Biagae, the miracle and magical cowry shell by Ven. LP Seua Wat DonPhai Yai (DonYaiPeuan)

This is the standard phim biagae I featured recently, its not finished yet actually because Ven. LP Seua ran out of mercury and also the channarong. However Ven. LP Seua had already consecrated the finished ones , about 500 over units of them. What was interesting is this ready ones was also consecrated by Ven. LP Thong, so I would say this batch is really special.This is how the final look for the biagae is. It is water resistant because Ven. LP Seua coated it with black resin (rak dam), not only does it hold the knitted cotton strings well but also make it more lasting. I have already asked Ven. LP again on which aspects of energies/ blessings can this biagae radiates, Ven. LP said in all aspects as long as you have faith in it and with me. That means:-

  1. Metta – loving kindness for business or everyday meeting people, getting positive response from them.
  2. Mahalap – luck factor, increases our luck.
  3. Kunggraphan – impenetrability either from knives or gunshots.
  4. Klaewklard – avoiding dangers
  5. KanPai – protection against dangers physical or spiritual. Either being negatively affected by bad spirits or being a victim of black magic
  6. Maha ChangNgang – stunning your enemies or people whom are trying to harm you, they will froze in time for you to escape or protect your self.
  7. Raksa – healing eg chanting it over a glass of water (with biagae submerged in it) can help to prevent diseases and make you heathy.

Of course this is only to highlight some of them.

In Thailand fire arms dangers can be also very rampant like in the West, that is why the Thais are very particular if the amulets they wear can save them from deadly gunshots. Ven. LP Seua will not approve us showing to the public how effective Than (his) amulets are against dangers especially from fatal gunshots. You just got to have faith in the Triple Gem and Ven. LP Thong LP Seua Thep Akson from Wat DonPhaiYai . I edited a video I had on one auspicious occasion of puttaphisek and the Ven. Abbot had approved to let his disciples to verify how effective are his amulets from gunshots.

Just submerge the biagae into a glass of drinking water and chant the katha over it and then say good things to the glass of water and drink it. Works very well to cure simple black magic problems or general health. It is better to have it when you don’t need it but when you need it YOU HAVE IT.


Malaysia in recent years there has been many reports on being robbed under spells or hypnotism. Victims young and old are being targeted. This biagae can help reduce the probability of you being a victim to a very large extend.

I have alot of people asking me how should they wear it. I always recommend them to hang it over the neck in a necklace or pin it on their chest pockets, place it near to the heart ideally.

Wearing cowry shells has been a tradition for some folks especially the Africans and also in some parts of South East Asia, it has been taken as a symbol of auspiciousness because before monetary currency practises, cowry shells are considered as monies.  So you can actually considered it as fashion (blessed fashion). Another great benefit of wearing it over your chest and in the event of emergency like public random shooting and you happen to be at scene, pop it into your mouth, while holding it in there,look for a safe hideout. It prevents if from losing and also increases the body protection against stray bullets hitting you. As for ladies, you may want to get a pin and pin it inside your bra (at the bridge), in that way, it’s well hidden and at chest level.

A sample of pin, both men and ladies can use to pin onto pockets or bras.

If not, you can actually tie it on your waist. Like the sample above, some men put it together with their other waist takruts. I tied a biagae on both of my kids waist since young, protects them well from all sort of dangers. My client had an experience that he can never forget. His daughters (hand in hand) was walking to school after coming out from his car. His daughter accidentally slipped off the walking curb, and in the matter of seconds, she was knocked by a passenger van that drove too fast past her. Her other daughter was screaming in shock because she was still holding on to her sister’s hand before being knocked away. She was thrown 6 feets to the front, the father came shouting and crying…rushing over to reach her lying lifelessly. But to everyone’s surprised after she regained her consciousness in a while and when she checked, no bruise, no broken bones and no concussion . She had a biagae tied to her waist.

So hopefully that answers the question on “Can I put it into the kid’s school bag?” To me, its yes and no answer. But I would rather protect my kids and not their bags.

Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Do invite Puthakhoon, Thammakhoon, Sangkhakhoon and the perfections of Ven. LP Thong LP Seua Thep Aksorn when you want to wear it. Chant Namo Tassa..x 3 and say in your own language, invite teachers for their protection and blessings.
  2. Do avoid walking underneath drying clothes lines especially those with under garments (it’s a common sense practise whether you wear or do not wear amulets). Or even crawling underneath people’s legs with your amulets.
  3. Do remove biagae from your body whenever having sexual intimacy.
  4. Do place it at your altar or higher place and must be clean places, after you have removed it from your body.
  5. It is a good practise to regularly use flowers that have good fragrance to pay respect to you amulets eg biagae. Place the flowers and biagae into your palm, and raise palm at chest in reverence position (with the biagae and flowers inside your palms), chant Namo Tassa ..x3 and the Biagae Heart Mantra over and over again with mindfulness and concentration. End the session with saying thanks to The Triple Gems and Ven. LP Thong LP Seua Thep Aksorn of Wat DonPhaiYai. Then place the flowers and biagae on a clean offering plate at altar. It is similar practise to people whom owns their firearm eg a hand gun, where they have to inspect it and clean it occasionally to ensure that it works when in situation of need. Thai amulets are the same.
  6. Do not place it on the floor or low areas where there can be chances of people walking all over it.
  7. DO NOT PLACE YOUR BIAGAE IN A VERY HOT ENVIROMENT eg in a car under the hot sun. Because the channarong (bee hive) can melt and mercury can seep out. Ven. LP Seua was kind and sensitive enough to add extra caution by sealing them altogether with epoxy to prevent the mercury from seeping out but yet we got to be cautious too.
  8. Though you need not be a Buddhist to wear a biagae but do not disrespect the Buddha, Dhamma and Sanghas. Our Sanghas will bless and care for all sentient being irregardless of caste and religion.
  9. Do make an effort to practise these 3 regularly…in fact all the time …Sila (Virtues), Samadhi (Meditation or Contemplation) and Tahn (Charity/Giving). I believe I need not explain the first two, in reference to Tahn or charity or giving, as long as it is sincere from the bottom of your heart, Buddhism encourages you to perform charity to all whom needed it. The main reason why we contribute back to temple is because we hope to propagate Buddhism and support our Sanghas.

You can also hang in on your main door or for some people windows for added protections.

All funds raise from these biagaes will go into Ven. LP Seua’s building funds. Ven. LP is currently renovating his kuti and the crematorium also have to be moved behind the new Ubosot.

The biagae will be available at RM100 per unit. Kindly contact me, Derryck at 012 6921233 or 012 7335303 for any enquiries.

List of Sponsors/Participants

  1. Chan & family—-40 pcs—————————————RM4,000
  2. Robby Chandra & family —-10 pcs————————RM1,000
  3. KS Tai & family——5pc—————————————RM500
  4. Tan Boon Seong & family—1pc—————————–RM100
  5. Derrich Tian & family——-10pcs—————————-RM1,000
  6. Lim Teong Chai & family—-2pcs—————————–RM200
  7. John Tan———————–3pcs——————————RM300
  8. Yeo Kok Loong——-10pcs————————————RM1,000
  9. John Chan——–3pcs——————————————RM300