Solid Gold Rian Ven. LP Klan 2469, Wat Prayat

This video (but in Thai) above will tell you about Ven. LP Klan Wat Prayat, a very famous Gaeji Archan in his time. I will not go in detail but I will share with you the most interesting point of Ven. LP Klan. Before Ven. LP finally settles down and become Abbot of Wat Prayat. LP was a forest monk. LP’s metta was so great that no animals will harm him and not only that Ven. LP Klan can communicate with the animals, in language that only Ven. LP will know. Ven. LP never tells anyone about his skill but we can tell you a fact that the natives in the village observed every morning when Reverend monks peddles in their boat down the river to receives alms donations. Many will rush to offer their alms to Ven. LP Klan, from afar they can identify which boat is Ven. LP Klan sits in because Ven. LP’s boat from afar they can see very obvious black colour on the deck of the boat. What it is?

It’s black crows, a group of 20 or 30 crows will always accompany Ven. LP, every morning. If Ven. LP Klan is invited to partake the alms food in-premise. Those crows will encircle above the premise which Ven. LP is in until Ven. LP finished and return to his boat. The crows will escort Ven. LP. The villagers will fill up the boat with fruits, crows are known to snatch at food/fruits when opportunity arises but with Ven. LP Klan. All the crows will behave. It is as if they understood the precept no. 2, one should refrain from taking what is not given. Before Ven. LP Klan partakes his food, Ven. will prepare crow’s food around him but non will fly and snatch their food and leave, not until when Ven. LP takes his first mouth. The crows will then gather around Ven. LP to take their food. It has been noticed many  a times that when the crows fight among themselves when eating with Ven. LP Klan. We dont know what Ven. LP Klan murmured to them, they will stop fighting and eat obediently. That is the miracles of this Gaeji Archan, ultimate metta!

Ven. LP Klan Wat Prayat is listed among the top Gaeji Archan in Thailand (which isn’t many) during his time and also present. This rian roon raek that I am featuring in this posting is considered one of top and precious medallion at national level, a national amulet treasure among the few.

Now coming back to amulet collections, those whom loves to collect hi-end collections will regconized this trio. The young man in the middle, Ah-Boy, is the so-called specialist in this amulet of Ven. LP Klan. Even him he said he has never seen solid gold rian of Ven. LP Klan (but he never denied its existence). But he said confirms there silver but attached with gold image of LP on top of the silver, we called this ngern-nar-thong. The silver will have to be made first, then the gold will be made and cut out the image of LP and fixed on the silver rian. You follow the video you will understand how it looks. Use your logic or common sense, if they can go through the trouble to prepare the gold rian and then cut out the LP’s image and affix on the silver rian. Wouldn’t they also make the gold rian? Ah-Boy also denied there was ever any silver colored rian, we called ngern-loong-yar.

Now this second video also features another sian phra but he said he isn’t as elite as Ah-Boy where he (Ah-Boy) can sell his rian for over a million Thai Bath. But he admits there is a solid gold rian of Ven. LP Klan and he says there’s silver coloured rian, ngern-loong-yar, the one featured above on the video above.

Now the question is who do you believe? Let’s not belittle anyone but use our logics and common sense. The two gentlemen above weren’t even born when the rian was made, so the so called facts was just their interpretation of their own findings. It wasn’t the absolute truth. So know your stuffs, learn the trade and about your favorite amulets. They too, did the same. So if our solid gold rian of Ven. LP Klan Wat Prayat has all the markings they both approved. Is it genuine? If our’s is fake so is theirs!

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