Miracles escaping from death calls!!!

This batch of Phra Yod Nam (Water droplet) was sponsored entirely by one of our member whom is also Ven. LPu’s loyal and faithful supporter.

While these are some of Ven. LPu’s earlier amulets. Venerable LPu Sukh doesn’t really make much amulets.

Ven. LPu’s amulets are effective because Reverend stays true with the Dhamma that Buddha taught.

Ven. LPu Sukh respected by many laities especially in the village and always have them at heart. Even the Sanghas in Pichit and Sisaket highly revere Ven. LPu Sukh.

Ven. LPu Sukh taking a break in the open at ¬†Wat Pa’ Phromnimit, just couple of days ago.