Phra Pidta Kraduk Pong Wat Pho 2484++

I am sure you can just google about this Phra Pidta Kradok Pi Wat Pho, there will be much information about it. But the the videos above relates to much more than what is written in English on most website, more important is, how did Archan Noo’s teach the villagers whom had certain problems and solved them with this Phra Pidta. I didn’t post the 3rd part of this video because it was promoting a new batch of Phra Pidta Wat Pho. In my opinion, this Phra Pidta is among top 100 antique Phra Pidta in Thailand because then this batch of Phra Pidta was made with a very different intention, a very noble intention. Phra Archan Noo is also very skillful in such wicha where these days, its almost impossible to replicate. Every aspiring wicha practitioner may aspire to make a powerful amulet using human bone ashes but less than 1% managed to make an amulet of such that is free from bad side effects eg. eating back the owner whom uses them. I have known of 2 famous Mo Pi that were killed by the very spirit they made or enslaved, what more people like us whom are just an average amulet wearer, no specific wicha to protect ourselves. That’s is why people whom knew me, knows I will only collect this antique Phra Pidta Wat Pho and not the new ones. In the video, not only did they reveal the application of it. They share with you the why you experienced problems when using this Phra Pidta. Not in depth but sufficient . You only hear people say how good it is, they seldom tell you the things you need to be aware and do. SO SUCH KIND OF AMULET ISN’T SUITABLE FOR EVERYBODY. Furthermore nowadays too many fakes, people without knowledge may fall for the miraculous stories they make.

Afraid of being rob?

Afraid of being shot or attacked?

Afraid of being kidnapped?

Needed a body guard but cannot afford one?

This could be your answer.

Phra Pidta Pong Kraduk Pi, Wat Pho Bangkok, Phra Archan Noo, was made from combinations of Pong Buddhakhoon, Pong Ittijijae, Sacred Herbal plants planted by Phra Archan Noo himself and human bone fragments of unclaimed bodies of war casualties who were killed in World War II by a mass bombings that were dropped in Bangkok in the year 2484.

Kraduk Pi’s amulets that contains humans’ remains with sacred herbs and other holy materials were known as “Pong MahaPhut”. Phra Archan Noo from Cambodian lineage have such wicha to control the spirits that comes with the humans’ remains together with the sacred materials. The only Gaejik Archan that I personally knew of that has such ability to consrecate Pong Mahaput is Karawat Archan Dam of Cambodia (previously Ven. LP Dam of Wat Santhittham) and he has learnt such from Rishi Khaogulen in the Kulen Mountian in Cambodia. It would bring disaster to those who made and those who wore such amulets of pong Mahaphut if it’s made by someone that unqualified. However, Phra Archan Noo have proven himself to the amulet collectors over the decades that Phra Pidta Kradok Pi Wat Pho is one of the best ever made and consecrated in the history of Phra Pidta in Thailand. Because not only is it safe, it is very effective.

  Such Pong Mahaput provides good blessings and protection in every sense from Mahalap (good fortune), MahaPokassap (great wealth), Maha Setthi (millionaire potential), Maha Niyom (fame & popularity), Klaewklard (avoidance of misfortunes), KongKhaPhan (physical invulnerability), Maha Urd (protection for firearms), Metta (loving kindness), success and overall protections of all kinds.

One the left is an example of Phra KhunPaen (for sharing only, not available for collectors. In fact this batch of KhunPaen was only with SaengThai group) made by Karawat Archan Dam using Pong Mahaput, but this was long ago when Archan Dam was still a monk building his Ubosot in Wat Santhittham, Sak Kaew.

We spent time investigating and learning on Pong Mahaput before introducing to our members.


Is this dangerous to wear such amulets?

Well if it is, it wouldn’t have survived till now and more importantly the soldiers that worn them during the war would have been all dead and the amazing stories you have heard of won’t reach your ears now. It likened to having a gun. Is a gun dangerous? Yes, to the most of us but not to the police or soldiers. It has certain rules we need to follow, in fact my 1st piece of Phra Pidta Wat Pho was from the owner whom was pushed down the stairs by what he believed was the spirit of Wat Pho. He admitted it was his fault though, he didn’t own his words to give offerings to them when his request was met.

