The Power and Perfection of The Tigers

It was indeed a great barami to have to get to know Ven. LP Seua DtaThep (Tiger with Celestial Eye). Seeing something that defies science, something out of this world, but Ven. LP Seua always claim that he is as human as all of us. Sometimes I wonder what is the affinity of tiger is to me. Even my Archan Manit Sg. Golok lineage, our Kru (ancestral teacher, Porgae Thong) comes back in a form of tiger , a much bigger tiger…white tiger.

Coming back to Ven. LP Seua, Reverend’s previous name was Phra Sathiyabut Thammawaro born on the 5th May 2494 (1951), a very special day, called SaoHa, a great astrological combinations of a Saturday that falls on the 5th month of Thai calendar. It is believed that a person born on a good SaoHa day has great strength and will have great achievements. Ordained in 2514 with Ven. LP Pae Wat Phikunthong (Ven. LP Seua’s uncle). Nay Klab (Ven. LP Seua’s father) was Ven. LP Pae right hand lay spiritual assistant. Nay Klab or who I call Phor Klab is famous for many of his healing abilities and also has a  special astrological skill, where he can read your destiny and even your current life issues and problems while in samadhi/ meditation. Ven. LP Seua has inherited this skill from his biological father and now a famous monk whom can see your life and issues with his eyes closed in samadhi. That is how Ven. LP Seua earn the calling ‘DtaThep’ or the One with Celestial Vision. Villagers from AngThong,  BangRaChan and also other places visits Ven. LP Seua regularly to consult on such or issues pertaining to their house or shop…etc. Ven. LP Seua can deliver his readings accurately just by means of meditation only. However to see elaborately, Ven. LP will take your birth details to calculate too.

A magazine titled Gaejik (Attained Teachers) interviewed and wrote about Ven. LP Seua 4 years ago.

Ven. LP Seua learnt from many famous Gaejik eg Ven. LP Pae Wat PhiKunThong, Ven. LP Kriang Wat WangNamYenn (1st disciple of Ven. LP Chuang Wat ChiPhaKhao), Ven. LPu Thong Thassaniyo Wat ThamChakGaJan, PhorTao Oun, lineage of Ven. LP Si Wat PhraPang among many others. Ven. LP Seua is very learned in wicha arkom of many specialties.

Ven. LP Chuang Wat ChiPhakhao


Left: Ven. LP Kriang (Wat WangNamYenn) Middle: Ven. LPu Thong (Wat ThamJakGaJan) Right: Ven. LP Pae (Wat PhiKhunThong)

Of course the most important Teacher of all, will be Ven. LP Thong Wat ThamJakGaJan, Lopburi.

Ven. LP Thong Thassaniyo, Wat ThamJakGaJan was born on the 7th May 2428 (1885) in Lopburi. Ven. LP Thong was also very learned in wicha of all sorts, due to family commitment Ven. disrobed and ordained 3 times and the last time, Ven. founded Wat ThamJakGajan in 2499. Ven. LP Thong passed away in the year 2515 at the age of 87. This is according to his close disciple attendant cum relative, Khun TaKloy (right), who is still around and healthy now at 101 years old. According to him, Ven. LP Thong is indeed out of this world in his attainment eg. Ven. LP Thong needed no fire to cook sipeung/bee wax, all Ven. did was to put stones underneath the cooking pot to raise it to give it some space at the bottom. Ven. just meditate and concentrate on the pot and it will come to a boiling point.

The entrance to the cave which Ven. LP Thong resides.

Ven. LP Thong is very popular those days in Lopburi and has joined ranks with great Gaejik Archan  eg ven. LP Phrom Wat Chong Kae to make offerings to the Late Phrabat Somdej Mahabaramin Bhumibol Adulyadej.

