How to take care and maintain amulets?

An Amulets Enthusiast

Recently there has been much enquiries about amulets and the topic above is one of most frequent ask question.

Firstly, amulets should not be put in improper place like on the floor or anywhere which is lower than waistline. The place must be clean. It is best to handle them only when your hands are clean. Avoid wearing amulets when making love, some Thais swung them to their back. I usually see people take off their amulets and let monks chant when they go to Thai temple, it is not necessary because only a highly attained guru/monk in meditation practise and meritorous one can transfer merits and blessing into amulets. A large majority of monks ordained not because they want to practise Buddha’s Teaching but to run away from reponsibilities of a lay person. Therefore be careful whom you approach to bless your amulets.

After 30 over years of experiencing with amulets, we can vouch that wearing amulets have much to do with our ‘parami’ or perfections. That is why gurus advise us to perform dana regularly and practise meditation and chantings. Of course if we can observe all the 5 precepts, all the better but if cannot observing two is sufficient. For example, Luang Por Koon of Wat Ban Rai advise its follower to observe; no sexual misconduct with wives of others and do not talk rudely, swear or scold your parent or elders. Whether if one could own a very potent or responsive amulet is also up to one’s Karma or parami.

It is a good practise if we always ask for forgiveness for the wrong that we have done intentionally or not when we meditate on our Buddha’s statute or amulets and make honest efforts to repent. If there is a highly attained guru within your reach, you can ask him to bless your amulets regularly or you can always do it yourself. Centering yourself with great mindfulness and concentration and either chant Na Ma Pa Ta, Na Mo Budh Dha Ya or Ma A U continuously is sufficient.