prassithi Hai Gae Kaphachao, Om Chaiya Chaiya Mongkhun Prassithimae Sawaha

I hereby invite and request to help me, to be successful in all my undertakings.)

More over this batch of lockets are blessed by Ven. LP Ser himself for the purpose of blessings those whom are sponsoring for the building of Bot. 30 sets only, RM1,000 per set.

List of Sponsors:-

1. Kajang Keong—————————————–1 set 1,000

2. Madam Yap——————————————–1 set 1,000

3. Shirley—————————————————2 sets 2,000

4. Ng C. K.—————————————————1 set 1,000

5. Ah Jai——————————————————1 set 1,000

6. Po Ling—————————————————-2 sets 2,000

7. Chan W. L. & family (Australia)————————-1 set 1,000

8. Robby Chandra & family ( Indonesia)——————1 set 1,000

9. Cheras Group———————————————-8 sets 8,000

10. Stephen Foo———————————————–5 sets 5,000

11. Alex Lim—————————————————–1 set 1,000

12. Ah Long—————————————————–2 sets (1,000 standard phim and 3,000 special phim)

13. William——————————————————1 sets 1,000

Total ———————————————————-27 sets RM29,000 ( balance 3 sets only)

Another dana from SaengThai to Ven. LP Ser Wat DonYaiPeuan

SaengThai donated another THB600,000 on top of what we raised RM105,200 last July when Ven. LP Ser was in our center in Kuala Lumpur. The RM105,200 was for roof works for the Bot, however Ven. found out that materials cost and labor charges have appreciated. So SaengThai decided to donated another THB600,000 to cover for the shortage. May members of SaengThai, its Founder and his family be blessed with good health, prosperity and happiness always.

Our member, Stephen also the owner of Maha Barami Somdej Rakang Thong Thai Amulet Center (Port Dickson) helped us to bring forth our donations to Ven. LP Ser on the 24th April 2013. Stephen has been inviting Ven. to his center for 2 years now and his collection of Ven. LP Ser’s amulets are from Venerable’s hands. He can be reached at 017-3963618.

This is a photo of him going ‘waikhru’ ceremony under Ven. LP Ser .

Phra Pidta Ven. LP Doem Wat Nong Pho

Phra Ven. LP Kaew Wat KeWan

This rooplor Phra LP Kaew Pranom Meur (hand in wai (hands praying) position) is a rare collection. Ven.’s Phra Pidta can be seen among Ven.’s fans but not this rooplor.