As many of us already knew that despite Ven. LP Thong have passed away since 2515, Than (means Reverend in Thai), has chosen to be with Ven. LP Seua, not long after Than passed away. At first when I heard so, I just accepted it as a fact (didn’t believe nor disbelieve). It was until the second time SaengThai invited Ven. LP Seua to Malaysia at our centre when something happened.

I invited a couple whom hasn’t met Ven. LP Seua before in person, they arrived punctually at our centre. Once all of us alighted from the MPV that fetched us from airport, we entered our centre to get ourselves prepared and also allow Ven. LP to get settled down mentally. As we were sitting and having casual conversation with Reverend to break the ice, the couple asked “Where was the senior monk that came together with Reverend?”. I jokingly replied, “you must have mistaken me to be that monk because of my very short hair (almost bald)!” But the husband replied rather seriously that he couldn’t have mistaken because that elderly monk was with Ven. LP Seua and his back hunched much. Then it startled me and had goosebumps all over, I showed them Ven. LP Thong’s photo and they both replied “YES! where will he be sitting?”

It was then that I realized Ven. LP wasn’t joking nor was it just plain rumours or beliefs.

Same as this piece of rooplor, image of LP Thong which Ven. LP Seua made initially when Than started Samnak Song DonYaiPeuan in the late end 2530s. It has been a known fact among villagers of Singhburi, especially in the neighborhood of temple that they often see Ven. LP Thong riding motorcycle behind the luksit whom wore this rooplor. Now they no longer rush over to report to Ven. LP Seua like early days when they see him in spirit. The villagers and Ven. LP Seua will always break in laughters. That is also why many visitors from Malaysia asked how did Ven. LP Seua convinced the villagers to come help temple year after year whenever there is Kathina or Papha. Do bear in mind, it isn’t an easy chore cooking (for easily 500 people at least) or helping to set up in Wat DonYaiPeuan. It is because they have seen with their own eyes the divinity that manifested over the years in temple, the sacredness of the Triple Thep…LP Thong, LP Seua and Thep Aksorn. The people whom have witnessed Ven. LP Thong gave sermons or prediction through Ven. LP Seua especially when Ven. LP Thong said he will assist Ven. LP Seua to built his temple, are still alive nearing age of 90 and still healthy at temple grounds. In fact Ven. LP Seua used to share with me that Ven. LP Thong and  Ven. LP Seua is actually the same entity and Thep Aksorn is the Celestial Guardian thats oversees the attainment of aspiration of Ven. LP Thong and Ven. LP Seua’s disciples. Especially those whom follows and have great faith in the Triple Thep. That is why whenever in doubt, Ven. LP Seua always direct you to declare your aspirations at Ven. LP Thong Viharn (where LP Thong and Thep Aksorn sacred image is kept) but whatever you vow to redeem when the aspiration is fulfilled, better honour your words.

LP Thong Viharn

A laity declaring their aspration to Ven. LP Thong, LP Seua & Thep Aksorn

Thep Aksorn, the celestial guardian that helps carry out and fulfill the wish you declare to Ven. LP Thong & Ven. LP Seua. The Thais call him TheppaChao Haeng Kwam Samret (Deity of Successful Aspiration)

You may promise anything you want to offer Ven. LP Thong, LP Seua Thep Aksorn but the simplest will be to offer fire crackers just like in Wat Chedi, Nakorn Si Thammarat where the sacred temple boy Ai Kai lives.

If you visit Wat DonPhaiYai, you will see this tigers’ image right outside of LP Thong’s Viharn. This is because while Ven. LP Thong resided in the cave named ThamJakGaJan from 2499 onwards, the cave was filled with poisonous snakes and tigers, a mother tigress and her tiger cub. Khun TaKloy told us that Ven. LP Thong said the tigers weren’t the usual animals. The tigress and her cub will kneel in reverence to him before they leave the cave and will also kneel in reverence again when they return to the cave. It is as if they knew who he is and how to offer their reverence to a Buddhist monk. Never have they growled nor disturb Ven. LP Thong’s during his meditation practise but instead they will steadfastly keep at a distance as if they are safeguarding Ven. LP Thong against wild animals or poisonous snakes or potential dangers.

