Venerable Luang Phor Dam, Wat Mai (Naparam)’s PariNibanna

                                     ( 1941 – 2008 )

We would like to inform all Buddhist especially filial devotees or lay disciples of Ven. LP Dam, Wat Mai (Naparam), that Ven. LP Dam have passed away peacefully, 67 years of age, today at 2nd December 2008 at about 4 am in the morning. We have lost a great Teacher. Ven. LP Dam was a humble , compassionate and highly attained Teacher.

This photo was taken 18th October 2008 when we delivered Kathina 2008 Donations to Ven. LP. When we arrived Ven. LP was resting feeling unwell. His attendants advised us not to interupt him resting. Ven. LP asked to be assisted up upon hearing our arrival. The relationship between Ven. LP Dam and my teacher, Acharn Vicharn goes a long way back. Ven. LP smiled, greeted us and had a casual exchange. After handing over the donations, we collected the amulets we booked earlier. Ven. LP Dam offered to puthaphisek for the last time his last batch of amulets. To my asthonishment, Ven. LP Dam emanates great vibration and energy during the puthaphisek and meditation, something I haven’t seen before visiting Ven. LP. It was as if Ven. LP knew it was his last puthaphisek for us.

Katha MahaLap Venerable Luang Phor Dam, Wat Mai (Naparam)

Namo Tassa Bhagawato Arahato Sammasambudhassa (x3)

Buddhang Gaiathip Borisut Luang Phor Dam Manee Ma

Dhammang Gaiathip Borisut Luang Phor Dam Manee Ma

Sangkang Gaiathip Borisut Luang Phor Dam Manee Ma

Iti Puja Chakmaharaja Sapaksanieha Arahang Sammasambuddho Yatra Yamdee Sawadee Lapho Nak Mo Budh Dha Ya


Katha Ruay (Money)

Om Racha JakMahaRacha Khor Chong Ma Yu Nai Kra Bao Luklan Manee Ma,

Om Ruay Ruay Ruay.