Praya Jinjok Riak Sap

To my dear readers, my apologies again as I have been away recently to Thailand (again!) for about 10 days. I thank all of you whom are still keeping up with my postings. I am now currently writing on Ven. LP Ser’s visit to our center and also featuring some videos I took of him. Should be available soon for all to read about it.

In the meantime, let me share something interesting to fill you all up. I have been an avid collector for lizard with spilt tails, both real or amulet form, for many years now. For the real ones, there are many man-made splitted tails. Genuine splitted tails exist but rare.

The above is a photo of a dried real lizard with spillted tail. Most of the man-made tails are quite obvious to the naked eye because you can actually see the cutting that splits them. But the one above are real tails, not cut! Let me show you a closer photo of the tails below.

Hah!!! Look at the texture of each tails. Now the tails are real, lets inspect the head of the split.

Everything does look ok to the naked eye at this moment. Some may say that both the tail varies in color. True! But that doesn’t mean that it is man-made, not evident enough at least. Now lets see it under a strong light from the underneath.

Hah!!! It reveals much clearer now under light shone under! Can you see the cutting fine line??? Actually the tail is real but is made to attached to the main one, and done quite skillfully. Please do note that this photo has been enlarged for your viewing easiness therefore the actual specimen are even more difficult to detect. This one is of good handwork, I have to admit. Not easily detected. So my advise to those whom are looking for one;

  1. Inspect it under a good lens.
  2. Shine a good light from the underneath.
  3. Don’t take those that have been decorated with gold leaves, whatever the excuse/reason is.

But there are many good alternatives to such risk. The one below, in amulet form, Praya Jinjok Riak Sap is as good as the real ones (in my opinion). Among many that I have, I particularly like this one.

Look at the metals used to mould it. It is made from a combinations of many things and yants.



This one is made from Kala TaDiao or single eyed coconut shell. It is belief to be of MA A U or complete with all energies.

Katha for Praya JinJok Riak Sap

Namo tassa… x3

Na riak ngern

Mo riak thong

Budh riak khao

Dha riak khong

Yak lai ma ghong

Ngern lai nong

Thong lai ma

Metta udomchok sanieha Praya Jinjok

Riak khao ma (knock on it)

zhuk! zhuk! zhuk! zhuk! zhuk! (emulate the sound of lizard)

(then attithan/wish)

In Thailand, we believe that lizard generally brings luck, metta and sanie. It is very good for business and for salesperson in a selling profession.