Ven. LP Ser, Wat Yai Phearm, Singhburi, coming to our centre 15th July-18th July 2010

The photo above is Ven. LP Ser (Tiger) of Wat Yai Phearm, Singhburi . Ven. is a disciple of Ven. LP Pae of Wat Phikunthong and also Pu Thong (the older Ven. behind Ven. LP Ser of the photo above). Pu Thong is very strict in practice and highly attained in meditation. Pu Thong is highly regarded and respected by Ven. LP Pae, when he was still alive.

Ven. LP Ser is highly acknowledged for his skills and attainments in ittirit eg. Kungaphan Chatree (invicibility of a warrior) and exorcism of bad and evil spirits to name a few. His popularity arosed when he subdued a collections of kathas that became alive and disruptive. Such strong energies were harming the surviving family members of a bomoh that have passed away. It was like the kathas were looking for a rightful owner, when Ven. LP Ser intervened the problems of the family by taming and subduing the power of the kathas. Everything returned to normalcy to the family members and the kathas were even more potent and beneficial under the practice and merits of Ven. LP Ser.

That is why Ven. LP Ser is famous for making takruts, enscribbing Yants Na-na Thong (Golden Face), enscribbing Yants on to the crown of the head, Saduk Krok rituals (alleviating dangers or death by karmic spirits), Ab Nam Mon (spiritual cleansing bath to get rid of bad luck) and also psychic attainments.

The purpose of our invitation is 2-fold;

  1. To render an opportunity for Ven. LP Ser to raise funds for his temple.
  2. To enable our members to visit a good and highly attained Teacher to receive his blessings.

All proceeds over the 4 days will be given to Ven. LP Ser, all members will witnessed the counting of collections on the last day in everybody’s presence  including Ven. LP Ser. Lastly we will join our hands to offer all the collections to Ven. and receive his blessings. This has been the practise of SaengThai since 1990.

Ven. LP Ser will;

  1. enscribe Yants Na-na Thong (Golden Face),
  2. enscribbing Yants on to the crown of the head,
  3. Saduk Krok rituals (alleviating dangers or death by karmic spirits) or Ab Nam Mon (spiritual cleansing bath to get rid of bad luck)
  4. Chanting at house or office or shop (regular members only)

We will not want to tire Ven. LP unnecessarily, therefore we advise members or interested publics to book your seats/turns in advance. We want to be organized and proper, therefore call early to avoid dissappointment. For further enquiries kindly call Derrick at 012-692 1233.