Si-Hoo-Ha-Tha (Divine with Four Ears & Five Eyes)

Recently, there has been much enquiries about Si-Hoo-Ha-Tha. It is not something new but just that only recently it was being highlighted much. Many readers heard and read much about it from amulet traders which may have their own version. Let me share with you an excerpt from ‘the Art of Siam’ a beautiful non-amulet trading magazine that features beautiful people, artefacts, collectors’s phim niyom amulets, statuettes and others. Therefore their version has got no conflict of interest.

This article was published on their 1st issue on November 2008.


As the legend goes, Phra Indra was surveying from the heavens and spotted a hardworking farmer. He intrigues Phra Indra because though very hardworking, he lives from hand to mouth. And to make matters tougher, he have to look after his aged and weary mother. Phra Indra was overwelmed with compassion and decided to descend to earth to help the farmer. Phra In disguised as a fiery monster of 4 ears and 5 eyes (Si-hoo-ha-tha). Phra Indra decided to test the farmer’s endurance and compassion, so Phra Indra destroyed and ate all his harvest! The farmer was very angry, he apprehended Si-Hoo-Ha-Tha and tied him to a post. As he was attending to his mother, feeding her, the farmer took pity of Si-Hoo-Ha-Tha and offer the fiery monster food and warmth by burning charcoals. When he was done with his work and want to get done with Si-Hoo-Ha-Tha. He was shocked to see Si-Hoo-Ha-Tha eating the burning charcoals. He was more amazed to find this monster shitting GOLD NUGGETS!!!! And of course he became rich thereafter.

The Symbolic behind The Divine Si-Hoo-Ha-Tha

Four Ears, represents Metta, Karuna, Mudita and Upekha. Much misunderstanding and controversy in this world are caused mis-communication. For communication to concurr one speaks and the other listens. As the Chinese sayings goes, “One speaks without any intentions but the other listened with intentions!”, sometimes people misintepret the things we say and the results could be disastrous, may it be at work or relationship.


Metta meaning universal love

Karuna meaning compassionate

Mudita meaning “sympathetic joy” or “happiness at another’s success in life.”

Upekha meaning equanimity or even tempered, undisturbed

Therefore we should always listen with Metta, Karuna, Mudita and Upekha.

Five Eyes represents Na, Mo, Budh, Dha, Yak; Nak Metta, Mo Karuna, Budh Pran Nee, Dha Yin Dee, Yak Ain Du. All these are great elements of Metta.

If all of us can practise listening and seeing through the windows of Metta, the world will definitely be a better place for all of us to live in.

Why did Phra Indra disguised as a fiery, ugly looking monster when Phra Indra in fact have graceful and elegant features? It symbolises that we shouldn’t judge a book by it covers. It applies to many facets of life.

Si-Hoo-Ha-Tha ate burning red-hot charcoals and shit gold. Charcoal represents the hardship of life. Red-hot charcoal represents peak of hardship. It simply means if we can endure and persevere through life’s thick and thin, we can find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Si-Hoo-Ha-Tha ate red burning charcoal. It symbolises that we must endure with great patience in bad times, especially when we are on the right track of life. Life is often plagues with much ups and downs that often tests us if we will give up easily when we are just an inch from achieving our goal.

Why Phra Indra didn’t help everybody but only the hardworking farmer? Sadly, life often beats the one whom needs a break badly. In this case, not only did the farmer work very hard despite the circumstances that may be against him. He is very filial to his mother and takes care of her the best he can. If he had killed Si-Hoo-Ha-Tha out of rage, he wouldn’t have discover this golden goose that lays the golden egg, that displays Karuna or Compassion.

Katha Si-Hoo-Ha-Tha (Divine with Four Ears & Five Eyes)

Namo tassa …x3

Sadhu Ahang Namami Phra Indra Aka Secha Buddha Dipankaro Na Mo Budh Dha Yak E Ak Rak Nang Arahang Kusala Dhammang Samma Sambuddho Dhu Sak Na So Na Mo Budh Dha Yak Phrak So Na Mak Yak Kho Metta Mahalapha Piyang Ma Ma Than Tha Pariwasako Wasuni Hatey Hontu Jayamangalani.

This article shows you temple in Lamphun, Wat Nong Wor Kam . This Divine Si-Hoo-Ha-Ta is consrecated by Venerable LP Buddha, 92 years of age. Ven. is the disciple of Ven. Kruba Sriwichai and Ven. Kruba Warng.

Actual amulet


It comes with or without silver takrut. It is made from pong athan and pong saksit. These amulets do not contain pong kaduk/human skeleton ashes. Pong athan are earth collected from places that have guardians’ with positive energy eg it could be from an area high up in the mountains where no people have been before or deep in the thick jungle where out of the blue, a spot of intense sunrays penetrates and shines! Deep in caves where rishis and forest monks meditates also may contain ‘athan’. Such pong athan are responsive and lively, naturally, needn’t put human skeleton ashes.

This divine offers energy of wealth accumulation/Phokasap, increasing luck/Mahalap, loving kindness/Metta and averting danger/Klaewklard especially fire damage.