It is only suitable for people whom can keep good precepts and always do dana. People who has sila (morality).

Do we have to give offerings from time to time like taking care of GumanThong?

It will be good if we can practise such but not necessary. However, a person has to practise generosity, sila and samadhi and regularly transference merits/metta to the spirits of the Phra Pidta.

Are there any specific rituals or care taken to maintain or wear them?

Yes there are but I wouldn’t call it ritual. It is just like before we cross the street, we look left, right and left before we cross. I call it good habit not ritual. It is not suitable for those whom likes the easy way..wear..have a great deal of expectation but puts in little effort and hoping to reap great returns. It is for those whom believe like in any good relationship to proper and productive, we got to work for it too.

The specific instructions will be relayed to the collectors by me personally.

What is the difference between normal amulets like Phra Somdej Wat Rakhang or etc and Phra Pidta Kradok Pi Wat Pho?

In my opinion generally, while Phra Somdej WRK and other mainstream amulets are more classified under the catergory of Boonyarit (blessings/protections derived from the auspiciousness and perfections of the Triple Gems of Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha). Amulets like Phra Pidta Wat Pho would be categorized under both Boonyarit and Ittirit. Ittirit are energy/protection/blessings made under specific instruction, materials and rituals to increase its intrinsic value. To make it more potent.

I like to think that it is similar to a capacitor in an electric circuit. While not every circuit would need a capacitor but if there is a need for it. It helps to make things more efficient.

Alot of people will comment that because it is made from human remains. Well all I can say is that, “If you think what you think is RIGHT, you are right”. There are many comments like this is a Yin amulet or that is a Yang amulet…etc All these could be the results of too much associating with story tellers, watching too much horror movies or simply lack of wisdom. We all forget 90% of the troubles or misfortunes wearing such amulets were the fault of the wearer but because the amulet cannot talk and defend itself, it just the subject to blamed. We humans have too much kilessa (kilet in Thai or defilements in English) eg greed, lust, addictions etc. However I am only talking about the antique genuine Phra Pidta Wat Pho, nowadays there are too much such PRODUCTS that has all these dangerous side effect. So like I have just said, you could be right!

The kradoks can be a good reflection for the nature of impermanence, so do good while you are still able (that is also the Dhamma people fail to see). Though Yin materials but Yang intentions. The intentions of Phra Archan Noo was very positive and noble, to me that is alot of Yang in it and to be able to infuse so much Yang into Yin and to the effect it both Yang and Yin reaches an equilibrium…that takes alot of Kungfu. Very different from how all these commercial amulets that tried to replicate the original Phra Pidta Wat Pho, the intention itself was already wrong.

Will the ghost spirit come out and reveal itself to me or my family?

Phra Archan Noo is a very good programmer at that time and I believe the spirits was programmed to have a noble objective so I didn’t think coming out to scare anyone was it’s duty. So on my side and my members didn’t have such experience.

But I cannot deny that some people with weak aura or bad intentions maybe able to sense or see them eg. a tuk2 driver couldn’t get any business at all after wearing it (because he found out later his regulars said his business was so good that the tuk2 driver was always occupied), whenever in danger the wearer had feedback that she was accompanied by a bunch of people to name a few incidents.

Other than this, all I can say is that don’t watch too much Thai Horror movies or Malaysian James Wan directed horror movies are also very good. It tends to fill you up with much imaginations.

Are there any kind of people whom are not suitable to wear Phra Pidta Wat Pho?

There are many I would say;

  1. People who dislike the concept of having human remains in amulets.
  2. Extremist amulet enthusiast that is only into POWER, POWER and POWER.
  3. People whom have issues with womanizing, alcoholism, drugs, addicted to gambling etc.
  4. People with little faith in Triple Gem.
  5. People with mental disorders..slight or serious, depressions, hallucinations…etc
  6. People with a negative outlook in life and emotions.
  7. People into cult practises that may stain the perfections that Phra Archan Noo infused into the amulet eg like using blood to of any kinds to stain the amulet, offer of raw food etc.

The images of this Phra Pidta that I am posting here can serve as good reference for you to study and tell the difference. Hard to find one which is still in good condition. Those whom are interested to know more, may call/Whatsapp/WeChat/LINE me at 012-7335303.