About Ven. LP Ser, Wat Don Yai Phearm


Ven. LP Ser (Thathip Dhammakwakro) was born on the 5th May 1951, Saturday, year of Rabbit. Ven. was born on Wan SaoHa. Born in Singhburi, Ven.’s father was Khun Nai Plap and his mother Khun Nai Lakong. Khun Nai Plap was a very well-known astrologer cum fortune reader in Singhburi at that time. Ven. is the eldest of the 3 siblings. Venerable inheritted his father’s astrology and fortune reading skills. Venerable became a novice monk under Ven. LP Pae of Wat Phikunthong and study Dhamma and practise under Ven. LP Pae. Ven. LP Ser studied under many well known teachers. Ven. received scriptures of practise of Ven. LP Pae, Ven. LP Si (LP Pae’s master) and also of Ven. Pu Thong in the cave Tham Chakjang. Ven. also studied Hoon-Yoon (spiritual guardian eg Hoon Pa Yon) wicha under Por Tao Oun in Nongkai. Ven. LP Ser built Wat Don Yai Phearm in 2535. The land originally belonged to Khun Nai Yai Phearm, who looks after Ven. LP Ser when he was young then. Khun Nai Yai Phearm then offered his land to Ven. LP Ser to further his practise. In Ven. ‘s temple lived 2 spirited tiger-guardians, mother and son. These tigers were faithful devotees of Ven. Pu Thong, they always venerate themselves to Ven. Pu Thong before they leave the cave Tham Chakjang and when Ven. Pu Thong practises in the cave, both of the tigers will watch him over. Though Ven. Pu Thong had passed away physically but we believed Ven. Pu Thong simply attained LokGuttara. Similar to Ven. LP Thep Udon whom are believed to be existing in our realm. Ven. Pu Thong has been Ven. LP Ser’s guardian and master till now, they both communicate with each other all the time.


The photo above shows the recent Wan SaoHa collections. Ven. LP Ser advised everyone to wear amulets consrecated on Wan SaoHa this year to boost up one’s luck factor. Not necessary from his collections but any good amulets that was consrecated on SaoHa this year.


Therefore for those whom are participating in the bath rituals, Ven. LP Ser will give a Rian Na Ser SaoHa 2553 (The tiger face metal amulet featured above.)

In conjuction with Ven. LP Ser’s visit to our center this 15th July to 18th July 2010. Ven. will make 99 pieces of Mai Tao Sak Thong specially for SaengThai only. This mai tao is about 6-8inches, body made from wood called Sak Thong. Sak means class or prestige or a class above. Thong means gold. The energy is well balanced for this mai tao, from enhancing one’s luck to giving protection. We don’t know, what will be the final cost but we estimate it to be not more than RM300. All proceeds to go to Ven. LP Ser.



Other collections that are available when Ven. is here are;





This is Phra Sivali Khao Sammabart Roon Puja Kru. Those whom are following Krubas like Ven. Kruba Noi or Ven. Kruba Aliyachart, will know that certain disciples of Buddhas enters into meditation retreat for days to weeks and some even to months, without food, drinks or even changing of postures. Ven. LP Kasem’s record was 40 over days! Such practise is called Khao Sammabart. Like Ven. Kruba Aliyachart,  their devotees/laities will come from all over Thailand, most with food ready to be served and other requisites when they know Ven. is about to exit Khao Sammabart. When Ven. Kruba open his eyes there’s an entire field of people waiting to offer him requisites. In Thailand they believe, the opportunity to offer their requisites to a monk whom practise the way of the Buddha as such, can yield much merits.


That is the meaning of the Phra Sivali Ven. LP Ser, for those whom wears this Phra Sivali Khao Sammabart will be bestowed with more than enough requisites of life. Plus the fact it is made in the shape of a water droplet, it meant to symbolise water, without water there can hardly be life. And water is just like metta, can diffuse mountains of fire if we knew how.


This Phra Sivali is made from Khao San Hin ( rice turned into stones ) grinded into powder form. It’s a lucky charm that symbolises eternal food.





The above is Phra Pu Reusi Phrom Thong, Phrom means the highest of the Thevadas and Thong means gold. The  wan/ herb materials are collected from India. This Pu Reusi can help bearer of this amulet to enhance their intuitions or six-sense. This Pu Reusi also bestow its bearer good luck and blessings.




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