The best amulet?

Ever since went live, this is one of the most popular question; Which is the best amulet?

It really depends on whether which catergory of collector are you in. Some are serious collector of old amulets from established Teachers eg. Ven. LP Kron Wat Bangsek or Ven. LP Phrom Wat ChongKae while some are followers of amulets’ trend.

I can understand why most serious collectors go after old amulets. One reason I could think of is the increasing value of such collections. The root of it is those days when Ven. LP decides to make amulets, they make them with pure aspirations. And such aspirations are not for monetary reasons. As compare to now…this days it seems everyone seems to make something.

Therefore in SaengThai, we always stick to this 4 principles in amulets collection. Amulets must fufill these criterias;

  1. Khun Dee – It must be initiated and made by good people, wholesome people. Whether it is Ven. LP himself or Kammakan/Organisers.
  2. Khong Dee – It must be made of good things. Holy powder, sacred herbs, pure nature’s element, sacred potent amulets. During times of Ven. LP Sodh Wat Paknam, when Ven. LP decides to make amulets, many good Ven. LPs from other Wat offer their substance. One of them is Ven. LP Toh Wat PradooChimdee. Such donations are from the hearts, pure and for the welfare of mankind.
  3. Phisek Dee – It must have good and proper phisek/consrecation ceremony conducted. Eg. amulets consrecated with big puthaphisek like Phra Sattawat 2500 where 2500 well attainned Ven. LPs was invited for the puthaphisek to commerate Buddhism at year 2500 ( now Buddhist Calendar year 2552 ). Or puthaphisek on Wan SaoHa.
  4. Jaedthana Dee – It must be of wholesome and pure aspirations. It means whether this amulet is initiated by Ven. LP or Kammakan, it must be out of wholesome and pure aspirations. Not for commercial and monetary gains!It doesn’t only stop at just aspirations, purpose must be carried out eg. Ven. LP Pae Wat PhikhunThong has made much donations for Dhamma School or even building of hospital. Another example is Ven. LP Khoon Wat BanRai whom are benefactor of many meritorous projects like building of school, temple , infrasturcture and etc. Only when such wholesome aspirations are carried out, then can we receive the boon/merits as the bearer of such amulets.

Such amulets, if fulfills all 4 criterias, is definitely a good collection and will brings their bearers wholesome gains. We should all practise to fact find on the amulet of your interest base on this 4 criterias and not merely believe hearsay. Furthermore if we look forward to our collection to bring us positive changes in our lives, collect good amulets.