Phra Pidta KhunLap Phisek 2517 Pidta Jumbo Roon Raek LP Khoon, Wat Sak Kaew,Roon Sao Ha

Ven. LP Khoon, Wat Sak Kaew & Wat Ban Rai, Korat


Phra Pidta KhunLap Phisek 2517 Pidta Jumbo Roon Raek LP Khoon, Wat Sak Kaew,Roon Sao Ha


A Navy Chief Marshall, Prachum Wessvikboon’s subordinate, Manik, had a cigarette tinful of ‘pong’ holy powder of Wat Rakang, Wat In and many other famous temple in Thailand. One day, they seek of Khun Chesak Phomsawat, who happens to be a lay disciple of Ven. LP Khoon. They have intentions of donating the tinful of holy powder to a great Luang Phor to make Pidta amulet but do not know of any good Luang Phor. Khun Chesak then introduced his Teacher to him. In the year 2517, Ven. LP Khoon isn’t as well-known as Ven. is now. After much discussion among themselves, Khun Chesak asked Ven. LP for permission to consecrate a Pidta. Ven. LP Khoon gave the green light!

Phra Pidta KhunLap Phisek 2517 Pidta Jumbo Roon Raek LP Khoon, Wat Sak Kaew,Roon Sao Ha is considered the very first amulet Ven. LP hand-made by himself from begining to end. On top of the holy powder donated by Khun Prachum, Ven. LP added his own collection of powder consisting of ‘pong athan’, ‘pong saksit’ and his hair. Some of this amulets have takrut ‘thong-kam’ and ‘thak-thim’ or raw ruby. Thak-thim’s nickname is called ‘kin-boh-siang’ which means unlimited wealth and forever rich. It was made very limited in quantity, about 175 pieces only. The amulet mould was subsequently destroyed and thrown into the lake at Wat Sak Kaew. This batch is only found in the hands of Khun Prachum, Khun Chesak, Khun Nawee Chan, Khun Manik, Khun Nawee Manik, Khun Prakit Takhun and Khun Prakai Perk.

Ven. LP Khoon mixing the powder himself. Take note of this photo! Can you see the crusher is inverted?

Ven. LP Khoon is making the Pidta powder. Take note of the crusher! Inverted crusher?

Ven. LP Khoon pounding the mixture of powder with the crusher inverted!

Hmmmmm…maybe Ven. LP didn’t know how to use the crusher to pound mixture because Ven. LP doesn’t cook!

Ven. LP Khoon used the crusher as such purposely! It symbolises ‘Yod’ or highest order! By pounding the sacred mixture by the top of the crusher, it signifies that this Pidta is always TOP. Top in energy of Mahalap, top in Metta, top in Klaewkard, top in Kungkapan and top in Pokasap.

Ven. LP Khoon chose to make and poksek this Pidta on Wan Sao Ha. Wan Sao Ha is a very auspicious day in Thai Buddhist calender. An auspicious day that is hard to come by. It simply means the Saturday that falls on the 5th Lunar day on the 5th Lunar month. It marked ‘completeness’! Any amulets or buchas poksek on Wan Sao Ha is complete with all types of positive energy of the highest order, may it be Metta, Mahalap…everything! Ven. LP Khoon chanted and meditated this batch the whole night!

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This is a very rare batch/phim. Hard to comeby not mentioned to see only, therefore if you happened to find one, don’t miss such golden opportunity to own a great collection! Beware of copycats though!