Chao Sua Tanabodhi Maha Setthi Ha Plang (Millionaire’s Amulets of Great Wealth and Five Power)

Chao Sua amulet was made famous by Ven. LP Boon of Wat Kangbangkeow decades ago. The name ‘Chao Sua’ in Teowchew means Wealth Mountain. It was named so because Ven. LP Boon made these amulets for the Teochews whom resides at this hilly areas of Nakhon Chaisi. As years goes by, the Teochews continued to support Wat Kangbangkeow by means of ‘tamboon’ or dana, not only their enterprise became more successful but eventually most of them became millionaires. Chao Sua Ven. LP Boon Wat Kangbangkeow now values more than RM10,000 a piece.

This Pim is called Chao Sua Tanabodhi Maha Setthi Ha Plang. Chao Sua = Wealth Mountain, Tanabodhi = Millionaire, Maha Setthi = Great Wealth and Ha Plang = 5 Powers.

The 5 Powers are referring to the Great Five Teachers:

1. Ven. LP Summyut of Wat Saithongprakthang

2. Ven. LP Selood of Wat Kuk Uthong

3. Ven. LP Thong Poon of Wat Ban Pen

4. Ven. LP Thong Dam of Wat Thamtapianthong

5. Ven. LP Boon Kert of Wat Khaodin

The Five Ven. LPs name have great meaning and symbol: Selood = Highest 16th theva, Thong Poon = Abundance of gold, Thong Dam = Black gold, Boon Kert = Good parami realising and Summyut = Achieving desired titile or promotion.

The Making of Chao Sua Tanabodhi Maha Setthi Ha Plang

Handwritten yants on copper, silver and gold foil.


These are hand-written yants by more than 2,500 Ven. LPs all over Thailand. All these yants are potent with energy or blessings of Mahalap and Maha Setthi.


Other old amulets and takruts are also added into the melting pot, mainly amulets from Ven. LP Moon of Wat Ban Chan, Sisaket (photo above).

Titanium rock and alloys.

Titanium rock could not melt even at melting point temperature! ‘Piti boon suang’ ceremony was held by the 5 Ven. LPs to seek forgiveness and permission to make Chao Sua. Strange enough! After the ceremony, the titanium rock was subsequently melted!

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