Can you even imagine the power of Metta of Ven. LP Thong? In fact, Ven. LP Seua’s name “SEUA, means tiger” was given by Ven. LP Thong, Reverend said you will become famous by the name of SEUA and from then on when Ven. Phra Sathiyabut started his Samnak Song with the blesssing of Ven. LP Pae (Ven. LP Pae gave Ven. LP Seua Phra Somdej Pae 7 & Pae 8 to help raise funds to start Samnak Song DonYaiPeuan). Ven. Phra Sathiyabut changed his name to Ven. LP Seua in 2535 and Ven. LP Thong also migrated his essence from his temple in Lopburi to be with Ven. LP Seua in Wat DonYaiPeuan till this very day.

The arrival of Thep Aksorn, the Deity of success

Keep posted as I will share with you our latest project on the making of the Triple Thep, Ven. LP Thong LP Seua Thep Aksorn. The purpose?

I was sharing with Ven. LP Seua during my recent ordination, how lucky are Reverend’s Thai luksit . Whenever they are having their downsides or facing some obstacles that needed some divine blessings from LP Thong, LP Seua ThepAksorn, they could just drive over and get connected. But for the rest of us..we gotta take leave from work and fly. Then Ven. LP shared with me, it wasn’t like that in early years. There was just Ven. LP Thong and LP Seua, the special incense that is now selling like hot cakes in temple was of no use. I asked why?

Ven. LP Seua said, whenever a good Gaejik Archan passed away if they haven’t reached the perfection of an Arahant, they will be in Thevada/Celestial Realm. 16 Realms altogether, Ven. LP Thong started from the 4th when they were together. Ven. LP Seua practised very hard to perform merit for his beloved teacher Ven. LP Thong. Running a Samnak Song with limited funds and lacked popularity was really difficult. Reverend told me, whenever he is very down or sad and there was no one to turn to, Ven. LP Thong will come and reveals himself. It was as it the air was filled with energy booster, Ven. LP Seua will soon recover in calmness and serenity. Reverend knew he wasn’t alone in his path of Perfection. With gradual practise Ven. LP Thong LP Seua surpassed the 9th Celestial Realm, their barami/perfection earned them a new partner Thep Aksorn. Thep Alsorn is thed eity that grants your wishes and delivers success to you. (Ven. LP Thong & LP Seua likened to be the CEO and Thep Aksorn the COO) The Deity that gets things done.So now Ven. LP Seua said if you were to give offerings to LP Thong, Than gets them via Thep Aksorn. And the important thing is offerings and 9 joss-sticks must be place in the open (no roof covering).

An example of how we either make aspiration via special joss-sticks (made by Ven. LP Seua) and food offerings at our residence or business place. Or redeeming our vow.

At the end of our casual talk that night, I asked permission to make image of the Triple Thep, LP Thong, LP Seua & Thep Aksorn. Ven. LP kept quiet (LP didn’t want us to spend money again), I shared with Ven. LP Seua that since Thep Aksorn is the key to attain as we wish and Ven. LP has never made any rooplor of Thep Aksorn, it will be good barami to give good things for people whom had great faith in us. Afterall all our projects was never to be commercial. All proceeds will go back to temple. I am very sure Ven. LP Thong and Thep Aksorn will give us their blessings. After listening, Ven. LP nodded his head in approval and said it is a very good and meaningful project. To make things even more interesting, I suggested to Ven. LP Seua, this time I want to make rooplors with “Kring”. First time Rooplor Thep Aksorn and first time also for rooplors of LP Thong LP Seua with “Kring”. Keep following my site, next month waikhru I will collect the final design and take proper shots for all to see.

**Special thank you to Mr. W.L Chan, Australia for proofreading my article and giving me your suggestions!